I've recently discovered that I don't have the patience or attention span to write long, novel length chapters as I would like. So instead, I'm challenging myself to use as few words as possible. I have no set length or definite schedule for updating, but I do hope that you enjoy my story and leave me any suggestions or comments you may have. It is nice to hear from readers.

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No matter how she tried, Meryl couldn't make herself grateful that she still had her job. This part time waitressing was almost more trouble than it was worth. Having the night shift was likely a part of the problem, but someone needed to be home during the day; this afternoon was proof of that.

Millie was out from sunup until nearly sundown bringing home the majority of their income from digging the town's well. This left Meryl with free evenings, and since she was a firm believer that everyone should pull their own weight, she found what she could; waitressing.

Unbeknownst to Meryl, the town had agreed that after the day's event a loud, rowdy night at the bar was without question. After the third time passing John's table on her way to the back of the bar, things seemed to be moving quickly away from accident and to intentional.

Was it something John would normally do? No, not as she knew him. Was he really getting that fresh? No, not terribly. But her ass was her's and not open to the public. Did a sticky serving tray receive a small crack when coming into contact with his head? Maybe.

It was late. She was tired. She smelled like stale beer and her blouse was sticking to her chest. Her feet hurt and she still had the short walk back to their house. The only good things to come of the night were the generous tips she started receiving halfway through her shift. It was after her white serving blouse began leaving less to the imagination than it should have after the drunk bumped her serving tray.

Meryl stepped from the dim light of the now closed saloon and into the dark night outside. She couldn't wait to be home.