Odd Discoveries

It's time for another CHACK chaptered story, YAY! I haven't done one of these in a while so please be patient, The story is all written out, I just have to type it as I go.

Summary: Normally, when Jack Spicer discovers something about his evil idol, Chase Young, he is overjoyed. But this time, it's something that could turn his entire world upside down. Eventual CHACK.

Warnings: Adult language, Slash(shounen-ai, BL, yaoi, guy-on-guy action, etc.)

Disclaimer: Christy Hui owns Xiaolin Showdown and all it's characters. I obviously do not.

I'm going to warn you all now, when I wrote this I was trying to keep it as close to the original show as possible(So Chase is going to start off NOT liking Jack). The romance will not happen quickly, since I like to build it up as I feel it is more natural that way.

And, as I've stated before, I like the Xiaolin monks and therefore they will be key players in this story. I also decided to insert some of my favorite side characters for kicks and giggles.

Taking all this into consideration, I hope you still enjoy my work.


dis·cov·er·y [diss kúvvəree](plural dis·cov·er·ies) n

1.) something learned or found:

something new that has been learned or found

2.) process of learning something:

the fact or process of finding out about something for the first time

3.)process of finding something:

the process or act of finding something or somebody unexpectedly or after searching

4.) somebody recognized as potentially successful:

a previously unknown musician, actor, performer, or other person who has been identified by somebody as having exceptional talent or unusual beauty

5.) recognition of potential for success:

the recognition of somebody's exceptional talent or beauty, leading to that person's fame

Chapter 1 - Hypothesis


The magical time when most of the teenagers in the world were throwing wild parties, going on dates, or hitting the club scene-

However, one teenager in particular was spending another night of his adolescence sitting at a work table in his basement laboratory.

This person was none other than evil teen genius Jack Spicer. And for the last two weeks of his life the goth had locked himself in his lab, spending hours on end in the basement of his family's mansion. At this particular moment in time, the intellectually-gifted adolescent was trench-coat deep in data reports as his ruby eyes regularly monitor a computer screen. The villain completely engrossed in his latest scientific endeavor.

And what exactly was this endeavor?

Well, as the brilliant scientist he was, Jack Spicer had always tried to better understand the complex world around him. And the best way to understand something complex, was to break it down into it's simplest parts.

And the most complex thing the evil teen had ever come across in his nineteen years of life was Chase Young, the Immortal Heylin Dragon and Tai Chi Master of Evil himself. The man he idolized with the kind of blind faith that would make even the most devout priest hang his head in unmitigated shame.

In fact, it was this devotion that had instigated Jack's need to understand his evil idol. However, due to the state of their current relationship, (i.e. Jack being either verbally or physically berated anytime he came near the warlord) the teen had decided to observe the immortal from afar. At the very least, it could help the young villain as he continued along his path to becoming an evil ruler. So, when they were able to, crimson eyes would stay glued to Chase whenever he showed up or chose to compete in a showdown. Watching in awe at the raw strength and power of the immortal warlord, transfixed by the scientific wonder that the Heylin was. In his human form, Chase was in obviously-amazing physical form, due to his immortality and the strict training regimen he had held onto from his time as a Xiaolin monk. Yet, in his draconic form, the man was a one of a kind specimen of apex predator. Despite the sharp canines and claws, there was a beauty to the movement and deadly grace of such a creature. From the first time he had met the man, Jack Spicer had been in constant and evolving awe of Chase Young.

Unfortunately, observation gave the scientist a rather limited view of the dragon lord. To fully understand his idol, from the inside and out, Jack Spicer had to acquire a sample from his subject -and not just a strand of hair or saliva. The teen required a blood sample, a task that was far from being an easy one.

So after hours of brainstorming and calculations, and even a few attempts at trying to talk himself out of such an insane idea, the young villain came up with a plan. Jack had created a nanobot that was the size of a mosquito, and had the exact same function. It was built out of a rare alloy of titanium that would penetrate the immortal's skin, although not strong enough to cause any real damage. Over a course of three months, the teen had created 20 of these robotic insects which collected small amounts of the dragon lord's blood. And after all his hard work and planning, Jack had finally gathered enough of the dark crimson liquid to fill one small test-tube which he kept locked away in the most secure part of his lab.

With the supply of the Chase Young's blood, the gothic genius had spent the past few weeks running countless tests and analyzing the sample. The simple joy Jack found from completely breaking down the dragon's genetic signature was unparalleled. Once he had an understanding of his idol's deoxyribonucleic acid, the genius had then shifted his attention to figuring out exactly what percentage of the warlord was a reptile and what exactly made Chase immortal. After all, chances like this came by only once in a lifetime. And if for some reason Jack's life was to be cut short when the Heylin master discovered that a piece of him had been quite literally stolen by his overeager fan-

Well, then at least the teen would be able to die somewhat happy.

At the moment, Jack is staring at the monitor of his digital microscope and busy making detailed notes on a nearby laptop.

This is amazing! Chase's genetic make up is so complex, but it's all so perfect. . . almost like the DNA of two or three organisms that have been cultivated to be blended into one body to create one flawless, super organism.

Returning to his work, Jack opens another window on the computer screen and peruses the results of some of his earlier testing.

Judging by the ectothermic properties of his cells, Chase is approximately 60% reptile. In the case of most reptiles, their metabolic rates tend to slow down when they are exposed to low temperatures. Hmm . . .

Slowly, another bullet train of thought begins to chug it's way along the multi-track railroad of Jack Spicer's mind before shifting into high gear. Getting up from his chair, the pale teen makes his way over to his storage freezer in the back of the laboratory. Covering his eyes with his trademark goggles, Jack puts on rubber gloves as he opens the door. Protected hands pull out a black case from the very back and takes it over to his work table. Opening the lid, the teen uses a set of long tweezers to pluck out a small white shard that seems to be smoking. The -78.5 °C substance is solid carbon dioxide, commonly known as dry ice.

As soon as the shard makes contact with the dragon's blood, crimson eyes dart to the monitor. The cellular movement drastically slows down to a crawl. For a few moments, the cells remain in that state, until a sudden endothermic reaction occurs. The heat that the organelles manage to create, despite the surrounding cold environment, allows the flow of oxygen to return and the cells quickly resume their duties. A rush of white blood cells even begin to repair the cells that have been damaged and quickly replace dead ones with stem cells that begin to morph before the teen's eyes. Staring at the miraculous recovery, Jack Spicer's brain struggles to find the right words.

"If I didn't just see that, I never would've believed it. His cells just switched from being ectothermic to endothermic in like five seconds! That explains how his blood cells have managed to stay alive and active so long outside of his body."

Still reeling from this new data, pale fingers type his findings into his self-upgraded HP Netbook. The small, red laptop is fingerprint encoded as it is the only documentation of the evil genius' plans and experiments that existed outside of his head. Therefore, Jack being the paranoid person he is, always kept it on him at ALL times.

Let's see, if Chase is immune to extreme cold, a state that inhibits chemical reactions of his reptile half. I wonder if he's immune to something that inhibits the reactions of his human half . . . something toxic, like poison.

Going to another corner of his lab, Jack fetches a canister from a locked cabinet. The seemingly harmless canister is plastered with bright yellow, bio-hazard stickers. A year or so ago, the young genius had figured a way to make lethal arsenic trioxide into a liquid solution. In the liquid state, it had been altered to have no effect until it hit the blood stream. Once ingested or injected into the body, it would almost instantaneously oxidize. The toxin would then spread through the body via the blood stream, causing the organs to shut down one-by-one, thus killing the victim within seconds.

Originally, the genius had developed the liquid to weaponize into an invention, but had scrapped it in favor to work on a more promising experiment. And until that night, the deadly liquid has sat on that shelf, it's creator never having the heart to simply dispose of the small amount that was left. Grabbing the canister, and the small injection atomizer behind it, Jack returns to his table and starts to deposit the last of the poison into the device. But before he adds the rest of it to a new sample of Chase's blood, he dips the titanium atomizer into the dry ice, instantaneously dropping the liquid's temperature to approximately 10°C. Jack then picks it back up with his gloved hand, inserts the needle into the blood sample and adds the cold toxin to the dragon's blood.

Now let's see what Chase does when I attack both his weaknesses at the same time.

Turning to the screen, his eyes remain glued to the monitor, anxious to see what will happen. Like before, the cells remain their normal ectothermic activity. They begin to slow down due to the drastic cold temperature of the new liquid and then they switch over to endothermic activity and recover. After a few moments everything seems fine and normal. Eyes widening in disbelief, Jack quickly jots down some notes and puts the dry ice back into the freezer.

That's a surprise. I thought the poison would have some effect, but I guess his white blood cells took care of it when they switched over.

All of a sudden, the monitor starts to flash:


Looking at the screen, crimson eyes widen as he watches the blood cells discolor and begin to die off. The white cells try their best to heal them but they too begin to die. Even the stem cells try to repopulate the missing cells, but to no avail. After a few minutes, the once-active cellular activity is now non-existent. All Jack can do is watch in utter shock at the lack of movement on the screen, his brain trying to process what it has just witnessed.


Holy shit!

"I-I think I just figured out, how to kill Chase Young." states Jack in a disbelieving voice.

"And here I thought you were just plain useless."

Hearing the familiar voice of the Heylin witch, Jack jumps away from his work to find Wuya standing in front of him. Her green eyes are staring at him with a unsettling gleam, making a shiver crawl up the albino's spine.

"What are you doing here, Wuya?"

The question was perfectly valid, as for the last few months, Wuya had been residing in Chase's home, never even bothering to visit her former benefactor. So her sudden appearance at such a crucial time, only added to the genius' shock and confusion.

"I was in the neighborhood," supplies the witch, not even taking the time to think of a believable lie. "More importantly, did I hear you correctly just now? Did you really stumble across a way to kill Chase just now?"

"N-no," stutters the teen, internally cursing the waver in his voice.

"You aren't a very good liar, Jack. Now be a good boy and tell me all about your little discovery."

Realizing that he can't convincingly lie to witch, Jack tries to buy some time as he figures out how to stop Wuya from getting her hands on the sensitive information.

"What's with the sudden interest in my work? Weren't you the one that used to call my experiments a waste of time?"

"Oh, they still are. However, I am interested in anything that involves ridding myself of insufferable dragon lords."

"But I thought that you and Chase were-"

"What, did you think I actually have feelings for that egotistical bastard?" begins Wuya with a palpable disdain to her voice. "Chase may be handsome, but it doesn't allow him the right to order me around. And to be honest, Old Dragon Breath is quite the thorn in my side, one that I intend to have removed, immediately. And once he's out of the way, I'll get my powers back and once again return to taking over the world."

The manner in which Wuya carelessly dismisses the warlord causes a sudden spike of rage to flare up in the teen. Bristling over her comments, pale fists clench as he begins to shake. However, all of this remains unnoticed by Wuya as she takes another step closer to the young villain.

"So Jack, are you going to tell me how to kill Chase or will I have to coerce it out of you?"

Recognizing the threatening tone of her voice, Jack's anger dies down as he realizes the situation. If Wuya got her hands on his notes, his evil hero is done for - no 'ifs', 'ands', or 'buts' about it. So before she can react, the teen presses a button on the side of his watch causing about 12 Jack-bots to appear and surround the surprised witch.

"Jack-bots attack!"

While Wuya is busy dodging laser attacks and avoiding spinning blades, Jack quickly enters a code into the main console, deleting all his files on Chase from his computer system and digital microscope. He quickly puts his Netbook and notes into a nearby messenger bag. The slides of damaged blood cells are haphazardly deposited into a nearby trash compactor. Using pure adrenaline, the goth scrambles out of his basement lab through a hidden door and away from the Heylin witch currently making junk piles of his robots. Long legs quickly power Jack across the back lawn of the Spicer mansion and into the forest behind it, his only thought to simply keep running.

After she destroys the last automaton, Wuya looks around only to find one evil teen genius and his work gone. Going over to one of his computer modules she is only further enraged to learn they are all frozen and unable to tell her anything. With an frustrated screech she kicks over the table Jack was just sitting at. Green flames flicker angrily around the witch, her still-restrained powers are the only thing preventing Wuya from simply burning down everything around her.

"DAMMNIT! Where could he possibly have gone?" screeches the sorceress.

Oh no.



Where the hell am I going to go?

Clearly disoriented by the recent series of events, Jack begins to slow down his running to a steady jog. He is beyond tired, but the teen still wants to get as much distance as possible from his former partner of evil. As oxygen starts to flow back to his adrenaline-riddled brain, Jack begins to form a plan and reaches for his cell phone and dials. Listening to the phone ring in his ear, he tries to gain control of his panting.

Please pick up!

"Hello?" answers a young, female voice after a few rings.

"MEGAN? IT'S ME, JACK!" shouts the teen frantically.

"What's going on?" responds the girl, clearly startled by her cousin's tone of voice. "You sound out of your mind-"

"I can't really explain, but I need to crash at your house for awhile!"

"What's wrong with your house?"


"Okay, okay! Come on over, I'll wait up for you until you get here. This better be good."

"Thanks! I promise I'll explain everything when I get there."

With that, Jack hangs up his phone and uses the GPS application to find his way to the nearest public mode of transportation.


Upon hearing a loud knock on her door, Megan Spicer gets up to answer it. She opens the large door, only to be almost run over by a blur of white, black, and red.


When the now fourteen-year-old girl closes the front door, her blue eyes settle on the disheveled appearance of her cousin. Jack is panting heavily as he catches his breath. He then goes around closing the blinds and locking all other doors within his sights. Regaining herself, the blonde demurely clears her throat.


"Yeah?" answers Jack, finally calming down, though he still seems to be a bit on edge.


The outburst quickly gets the teen genius' attention, as Megan continues her tirade.

"You call me out of the blue, practically begging to crash here, and when you arrive, in the wee hours of the morning I might add, you practically knock me over! Some sort of explanation would be nice right about now."

"Sorry," supplies Jack, realizing that his cousin has a valid point. "Um, do you remember all the stuff I used to tell you about Xiaolin Showdowns?"

"Used to? You send me Twitter reports about it."

"ANYWAY, Do you remember Chase Young?"

"The evil mastermind that you go on and on about? Yeah, I think I remember him from the twenty-thousand pictures of him you've sent me."

"Yeah. Well, Long story short, I accidentally discovered a weakness of his and now Wuya is after me trying to get it."

After the explanation, Megan Spicer just stares at the panicking teenager before her. She then blinks slowly as her brain processes the information.

"Jack, if I'm remembering everything you've told me about Wuya and Chase correctly, you are seriously screwed."

"No shit. Now are you going to help me out or not?"

"I want to, but I think vengeful Heylin witches and immortal dragon lords are a bit out of my league. Hey! Maybe you should get help from the Xiaolin monks. They seemed pretty cool when I met them."

Red eyes widen and look at his cousin as if she grew three heads and spoke in Russian. Megan is a bit weirded-out by the expression herself as she awaits a response to her seemingly-valid suggestion.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The monks could care less about me, so why would they even bother to help?"

"Jack, even if they don't like you, they're still monks. Aren't they kinda obligated to help people? Besides, you aren't exactly in a position to be choosy about who you receive help from now are you?"

"I guess, you make a good-"

Jack's sentence is never finished as a large crash comes from just outside the front door. Both cousins turn in time to see the door ripped off it's hinges by a powerful kick. In it's place, stands Wuya with a dark smirk twisting it's way onto her face. As she walks closer, Jack and Megan back up further into the house.

"Fleeing to your cousin's home wasn't exactly the smartest move you could've made Jack."


Sorry to leave it off here, but I feel it's a good place to end this chapter. I know there was a lot of explanation in this part, but it's better to get it all out of the way now. So when I refer to things in later chapters, you'll know what I'm talking about.

As you may have noticed, there is a science theme to this story. Although I am interested in science, it is not my forte - I stretched some things to fit the story so don't be surprised if this story doesn't help you pass your chemistry test. All the scientific references within this fanfic are derived from what I remember from my own high school science classes as well as Wikipedia.

Anyways, I hope this has captured your interest and you continue reading future chapters.

Next chapter - Wuya has found Jack with his cousin Megan. Two Spicers should be enough to escape one Heylin witch, right?

*As some of you may know, I've been a little busy lately, hence the lack of CHACK fanfiction(To find out what I've been busy with, please visit me on /username: DarkRenka). Hopefully, this story will help make up for the unannounced hiatus.