Somewhere near Iwa, two days later

Naruto and Tsunade continued to lead the crowd of people across the borders as they all headed to the new village that would come to be their home. Naruto continued to have his idle chat with Tsunade about their upcoming child as everyone seemed to be getting into it also.

"So what name should we give it?" Naruto asked his fiance. Tsunade smirked as she looked at him. In truth, she really wanted to name their kid also.

"Don't you think we should find out it's gender first Naruto-kun?" Tsunade asked him. Naruto soon looked at her and sheepishly nodded.

"Yeah your right. We should do that first. Man, this is just so exciting for me," Naruto said to her. Tsunade chuckled with a nod as they continued to walk. Soon people had their own conversations as they all walked.

"So how strong are you Kiba?" Tsume asked her son. Kiba smiled as he closed his eyes and remained silent much to Tsume's impatience.

"Couldn't tell ya kaa-san, you will just have to wait," Kiba said to her. Tsume narrowed her eyes at her son, but soon heard chuckling from her daughter, Hana.

"And what is so funny Hana?" Tsume asked her with a little KI. Hana stopped laughed as she looked at her mother.

"Sorry Kaa-san. It was nothing," Hana said as she turned her gaze away from Tsume. Tsume inwardly chuckled as she spoke to Kiba about life in Iwa. Meanwhile, Hinata was doing the new procedure that Hina had taught her as she removed the cage seal from the branch families heads. Hiashi was quite shocked at the act as he turned to his daughter.

"What are you doing?" he asked her. Hinata smiled as she looked at her father.

"I am destroying the cage bird seal on the clan members. Sorry Tou-san, but we are going to be one family from now on," Hinata said to him. Hiashi was still shocked over her sudden transformation, but was also shocked as he saw that she was older than she really should have been. How he missed that while they talked for two days was beyond him.

Sasuke, walked in silence as he contemplated his fight with Sakura. He didn't feel any resentment over what he did, but he was rather thinking of what to do now that he was finished with Sakura. Sasuke decided not to go back to Orochimaru since Naruto gave him the necessary power he wanted. He had also been thinking about his revenge on Itachi as he began to think of how empty he would feel after he did beat him. He realized that he could rebuild the Uchiha clan if he wanted in Iwa. He did have the opportunity to do so.

Soon the mountains of Iwa came into view as Naruto sighed.

"Finally, only a short walk now everyone," Naruto said to them. Everyone nodded as they began to walk up the set path into Iwa. Everyone took in the range of the mountains as they walked. Tsume had to admit that such a place would be good for training the Inuzukas. As everyone walked along the path Naruto brought everyone to a stop as everyone looked at the giant stone doors.

"Everyone welcome to Iwa," Naruto said as the doors opened. Soon the village was in view as people saw Onoki at the entrance.

"Hey Onoki-Jiji. Mission Accomplished," Naruto said to him. Onoki smirked as he looked at the large group of people everyone brought back with them.

"You know that I need some convincing right?" Onoki said to him. Naruto nodded as he took out a scroll and applied chakra to it. Soon a head fell out of the scroll as Naruto held it up.

"Danzo Shimura, AKA Hokage of Konoha. Here for delivery Onoki-Jiji," Naruto said to him. Onoki nodded as he saw the gouged out eye on Danzo's right eye.

"Where is his eye?" Onoki asked interested. Naruto and Tsunade smirked as they turned around.

"Sasuke could you come here?" Naruto called to him. Onoki quirked up an eyebrow as the Uchiha came forward.

"What is it Naruto?" Sasuke asked him. Naruto turned to Tsunade as she nodded. Tsunade soon took out a scroll as she took a vial from it. Sasuke looked to see two sharingan eyes in it. Sasuke was surprised as they smirked.

"It seems that Danzo-teme had a hand in destroying your clan. He had and arm full of the sharingan, but me and Tsunade-chan managed to take these two. These are the last two before we killed him. We think that these belong to you," Naruto said to him as he handed Sasuke the vial. Sasuke took the vial as he stared intently at the eyes. Sasuke soon breathed deeply as he looked at Naruto.

"Thanks Naruto. I am glad that my clan was avenged from Danzo. going to give up my revenge on Itachi," Sasuke said shocking everyone. Naruto looked at him confused.

"Why?" Naruto asked. Sasuke sighed then smiled.

"Revenge consumed me too much and I nearly lost what was truly important to me. Ironically, Sakura showed me, where obsession will lead a person and I don't like the result. Besides, I think Itachi should live with the torment of killing the clan," Sasuke said with a smile. Naruto chuckled as Sasuke turned to Onoki.

"With your permission Onoki. I, Sasuke Uchiha, would like to become an Iwa shinobi," Sasuke said to him. Onoki looked at Sasuke intently, but then smiled.

"Why not Gaki? I would love to have the Uchiha in my village," Onoki said to him. Onoki turned to the group of people and stood aside.

"Welcome to Iwa," Onoki said to them. Everyone in the group bowed as they entered the village. The people of Iwa began to cheer and smile as they all began to congregate. As everyone entered, Onoki turned to the ex-Konoha 11, ex-Suna shinobi, clan heads, and the Jonin present along with the sannin.

"Meet me in the Mansion," Onoki said as he flew to the Mansion with a smile on his face. Naruto chuckled as he began to walk.

"I gotta find out how he does that," Naruto said to them. Everyone nodded as they began to run to the Mansion.

Tsuchikage Mansion

Soon everyone filled Onoki's office as they waited for his news. Onoki sat in his chair as he looked at everyone present.

"First, I want to say great job to everyone for the invasion," Onoki said to them. Everyone nodded as Onoki turned to Naruto.

"Please tell me what happened?" Onoki said to them. Everyone nodded as Naruto told him how everything went down in the village. Onoki was surprised, but smiled when he heard that Naruto and Tsunade managed to overpower Danzo. Onoki sat in his chair as Naruto finished. Onoki nodded as he took the entire story in.

"Clan heads, Tsunade, Jiraiya. Please move to the side," Onoki said to them. Everyone nodded as they moved, leaving Onoki to face the Iwa 11 along with the ex-Suna shinobi. Onoki smiled as he looked at everyone.

"For the downfall of Konoha and the resourcefulness of you skills, you made the nearly impossible happen and for that Iwa thanks you. I am honored as the Tsuchikage to granted everyone the rank of Iwa Jonin," Onoki said to them. Everyone nodded as they all cheered. Onoki gave them their new vests as everyone put them on. Onoki then turned to the clan heads.

"Inuzuka clan, Hyuuga clan, Uchiha clan, Akamichi clan, Yamanaka clan, Nara clan, Aburame clan, Namikaze-Uzumaki clan," Onoki said as he mentioned the names. Tsume, Hiashi, Sasuke, Chouza, Inochi, Shikaku, Shibi, and Naruto all looked at Onoki.

"I welcome the clans to Iwa, you will all have your clans placed at specific points in the village," Onoki told them. Everyone nodded as Onoki turned to Tsunade and Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya of the Sannin, we would like you to continue to manage your spy network for Iwa," Onoki said to him. Jiraiya chuckled, but nodded as he soon took out a scroll.

"Tsuchikage-sama, here are all of Konoha's jutsus and scrolls that I could find in the village," Jiraiya said to him. Onoki became wide eyed as he smiled and took the scroll.

"Thank you Jiraiya, this will be of good use the village," Onoki said to him. Jiraiya nodded. Onoki then turned to Tsunade.

"Tsunade, I would like you to run our medical clinic," Onoki said to her. Tsunade chuckled, but nodded.

"Yes Onoki," Tsunade said to him. Onoki nodded as he waved his hand. Everyone began to leave except Naruto and Tsunade.

"Onoki-Jiji, do you think it is possible to lessen some of Tsunade-chan's workload for a few months?" Naruto asked him. Onoki looked at Naruto in confusion.

"Why? Is there something wrong?" He asked them. Naruto and Tsunade chuckled as they looked at him.

"No, something is very right," Tsunade said to him. Onoki looked more confused, but Naruto soon nodded.

"Tsunade-chan is pregnant Onoki-Jiji," Naruto said to him. Onoki gasped as he soon fell from his chair.

"S-seriously?" He asked them. Both chuckled in laughter as they looked at his face. Onoki soon looked down as he smiled.

"Fine, Tsunade won't have much work, but she can't slack off either," Onoki said as he saw Tsunade give a slight pout, which made him chuckle. Nevertheless, Tsunade nodded along with Naruto as they left.

Outside the Mansion

Naruto and Tsunade rejoined everyone as they all came together.

"So what is everyone going to do now?" Naruto asked them. Everyone chuckled as they thought.

"I am going to sleep for the next week. I am dead tired," Shikamaru said as he got a nod with Temari. Soon they walked off towards the house.

"I am going to train with Sasuke and Neji," Kiba said as the other two nodded. All three walked off.

"I am going to spend some time with Hanabi ," Hinata said as she walked with her father back to the clan.

"Gaara and I are going to bed for a long time," Kankuro said with a smile along with a nod from Gaara as they left. Tenten turned to Ino, Choji, and Lee.

"I guess we are going to walk around the village for a while," Tenten said as they nodded.

"Me and Jiraiya have to sort through the scrolls for Onoki," Shizune said to him as they poofed out leaving Tsunade, Naruto, and Hina.

"And what about you?" Naruto asked her. Tsunade smiled as she took Naruto's arm.

"I am spending the day with Naruto-kun," Tsunade said to him. Naruto chuckled then turned to Hina.

"Will you spend the day with me Hina?" Naruto asked her. Hina quirked up and smiled.

"I have nothing better to do Naruto-kun," Hina said to him as the three walked off. Life was quite good for Naruto and Tsunade.

Epilogue, 1 year later

"This is your mission, try to come back without injuries this time," Onoki said with a smile. Neji, Tenten, Lee, and Gai nodded as they left. Onoki smiled as he sat in his chair. Iwa had become a powerful nation as the news of the downfall of Konoha began to spread throughout the world. Soon the other three village feared Iwa as they proved their superiority.

"This is a good feeling," Onoki said as he sat in his chair. Soon someone came through the door as he held a baby in his arms.

"Hey Onoki-Jiji," the person said as he cradled the baby in his arms. Onoki smiled as he looked up at the man. The man's hair was even more spiky as his bangs covered the side of his face. He wore an orange coat with black flames at the bottom. Onoki chuckled as he looked at the man.

"Hey Gaki, how are you doing?" Onoki said to Naruto. Naruto chuckled as he walked forward.

"Kushina-chan wanted to meet her Great Godfather," Naruto said as he looked at his daughter. Onoki chuckled as he took the child from Naruto's arms. Onoki cradled the child as she laughed.

"She is very cute eh?" Onoki said to him. Naruto nodded as he saw his daughter smile. Naruto smiled as he spent some time in Onoki's room.

"So how is everyone else?" Naruto asked him. Onoki scoffed then smiled.

"You should now captain of TERRA," Onoki said to him. Naruto chuckled with a nod.

"Hehe, yeah. Hinata, Shino and Kiba are flawless in their teamwork now. Neji, Sasuke, Gaara, and I are currently the leading team in TERRA currently," Naruto said to him. Onoki nodded as he saw Kushina go to sleep.

"So where is everyone else?" Onoki asked him. Naruto smiled as he thought.

"Let's see. Shizune-chan is taking care of the hospital currently. Ero-sennin is somewhere out in the world. You just sent Gai and his team in a mission. I think everyone else is training with their senseis," Naruto said with a shrug. Onoki nodded then got a gleam in his eye.

"And how is marriage?" Onoki asked him. Naruto chuckled then looked at Onoki.

"it's actually quite well. I don't get men who have a failing marriage. Tsunade-chan and I do have some problems, but all in all we are very much happy," Naruto said to him. Onoki nodded as he gave Kushina back to Naruto. Kushina stared intently as his hair as she pulled it down. Naruto gave a small yelp as he chuckled.

"She has her mother's strength," Onoki told him. Naruto nodded. As he took the cloth of her body. Naruto smiled as he held the blond girl in his hands.

"I think Kaa-san and Tou-san will be happy with what I have accomplished with you Onoki-Jiji," Naruto said to him. Onoki nodded as he smiled.

"Your father was a pain, but it seems that you managed to heal the scars of Iwa," Onoki told him. Naruto nodded as he soon wrapped Kushina in the cloth.

"Well Onoki-Jiji, I have to go, Tsunade-chan might get worried," Naruto said to him. Onoki nodded as Naruto disappeared in yellow lighting.

"I am glad he is using that technique for Iwa now," Onoki said with a chuckle.

Namikaze Compound in the Mountains

Naruto smiled as he appeared in front of his house and opened the door.

"I am home Tsunade-chan," Naruto said. Tsunade quirked up and appeared out of the kitchen.

"And how was your day with Kushina Naruto-kun?" Tsunade said to him. Naruto chuckled as he gave Kushina to Tsunade.

"It was great, she is starting to gain your grip," Naruto said to her. Tsunade chuckled as she lifted her baby up.

"She is going to be a strong girl when she grows up," Tsunade said to him. Naruto nodded as they held Kushina. Soon someone came downstairs to interrupt the two.

"When is is my turn Naru-kun?" Hina said to him. Naruto chuckled as he looked at Hina. Tsunade laughed as she took Kushina into the kitchen.

"Don't rush Hina-chan, I am sure you will have my children also," Naruto said to her as he gave her a kiss. Hina nodded as she leaned on his chest.

"Yeah, I will have Naru-kun's children soon," Hina said to him. Naruto nodded as he walked her to the kitchen. Tsunade laid out the food as everyone sat down.

"So do you have a mission Naruto-kun?" Tsunade asked him. Naruto chuckled as he gave a spoonful of food to Kushina.

"Yeah, I have to go with Gaara, Han, and Roushi to Kumo for a bit," Naruto said to them. Both women nodded as they ate their food.

"Well good luck, and come back safely," Tsunade said to him. Naruto nodded as everyone ate in relative silence. Soon the food was finished as Naruto kissed Tsunade and Hina on their cheeks.

"I love this life and I am happy with what I have. I will protect this life and everything precious to me. I am glad I left Konoha so many months ago. I have a village that accepts me and I have two outstanding wives. I also have a child from one of them. Anything that tries to destroy this peace will be stopped by me. I swear on my name as a Namikaze-Uzumaki."