In a bright evening in Konoha, a blond ninja was having the worst day of his life. He was being outcasted by the entire village for his failure to retrieve Sasuke from the Sound nins. As he walked through the streets, people showed their disgust of him as they mocked and tormented him at every turn.

"Hey kid, where is the Uchiha?, didn't you say you would bring him back?" one of the villagers sneered as Naruto tried to walk it off.

His day was going horrible. No one had a shred of compassion for him as he walked through the streets. He could see the killing intent in everyones eyes. His tried to explain to everyone that he fought his hardest, but his pleas fell on deaf ears as everyone threatened to kill him if he dared to stay in the village. Like before, Naruto was treated as a plague and he had everyones hate directed at him. Only a handful of people didn't blame Naruto for what happened. All but one of the rookie 9 forgave him. Naruto came up to Ino's shop and decided to say hello.

"Hey Ino how is the shop coming?" Naruto said as he entered. He noticed Sakura there with all the current hate she had at him. Naruto looked at her with an apologetic look.

"Sakura I tried, but I couldn't bring him back," he said to her. Sakura had a seething rage as she turned to Naruto.

"Oh shut up you demon, you wanted him to go, I can't believe you are this low of a human being if that," she said as she walked out. Ino stared in shock as Naruto only stood their and took her insults. He really couln't argue, but to Ino, Sakura was being completely unfair.

"Just leave her Naruto, she needs to process this," Ino said as she walked back into the house. Naruto left the house and went to the Hokage Mansion. He felt that he had had enough of the torment. He went up to the Kage's room as he walked in the door to see Tsunade in her chair doing paperwork. She looked up to see a depressed Naruto. She didn't like that look. It reminded her of how sad she was about her brother and her lover. She stared at him ad decided to break the silence.

"Naruto is something the matter?" she asked as he looked up at her. Naruto took off his headband and placed it on her desk.

"Tsunade Baa-chan, can you give this to Iruka-sensei for me?" he said to her. She was utterly shocked. Naruto was resigning as a leaf shinobi. Naruto was about to leave until Tsunade stopped him.

"W-wait a second Naruto, what is this about?" she asked. Naruto looked at her and started to cry.

"Oh what is the point Tsunade Baa-chan, I have been rejected again, everyone hates me for not bringing back Sasuke, they all even threated to kill me if I didn't leave the village, I can't take this anymore," he said as he stormed out of her office. Tsunade had an utterly sad face as she realized the importance of the situation. Tsunade stepped out of her office to check around the village. She saw that Naruto had confirmed her fear. Everyone hated him, she even heard of some plans to kill him. This was not the Konoha she knew. These were not Konoha citizens or shinobi. This place had become a hell for Naruto. He now had to fear for his life from his very village. Tsunade was more than pissed at the village now, she didn't even want to be the Hokage anymore to such a disgraceful village.

"Naruto is gonna leave tomorrow," she said to herself. She left the village and went home.

Naruto was in his house packing his scrolls as he and bags. He was still crying at the fact that the village despised him again. He knew he could never return to this village. After he finished packing Naruto cried himself to sleep.

Jiraiya had heard the news from Tsunade and was equally pissed as well. He knew that the ungrateful village's didn't deserve Naruto. He had helped them time and again with their problems, but no it was always about the arrogant Sasuke.

"This village is a load of crap," Jiraiya said as he sat at the front gate in the dark.

10:00 in the morning

Naruto had gotten to the front gate. He noticed Jiraiya sitting there waiting for him.

"Huh ero-sennin why are you here?" he asked with a depressed face.

"Please kid, with how this village is acting, I can't go along with this so I am out of it too," he said to Naruto.

Naruto smiled a little. He was happy to know that he had someone beside him. One of the villagers spotted him and yelled to everyone that Naruto was leaving. In less than 10 minutes, everyone had arrived at the gate and looked at him. One of the villagers looked at him with a grin.

"And what do you think you are doing boy, huh?" said one of the villagers.

"Isn't it obvious, I am taking your suggestion and I am leaving," he said as he turned around. All the villagers jumped for joy that the problem child was leaving their village.

"Finally some peace," they all said. The rookie 9 made their appearance in front.

"Come on man you don't have to leave," Kiba said trying to convince Naruto to stay.

"Kiba's right don't go," Shikamaru said.

"We can get Sasuke again," Tenten said.

"Don't do this Naruto," Hinata and Neji said at the same time. All their pleas fell on deaf ears as Naruto made his way through the gate. He stopped momentarily to hear the last words of hurt from someone.

"That's right get lost Naruto, no one needs you here, you are just a nuisance to us," Sakura said to him. That was the final hit. Naruto had lost everything. Jiraiya couldn't take this. He had no idea this was the same village that they had protected all those years. As Naruto left he stopped again to hear someone in the distance.

"Naruto wait," said the voice. The blond Hokage came and stepped up to Naruto.

"Ahh Hokage-sama rejoice, the problem of the leaf is leaving," one of the villagers said to her. Tsunade tried to keep her rage under control as she continued to walk towards Naruto.

"Um Shishou(Master) why are you standing next to the trash?" Sakura siad to her. Tsunade lost it. She walked up to Sakura and gave her a chakra enforced slap to the face. Sakura, the Rookie 9, and the vilagers were all shocked by this.

"You are all idiots, he has helped all of us time and again, this is how you treat him?" she yelled at them.

"He has taken all of your insults and it has turned him into this, this is not the vilage I nor Sarutobi can approve of," she said. Everyone yelled at her about all the problems they had because of him. She could see it was no use.

"SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!," she yelled as everyone was quiet.

"As of this day forward I resign as the Hokage of this disgraceful village," she said to a shocked village.

"B-but shishou why are you leaving?" Sakura said as she stood. Tsunade hit on of the Konoha gates as it crumbles to the ground.

"To do this to the boy who saved you from the sand, you are all pathetic," she said to them. Shizune nodded as the three turned and left with Naruto. He was happy he had gotten some support from them as they all walked away.

The villagers couldn't believe what just happened. They had lost their Godiame Hokage and it was their fault. Furious Hinata spoke.

"IS EVERYONE NOW PROUD OF THEMSELVES!," she said as she turned to them. Everyone turned to hinata.

"We have lost one of our most powerful ninja AND our Hokage because of your damn prejudice," she said as she walked back to the Hyuug compound.

"I am seriously wondering if I should abandon this village too," Neji said as he followed Hinata back to the compound.

"So this village shows its true colors," said Shikamaru as he went back to his house.

"This place sucks," said Kiba and Ino as they left.

"Hey Choji let's leave the disgrace here," Shikamaru said to a sad Choji as he left with Shikamaru.

"Damn village," Tenten said to them as she left.

"So unyouthful," Lee said as he left with Gai. Everyone turned around to see Sakura still on the ground and motioned to her.

"Oh and Sakura, you are not one of us anymore," they all said as they left. Sakura could not believe what she was hearing. She had lost her friends. Sakura got up an went home depressed. They villagers some happy and some sad and other indifferent returned to their work.

On the Road

"You didn't guys didn't have to resign for me," he said as he walked with them. They all smiled as they walked to whatever destination.

"Oh Naruto it is all good, that village has become a pain," Tsunade said to him. Naruto cried as he walked.

"Thank you everyone, thank you ero-sennin, thank you Shizune-neechan, thank you Tsunade-Baachan," he said as they turned to him. Tsunade walked up to him. she felt so sad for him. She wanted to give him comfort but kept from to much for fear of crossing a permanent line between the two. She kissed his forehead like before and smiled.

"It's okay Naruto, you can cry," she said to him. Naruto ran into her arms as he cried for a few minutes. Jiraiya and Shizune were saddened to see Naruto in such a state. After his crying, Jiraiya gave him a pat on the back.

"Come on Naruto let's go to another place," he said to him. Naruto looked at Jiraiya, Shizune, and Tsunade smiling at him. He nodded with tears in his eyes. They all walked to a new journey

Where will Naruto go? What is the current relationship between him and Tsunade?