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I lay in bed waiting for sleep to overcome me and I think about the date, Akito and I had tonight, and smile. I can't wait to see him tomorrow and to think I was ignoring him so Fuka would leave me alone! Grrrrr, Fuka I hate that stupid bitch…..wait is Fuka still going to do the bet? Oh crap I hope she didn't take me serious!…oh well I'm sure she didn't take it seriously! I mean how stupid could one person be? Surely, she wasn't THAT dumb? I shrug it off.

That was my last thought before I drifted into blissful sleep…

In me dream the world went black until a single spotlight shun down on me. I look down and I gasp; my pink and purple pajamas are replaced with a floor length red dress that is tight at the bodice and has a pink ribbon tied under my breast and is flowing from there on my feet were shiny red shoes that shone in the spotlight.

Suddenly slow music started playing and a boy with blond hair and brown eyes wearing a black tux came waltzing over and reached his arm our for me. I look up into his large brown eyes and realize that its Akito.

"Dance with me Sana?" he asks as he takes my hand and leads me onto the dance floor.

"I-I don't k-know how to dance!" I say, but then I realize that I'm dancing and I look at Akito, shocked which he smirks at. "You're a real jerk, you know that!" I say, angrily. He smirks again and tightens his grasp on me while slowly turning us in a circle. "You know Sana I had a crush on you in 6th grade." he says and I gasp. "NO, you didn't really!" I say, shocked that he would say something like that. He smirks, "Yeah, I did….I would sit and watch you all the time." he says. I look at him, shocked, and blush. "I never knew Akito you should have said something to me!" I look down at our feet slowly moving across the floor in time with the music. "There is still time for us to get to know each other though…." I nod and continue to look at our feet and suddenly we stop moving. "Sana, look at me." Akito uses his thumb and index finger to lift my chin up so he can look in my eyes, I'm entranced with what I see there, some unknown emotion, that I've never seen on his face before. "Kiss me…" he says as his lips lower to meet mine, and my eyes close. Just as our lips are an inch apart and I can feel the heat from his body radiating against mine….a door opens, letting light suddenly shine in our little world. The door slams and my mom is standing there, yelling. "Sana, get up! You are going to be late!" she yells and I look at her confused. Suddenly, Akito loosens his grip on me and backs away, eyes trained on me. My mom reaches my shoulder and starts to lead me away but I struggle, reaching out to Akito as I do so, but he continues to walk away. "Akito, wait, MOM stop I have to see Akito!" I scream, suddenly sitting up in my bed.

"Sana, get up! You are going to be LATE FOR SCHOOL!" she yells and I jump out of bed and look at my alarm clock. It's 7:00 A.M. holy shit! I have school in thirty minutes!

"OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO BE LATE!" I yell as I jump from my bed and into my closet to grab clothes. Once changed, and ready, I'm out the door and on my way to school.


"Everyone is to head to their own homerooms. Once there, you will be told where you are to go for your sex education. You will be divided into boys and girls.. That is all, have a good day." says the loudspeaker. Sana sighs as she makes it into the school just as the first bell rings. "Thank God I'm not late!" she says as she walks to her homeroom.

"Okay, class you will be divided into boys and girl. The girls will stay in this room with me and the boys will go to Mr. Rice's room." says Ms. Yamo to her class as she prepares the projector for the film she will be showing the class.

"Attention everyone, when the bell rings please go to your assigned room. That is all thank you." the intercom says. The bell then rings and they all go to their separate rooms, with the exceptions of the girls.


As the bell rings I get up and go to Mr. Rice's room. When I enter the room Mr. Rice hands me a banana and a small square package with a small white circle in the middle. I look at it, and then look at Mr. Rice. "What's this for?" I ask, curiously. He smirks and says, "Your future best friend. I'll tell all of you in a minute, now go sit in your seat." I glare at him and go sit in my seat; I hate when adults try to treat me that way! When the bell rings again we all sit in our seats and wait for the teacher to tell us what this stuff is for.

Mr. Rice stands in front of the class and says, " Now, everyone might be wondering what's going on with all this stuff I gave you? Well I'll tell you after this short film. He presses play and the movie starts….


As the bell rings Ms. Yamo starts passing out bananas and small packages, of what looks like gum, out to us all. I pick mine up and look at it. "What's this for?" I ask. It looks like a balloon. Some girls in the back of the room laugh. "Sana, how do you NOT know what that is? Didn't you take sex ed. In middle school?" I shake my head, "No, Mama said I was to young to know all that!" I say, my face going red. Its not my fault its mamas! "Well, it's a co-" but the girl never finishes because the bell rang and we all sit in our chairs, awaiting the teachers instruction.

Ms. Yamo stands in front of us and says, " Now, class we will watch a short film on puberty and then I'll tell you what that stuff is for." and with that she starts the film.


In all the classes the young adults watched as little Timmy and Karen were taken through the 'miracles' of life!' in a bad 1950's kind of way. when the film was done the teachers' turned off the projectors' and resumed the rest of the class.


When the film was over, and the lights had been turned back on, I continue to stare at the screen before me. How could a girl let a boy DO that to her and take it without saying anything? Why would you WANT a guy to do that to you? Its DISGUSTING! I almost fainted when they told us how babies are delivered! I never want to have a baby now, let alone have sex with a guy! I shudder at the thought of some guy doing that to me one day and then pushing another human being out of a small hole! No amount of drugs could make me do that! This must be why purity rings were invented!

The girls I was talking to earlier walk up to me, a smirk on all of their faces. "So, Sana, did you figure out what the round circles are for or are we going to have to tell you ourselves?" one asked, meanly. I glare at her and turn around to the front of the room. The teacher tells us to calm down so she can begin the rest of sex education.

"Now that the very…" she paused searching for the right word. "Educational…film is over lets talk about the things I gave you earlier. This will demonstrate how to put a condom on your partner. Remember safe sex is GOOD sex…" she said as she grabbed the banana and started her demonstration.


As the teacher was demonstrating I couldn't help but smirk; I have already had sex before. I look around, the facial expressions in the room were mixed, some boys had the same look I imagine is on my face, while others had a look of concern on their faces and you could tell that they are virgins. I smirk at them, how lame are they!

"Mr. Hayama I suggest you pay attention. You might need to know this for the future!" Mr. Rice says to me and I smirk, but listen to him anyway.


"when the bell rings everyone is to go to lunch. At the end of lunch you will all be allowed to go home. That is all." the intercom says again. The teens will all be heading home after a late lunch.


After lunch I'm on my way to the door when I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around and am met with big brown eyes, starting at me. "Sana, do you want a ride?" he asks and I blush, but nod anyway. We haven't talked since the date last night and my dream wasn't making this any easier! As we walk out to his car he grabs my hand and stops us. I look at our feet and he puts his hand on my chin and makes me look him in the eye. "Don't be awkward around me. You don't have anything to be embarrassed about….unless you regret what happened?" he asks, sadness entering his voice. I shake my head no, to entranced by his eyes to say anything at the moment. He smirks and opens his car door for me. I blink and look around me. What just happened? Did he just get me to admit I liked his kiss? I shake my head and get in the car. He gets in the drivers side and I smile. We buckle up and are on our way!


As the two teens pull up in front of Sana's house they failed to notice the two sets of eyes that were peaking out of the window. "Things are getting serious, Rae!" the woman says, to the man spying with her. "Yes, what is your plan?" he asks the woman. She smirks, a crazy look enters her eyes. "We have him over for dinner of course." she says, shocking the man. "But, he's trying to take our Sana away!" he yells, until the woman silences him with her hand. "We will interrogate him and find out what he wants with my daughter. If his intentions are good he can stay, but if his intentions are bad we can get rid of him." the two look at each other and smile….this would be fun.


I get out of the car and pull Akito with me to the door. "Come on, my mama won't kill you!" I say while laughing at my own joke. I look back at Akito and find that he didn't think it was so funny. We stop and I look at him. "What's the matter?" I ask and he looks away. When he looks back he says. " Your mom was really scary the other day!" I look at him and laugh. "Oh, she always acts that way! If you get to know her you will come to love her just as we all have!" I say, dragging him to the door. When we walk the room is completely dark. I flip the light on while saying, "Mama! Are you home?" suddenly, there is a scream and we look above us. On the beams on the ceiling stood my mama who had a bungee cable strapped to her. "SANA! I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE HOME! HOW WAS SCHOOL!" she yells as she jumps from the ceiling. I laugh; typical mama. "Good, I see you got your package in the mail!" I yell back. I look back at Akito and suddenly I laugh; he has a funny look on his face.


I watch as Sana's mom jumps from the beams and hear Sana laugh. What is the matter with this family? I look at Sana only to see that she is looking at me. "What? Do I have something on my face?" I ask and she shakes her head. "No, you just looked stunned. This is a slow day for us. Welcome to the party!" she says and hugs me. Her mom, finally, looses momentum and hangs upside down while talking to her daughter. "Sana, would you like to have your friend over for dinner sometime? You can properly introduce us then." she says and Sana looks back at me, with a question in her eyes. "Would you like to have dinner with my family sometime?" she asks, and I smile. I nod my head yes and say, "I would love to."

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