Odd Discoveries

Summary: Normally, when Jack Spicer discovers something about his evil idol, Chase Young, he is overjoyed. But this time, it's something that could turn his entire world upside down. Eventual CHACK.

Warnings: Adult language, Slash(shounen-ai, BL, yaoi, guy-on-guy action, etc.)

Disclaimer: Xiaolin Showdown and all its characters belong to Christy Hui and Kids WB/Cartoon Network. I make absolutely no profit off these crazy stories of mine.

** Alright, I'm taking a moment to clarify something that was brought up by a reviewer. Back at Master Monk Guan's temple, Hannibal uses the Moby Morpher to look like Raimundo, which he lost at the showdown over the Destiny Compass. Bean had stolen back the Moby Morpher during the attack on the Xiaolin Temple while Jack and Megan were with Kimiko. Hope that clears things up**

That said, on with the extra-long conclusion of this fic!

Chapter 8 - Communicating the Results

"Ch-chase?" squeaks out the teen, unable to help the crack in his voice.

"Hello Spicer, eloquent as always I see."

Turning his attention from the sputtering genius on his floor, Chase Young focuses his gaze on the Xiaolin monk with a raised eyebrow.

"I trust you two have a reason for being here, Raimundo?"

"Well, as you well know, Wuya and Hannibal are after Jack," begins the monk, the hint of a grin on his lips. " So I decided to use a little direction from Destiny Compass and the Golden Tiger Claws to find a new safe house, and Voila! We ended up here."


"And, since we're here anyway, I'm starting to think that it would be best to leave Jack in your care. After all, what place is safer than Chase Young's lair? No one would have the guts to come looking for Jack Spicer here."

"Are you insane, Pedrosa!" Jack exclaims in a hushed tone as he finally rises to his feet. "If you leave me here, Chase will turn me into Cat Chow!"

"Do not presume to know what I will and what I will not do, Spicer."

As the speaks, his draconic eyes gain a gleam as he considers the monk's rationale. A light smirk graces Chase's lips.

"Pedrosa, explain your logic, in full."

"Well, for the last few days, I've been thinking that there is something off about this entire situation," begins the leader of the Xiaolin dragons. "Jack discovers a way to kill you and he assumes that you're going to kill him. It's not an unreasonable assumption, as you've done much worse for much less. But, I think we all know that if you wanted Jack dead, you would have done it by now. So, I'm willing to bet that you are more impressed with Jack's discovery than threatened by it. Which is also the reason I suspect that you have let us take care of Jack for you. After all, you wouldn't want it to look like you had any direct involvement, it would make Wuya and Hannibal suspicious."

"The profound insight that occasionally makes its way into your words reminds me of my former associate, Dashi. As well as the annoyance associated with it."

Raimundo frowns a bit as he deciphers the full meaning of the words, he then turns to Jack.

"Is that supposed to be a compliment?"

"Pssh! Like I would know what a 'Chase Young' compliment sounds like."

"Good point."


Hearing his name in the dark and authoritative tone automatically catches Raimundo, and Jack's, attention from their private conversation.

"You may leave Spicer in my care. No harm will come to him, you have my word."


With that, Raimundo then slips the Tiger Claws onto his hand, preparing to leave the citadel. A slash of his hand produces the familiar swirling vortex that will take him back to the Xiaolin Temple. Looking down, the Shoku warrior smirks at the "helpless-puppy-dog" expression on the evil teen's face.

"Have fun, Jack. See ya' at the next showdown."

Stepping into the portal, Raimundo leaves the two Heylin villains to themselves. Jack remains silent, fearing that even the slightest sound would disturb the calm between them. But after a while, crimson eyes, perhaps too curious for their own good, slowly look up at the warlord. The man's face is expressionless, save for the long look of appraisal that emanates from the golden orbs. Pale hands grip the strap of his messenger bag as Jack waits for the villain to do something, anything really. Although, recollecting what the dragon is capable of doing, the teen genuis dreads it all the same.

"So, Chase . . ."

"Yes, Spicer?"

"Are you going to kill me now, or do it The Most Dangerous Game style and play around with me first?"

At the question, a grin almost threatens to break the dragon's countenance.

"Well, as appealing as the idea of 'playing around with you' is, did you not just witness me giving the monk my word that no harm would befall you?"

"Last time I checked," adds Jack, his tone criticizing. "Going back on your word is a pretty standard practice on the Heylin side."

"It is only standard practice for some, Spicer. You'd do well here to remember that."

"Well, for the sake of discussion and curiosity, is anything else that Raimundo said true?"

"That depends. I have of yet to see if you have actually discovered anything of interest. One cannot base their entire course of action on hearsay, no matter how reliable the source."

Taking the cue, Jack takes out his laptop and walks to rest it on a nearby table. He logs into his files as Chase comes up beside him to view what is on the screen. Managing to ignore the fact that his idol is so close to him, the teen plays the magnified recording of Chase's cellular activity. All the while, he describes in detail what is going on. Focusing on the scientific process is the only thing that keeps Jack from stumbling nervously over his words.

After the video has finished playing, Jack turns to Chase to await his reaction. Expecting to see an expression of annoyance, anger, disappointment, or even boredom, the young genius is shocked to see fascination in the draconic eyes.



Turning to face Jack completely, the man's lips curve into an almost smile.

"Spicer, do you know what it truly means to be immortal?"

"Well, up until three seconds ago, I thought I did. However, your tone suggests that you are about to disprove the definition I've gone by for the last eighteen years or so."

An amused sound leaves the Heylin's throat as he leans against the table.

"Let me explain this to you in a way that you are more familiar with," begins Chase, taking a moment to properly present his point. "Immortality is like an ongoing mutation of the structure of one's DNA juxtaposed with a rapid evolution of one's cellular functions . Within my body, the cells are perpetually adapting and regenerating to fit the environment around me and therefore indefinitely prolonging my life. And all the while, the weakpoints of my DNA are easily located and then replaced to nullify any unknown vulnerabilities that certain adolescent geniuses may stumble across in their free time."

"It figures, even your cells are awesome and completely badass."

At the comment, the Heylin master actually laughs. A genuine one, not the mocking scoff he normally uses.

"Jack Spicer, I've lived for millennia, and I can honestly say that only you are so refreshingly unique with your sycophancy."

"Thanks, I try."

"Well, in any case," Chase replies, before gesturing towards the red laptop. "I doubt that this method of yours would kill me. At worst, it may render me indisposed for a few days. Just enough time for my cells to adjust and change accordingly."

At that bit of information, Jack takes a seat at the table. It is indescribable the wave of emotions currently overcoming the teen at the moment. As a scientist, his mind starts calculating all the possibilities that his idol's DNA has, its pure potential to unlock genetic mysteries that no one has even attempted to test. As a fan of the man's evil career, Jack is intrigued to ask how Chase came to this understanding of his own genetic make-up. To the best of the genius' knowledge, there are no papers or books written on the subject of immortality in an empirical sense. Then again, immortality has traditionally been a subject that exists only in the realm of fantasy. Only crackpots spent their lives studying it-

"You've been uncharacteristically silent for well over a minute, should I be concerned?"

The man's inquiry manages to interrupt the tidal wave of thoughts currently crashing over the rational part of Jack's brain. With a weak smile, the redhead looks up at the warlord.

"I'm fine. Overwhelmed, not to mention still in shock that you aren't killing me right now, but fine."

"I reward intelligence, Jack, I do not punish it," states Chase, his expression serious. "People have been trying to kill me for centuries, and no one has ever been even close to doing so. But you have, and in a way that is as unique as your very existence. A lesser being may be threatened by that, I am not."

"You're not?"

"No, in fact, I find it intriguing and as I said earlier, impressive."

"You do?"

The hopeful look on the teenager's face is rather adorable, even the Heylin warlord is unable to escape its charm. With a smirk, he places a hand on Jack's head, as one would do to a pet, and gently rustles the soft, crimson hair.

"Keep up the good work, Jack."

Perhaps enjoying the touch more than he should have, Jack releases a sigh of relief. The second the gloved hand leaves his head, the genius finds himself instantly missing it's presence.

"So, and I'm just double-checking here," starts Jack, clearing his throat. "You aren't angry that I stole your DNA and in the process of studying it discovered a way to kill you?"

To his crimson eyes, Chase seems amused by the question, but the teen still remains guarded.

"No, I am not."

"Even though I managed to inform Wuya of it, who in turn informed Hannibal Roy Bean?"


". . . Are you sure you're feeling okay, Chase?"

"If there was ever something affecting my health, I'm sure you'd be the first to notice it."

At that, Chase makes a gesture with his hand that signals a change of direction in their conversation. Jack is a bit unsettled that he knows that without having to ask, but decides to ignore it.

"Jack, I'd like to propose a deal with you."

"A deal?"

"Well, it's more of an arrangement in all honesty."

"Alright, I'm all ears."

Chase takes a seat in the throne-like chair that is at the head of the table. Crossing his legs at the knee, his golden eyes take a few moments to assess the young genius before him.

"Since you have proven that you are capable of discovering my weaknesses, and able to create weapons to exploit them, I'm sure Wuya and Hannibal will be keeping their eyes on you."

" . . . That's really gross."

"My sentiments exactly. Which is why I propose that you stay with me."

"For the weekend?"

"Indefinitely, Spicer," Chase corrects, to the surprise of the other occupant at the table.


"Yes. You would be given a place in my home as well as protection from any that would do you harm."

"And? What do you want from me?"

"Well, there are many advantages to having a genius such as yourself at one's disposal."

At the explanation, a look of understanding finally crosses the genius' face. He can't hide the look of disappointment that flashes in his eyes.

"So you want me to be like one of your minions? I'm to obey your command and you'll use me whenever you see fit."

"Jack Spicer, you are no mere minion," comments the man, his golden eyes holding an unnatural intensity. "Even I would consider it a heinous crime to constrict a mind like yours to such a station."

Jack is rendered speechless by the unexpected compliment. Though he recovers, desperately trying to hide the pleasure that the seemingly-offhanded statement has given him.

"You're making a really good offer. Do I have some time to consider it?"

"Yes, if that is what you require. And as a gesture of good faith, you are free to stay here until your decision has been made. Fortunately, my home has had a recent, albeit long over-due, vacancy."

"You mean Wuya?"

With the accurate guess, a displeased look, one that Jack has no desire to ever have directed at him, makes it's way onto the dragon's face.

"She has bitten the hand that fed her and in a manner that can not be ignored."

"She betrayed you?"

"Betrayal implies I had trust in her at some point. Wuya acts in the only way that her simple mind is designed to act, predictably traitorous. To expect otherwise would be my fault, not hers. I suppose that I expected more from someone that was once considered great evil. Anyway, it's of no matter now."

As the draconic lord ponders this all out loud, he misses the confusion etched on the young genius' face. However, Jack quickly makes him take notice of it.

"Why are you doing all of this, Chase? I mean not too long ago, you didn't give a flying monkey's ass about me. And now you're offering to protect me. It's a bit of a 180 in our relationship."

"Indeed, it is. However, there are times that first impressions are wrong. I both underestimated and undervalued you, two mistakes that won't be made again."

"How do I know that this isn't just your way of making sure that I won't kill you? I mean, I came up with this method entirely by accident. Who knows what I could do if I actually tried?"

Jack narrows his eyes in what he hopes to be an intimidating manner. The teen still not ready to give in to the man's words, no matter how tempting they are. However, the slowly-forming grin on his idol's face wavers the evil genius' resolve far more than a facial expression ever should.

"It is that exact possibility that has me in constant awe of your intelligence, Jack."

". . . Stop doing that."

"What particularly is it that I'm doing?"

"You keep sneaking underhanded compliments into the conversation to distract me. And don't think I haven't noticed that you've started calling me by my first name. I'm all too familiar with your methods of manipulation, Chase. Hell, I've been victim to them more times than I'd ever admit. Just come out and say what it is that you want from me."

There is a pause in their conversation as Chase carefully regards the teenager before him. Under the unwavering gaze, it is hard for Jack to tell what the man is thinking.

"Jack, I'm starting to realize that you are not a very trusting person."

At that, Jack snorts, the unexpected sound causing Chase's eyebrow to go up.

"No, I'm not. But considering my track record, can you blame me? It's just easier to assume that people are going to fuck you over eventually."

At the term, an unfamiliar look comes over Chase's features. His gaze narrows, but there is no anger in his face. In fact, his lips morph back into a knowing grin.

"Yes, eventually."


"Nanali will show you to your room."

"Wai- What?"

"You have been traveling through time zones all this week. Your body will need time to adjust itself again. When you awaken, food will be supplied to you."

Deciding to simply accept the hospitality offered, Jack lets the questions in his head fade away for the moment.

"So, is there any forbidden west wing that I'm not allowed into or any boxes I'm not supposed to open while I'm here?"

"If I said there was," begins Chase with a smirk. "Wouldn't my forbidding it just make you want to explore it all the more?"

At the statement, a sheepish smile comes across the teen's face.

"You know me too well, Chase."

"Do I? Whenever I am arrogant enough to think so, you prove me wrong."

Letting his words hang in the air, Chase turns to walk away.

"Um, are you going somewhere?" asks Jack, hating how pathetic the question sounds.

Sensing the slight fear in the teenager's voice at the prospect of being left alone, Chase has to fight the desire to embrace the slim body before him-all the while trying to figure out where that desire originated from in the first place.

"There is a matter that I have to attend to, I shall return shortly. My warriors will watch over you in my stead."

"Oh, okay."

For a moment, both Jack and Chase seem to detect something in the other, but decide to ignore it. The two villains simply turn away from each other and continue on their respective ways.

In the sprawling forests that cover the land around the Himalayan mountains, Wuya paces back and forth, waiting for news from Hannibal Roy Bean. Her head snaps looks up when the familiar screech of an eagle is heard from above. The large bird of prey gracefully swoops down out of the sky to perch upon a nearby branch. Then, from its back, a small bean jumps down and lands before the witch.

"What happened, Hannibal? "demands Wuya, wasting no time on pleasantries. "You were supposed to get Jack and bring him back here!"

"I am in no mood for your screeching, Witch," the villain's characteristic southern drawl having a tired tone to it. "The plan was foiled."


At the question, Hannibal Roy Bean finds himself rolling his eyes at the witch's stupidity.

"I would think it rather obvious that the monks figured out that I was not Raimundo before I could take Jack."

"Well, Wuya's strengths never have lain in her skills of observation."

Turning around, Wuya and Hannibal find themselves faced with Chase Young flanked by two of his feline warriors. Instantly sensing his annoyance, the witch almost automatically starts to placate him.

"Ch-Chase! What brings you her-"

"I cannot begin to tell you how pathetic it was watching your attempts at villainy, Wuya," interrupts the warlord, uninterested in her excuses. "If I hadn't borne witnessed it myself, I would have had quite a hard time believing you were ever a challenge for Dashi. Then again, he was a mortal, so perhaps I can see where the exaggeration of your skills may have originated from."

At the continual barrage of insults, the witch can no longer hold her tongue or dislike for the man before her. Wuya's face contorts with her anger as her fingers begin to crackle with the remnants of her ancient magic.

"You arrogant bastard! You have no idea how powerful I am!"

The warning expression on Chase's face however, quickly short circuits the sorceress' rage. Wuya recalls with great clarity the fate of the last unfortunate creature that was on the other end of that look.

"I believe that you are recalling your long-past days of glory, Wuya. Fortunately, I am not here to discuss the past. I am here to discuss the present and therefore the future."

"Any item in particular?" inquires Hannibal, breaking his strategic silence. The bean seems genuinely curious to see where this particular conversation is going.

"Just one. From this point forward, Jack Spicer is off limits, to both of you."

At that rather unexpected declaration, both Hannibal and Wuya stare at the dragon with varying degrees of shock. It takes a few moments before either of them have a visible reaction. Eventually, from his new perch on the Heylin witch's shoulder, a crooked grin cracks the legume's face.

"Is he now?"

"I have given my warning," begins Chase, recognizing the challenging tone in his former master's voice. "If either of you choose to continue to pursue Spicer regardless of it, then that is you ill-advised decision."

"Going to such extremes to keep Jack's discovery from us? You must be truly fearful that we will get our hands on it."

The warlord smirks at the Wuya's change in tactic, the woman no longer hiding what it is she is after. He opens his mouth to inform her of the mistake in her claims, yet decides against it. After all, why should he dissuade her of the convenient distraction she has clouding her mind?

"I shall take my leave," announces Chase, already growing tired of the present company. The man longing for more . . . intelligent conversation.

"This is far from over, Chase!"

"I'm in a rather good mood today, Wuya. Don't ruin it by continuing to speak."

At those words and the warlord's strangely-congenial attitude, Hannibal's eyes gain a delighted gleam. His grin widens even further as he puts two and two together.

"Tell me Young, you seem quite sure that your pretty, red-headed pet will jump so enthusiastically into your arms. Especially after four years of negligence and abuse."

Chase raises an eyebrow at the knowing tone in the elder villain's comment. Though, he can't quite stop the slow grin that appears on his face.

"There are many things I'm confident of, one of them is the fact that Jack Spicer is mine. His actions this past week, have only further proved that fact."

"Tch, dragons-powerful creatures, yet unnecessarily complicated, annoying overprotective, and arrogant to the point of sheer madness."

At the legume's observation, Chase actually laughs. A look of understanding passes between the former master and apprentice, no words are exchanged, but none need to be. Needless to say, the Heylin witch is simultaneously surprised and confused by the interaction. Noticing her expression, a familiar condescending look appears on the dragon's face.

"Wuya, your comprehension in this matter is unnecessary. As long as you understand the change in Jack's status and what that entitles, I welcome your combined efforts to end my life. As entertainingly futile as they may be."

With that parting insult, the man disappears from their sight. Yet his words linger in the air behind him in such a way that both annoys and unnerves Wuya. The legume however, smirks knowingly and then hops off the witch's shoulder onto the waiting back of his loyal eagle. As he prepares to leave, Wuya turns to her partner in crime with an incredulous look.

"Hannibal! Where are you going?"

"Wuya," begins Hannibal, taking his time. The legume obviously gathering all his remaining patience to speak to her. "Would you like to know one of the many differences between the two of us?"


"Unlike you, I know when to count my losses and I understand the value of patience. In the matter of forcing young Jack to divulge how to kill Chase, consider that option closed. Take a victory in the fact that we have discovered that there are alternate ways to kill Chase, and when the time is right we will use it to our advantage. For now, bide your time."

"What are you talking about? Jack Spicer is weak so all we have to do is simply lure him out of Chase's protection. Dragonbreath can't keep an eye on him every moment of the da-."

"You have no idea what you are messing with. You call the boy weak, yet without any effort or knowledge on his part, Jack has managed to elevate himself to a position in which he is practically untouchable. If I were in your position I would heed Young's warning. But, do as you wish."

Hannibal says nothing else as the bird beats its dark wings and carries him out of sight. The witch is left behind, to fend for herself and her ill-fated plans.

A little over a month has passed since Jack has become a resident of Chase's home. And to his word, the young genius has been protected from any and all forms of harm. He is even free to conduct his experiments in one of the more remote chambers of the mountain keep. With a few renovations and a unlimited source of magically-generated electricity, Jack has completely replicated his basement lab in a matter of weeks. Finally pleased with his work, the teen takes out a cell phone and makes a long overdue phone call.

"Hey Megan."

"Don't 'hey Megan' me, I haven't heard from you in over a month! I was starting to think that Chase ate you or something."

At the fairly-rational conclusion, Jack winces a bit. His cousin's worried tone makes the twinge of guilt in the evil genius grow just a bit.

"Sorry. It's been a bit hectic lately. With the move and all."


"Yeah, I'm kinda living with Chase."

"Wait, What? How do you go from running across the globe from the guy to being his roommate in less than a month?"

"Well, we're not roommates exactly," begins the redhead. "We're more like lairmates. Though I don't see him that often, this place is so huge that it's practically offensive."

"Jack, get back on the subject here. You are cohabitating with the guy that you are hopelessly in like with. Don't you see the glaringly-obvious problem here?"

"No. In fact, I've seen many things living with Chase and I haven't had a problem with any of them. For example, Chase's sleeping attire."

"His sleeping attire? What does he wear that so impressive?"

At her question, the evill teen doesn't even try to keep the chesire grin fom forming on his face

"Ab-so-lute-ly nothing."

It takes only a moment before Megan realizes the full meaning of Jack's sing-songy words.

"Do I want to even know how you know that?"

"It was by accident. But, let's just say that sometimes having no sense of direction in a dark mountain citadel does have its advantages."

Unable to see the eye roll that the blue-eyed girl is currently doing, Jack continues.

"So, how're things on the outside?"

"Why are you asking me, Jack?"

"Well, I haven't been outside of the lair in a month."

The silence from the other side of the phone surprises Jack, but before he can question it, Megan's voice is heard through the receiver.

"Jack are you sure that Chase asking you to live with him isn't just a clever way to keep you contently captive?"

"No, but I'm not complaining if he is. This place is awesome. It has an entire floor that is full of books on EVERYTHING! I'm reading this Alchemic tome that's older than the freaking Magna Carta. Not to mention that it's in way better condition."

"That's great, Jack."

"And Chase has been really great."

"How so?"

"Well, he gives me my space yet is completely involved in my experiments and inventions. I don't even have to use layman's terms to explain them to him. And if I need anything at all, Chase gets it before I even think to ask. Not to mention, his stuff rocks and he doesn't mind if I use it. With the exception of cat hair, this arrangement is borderline perfect."

"Too perfect."

"What do you mean?"

"Jack, you are so . . . booty blinded."

The odd term, specifically from his younger cousin, sends Jack for a momentarily loop.

"Megan, 'booty blinded' suggests that I'm getting any to begin with. Not to mention, that phrase that has no business in a conversation that even mentions Chase Young."

"Whatever. I'm just saying, Chase wants something from you. You're just too blinded by your 'villain' worship of him to see it. I don't care what you say, NO ONE goes through all this just to become your Heylin sponsor or whatever."

"Alright, I'll bite. Why do you think Chase is doing all of this?"


"Well, that's why I asked."

"I think he's trying to get in your pants."


"Think about it. If it was anyone else but Chase Young going out of his way to please you, what would you think? What if Raimundo started doing that for you?"

"I really don't want to even imagine the cringe-inducing sight of Pedrosa trying to get into my pants."

"Jack, do yourself a favor and read up on dragons while you're absorbed in Chase's private library. It might help to take the surprise out of his future actions."

"Megan, what are you getting at?"

"I see I'm going to have to spell this out," Megan states with a sigh. "Jack, when we were with Kimiko and Keiko in Japan, do you remember what they said about guys like Chase?"

"They said a lot. Narrow it down for me."

"I think it was Keiko that made the point that guys like Chase Young don't show their feelings in grand gestures and pretty words. They show them through actions, what they do, and perhaps more importantly, what they don't do. Like not killing naive, albeit cute, evil teen geniuses, even when they have a decent reason to do so, for example."

"Yeah, I remember that. But Chase said that he wanted me to work for him and he likes to keep what he deems useful. It's just a business relationship."

"Business? Then why are you living with him? Last time I checked, business partners don't co-habitate."

"He's protecting me from Wuya and Hannibal."

"Jack, I've spent hours on the phone listening to you brag about how strong Chase is. I find it a bit hard to believe that having you live with him is the only way to protect you. Sounds to me like he's just being possessive."

"He's a dragon, Megan, of course he's possessive. It's in their DNA to be extremely territorial when it comes to their lands, the treasure they guard, princesses they've abducted to munch on-"


"Exactly," agrees Jack, overlooking his cousin's interruption. Then, all of a sudden, it dawns on him. "Wait a sec-Oh my god."

Megan Spicer sighs, the amused smirk somehow translating through the phone.

"And the last plastic monkey finally makes its way into the barrel."

"Shut up, Megan."

"Well, for a genius you are a bit slow on the uptake. At least on things that directly involve you."

" . . . I just never thought that Chase would ever reciprocate any of my feelings. It would be stupid to hope for it. And now you're suggesting that he's making plans to make me his mate. . . It's a bit to take in."

"Well, it's more of my personal theory that happens to conveniently explain a lot of his recent behavior towards you."

Somehow sensing her cousin's increasing confusion, Megan decides to distract him a bit.

"Hey Jack, why don't you tell me some more of the awesome things you've learned about Chase?"

"Well," begins the teen, taking the girl's bait. "Did you know that Chase has heat vision? He can sense body temperatures like a snake does. How badass is that?"

At that, Jack begins to go into great detail the workings and sensitivity of dragon senses. His mind is effectively distracted as he speaks, the teen not quite ready to sort through the increasing mass of questions that his cousin's theory has brought up. In fact, he barely hears Megan's question above all the possibilities growing in his head.

"Jack, just out of curiosity, what did you do with your discovery?"

"Oh, I destroyed it a while ago."

"You destroyed it?"

"Yeah, the secret to killing Chase Young is gone and any record of it has been buried under so many encryptions and firewalls that it would take an entire armada of Transformers to decode them all."

"He's lucky."


"Chase, he's very lucky."

"Well, the man is amazing. Like I've been tell-"

"No, Jack. Chase is lucky because of you. Not many would be that loyal to someone that's ingnored them for four years. I mean, you found out Chase's weakness and instead of exploiting it, you have protected it. Even going as far as to recruit help from your 'enemies', the Xiaolin monks, to keep it away from those that want to harm him."

"Thanks, Megan. It's nice to know that someone notices my efforts."

"Well, you never know. My 'mate theory' could be right."

"Yeah," agrees Jack. His voice suddenly a bit heavy. "Look, I have to go, Megan. I'll call you again soon."

"Okay, but make sure it isn't another month."

"Promise. Bye Megan."

"Bye Jack."

Hanging up his phone, Jack turns back to his work. But unable to keep a certain part of the conversation with his cousin out of his mind, he heads towards the immense library. The young genius intent on finding a very thorough book on draconic behavior.

Lying in the soft grasses of an immense garden, Jack looks up from his reading. The flora around him is blooming in every color of the rainbow and perfume the air with their varied scents, though they manage to complement rather than compete with one another. Surveying the current situation, the afternoon sun warming his pale skin, the young genius can't help but come to one conclusion.

"This is so weird."

"What exactly is it you are referring to?" inquires the teen's companion, his golden eyes closed in relaxation.

"This situation."

"And how is this situation 'weird'?"

"Like you don't know, Chase."

"Pretend that I don't, Jack."

"Well, first of all, I'm outside in the middle of the day," comments Jack as he gestures to the sun-soaked garden the two villains are lounging in. "I usually avoid that, having such sensitive skin and all."

"A problem easily solved by magic-infused glass that filters out harmful UV rays."

"Easily," agrees the teenager, his voice barely hiding his amusement at the man's blasé statement. "Secondly, I'm out here with a deadly dragon monster that's currently using my lap as its own personal pillow."

"You are surprisingly comfortable," answers Chase, his tail twitching contently behind him.

"Thirdly, and this is the weirdest part, I've been absentmindedly petting you for the last twenty minutes and you haven't broken my fingers off."

At that, the dragon chuckles. Which comes out as a low grumble in his throat.

"Yet, you mean."

". . ."

"I wasn't serious, Jack," Chase states, the humor evident in his voice.

" . . . Oh, I totally knew that," claims Jack, with a relieved smile. "But, while we're on the subject, do you mind?"

"No, if my memory serves correctly, you're the first and only one to ever do so."

"Well, you do give off that 'no touchy' vibe."

"Which you have always ignored."

"But you've never stopped me, either," points out the teen, pausing in his touches to the reptilian skin.


Realizing what the statement means, Jack's hands start to freely rub along the back of the dragon's neck and inbetween his shoulder blades. White palms gently knead the tense muscles they find along their explorations as slender fingers trace the patterns on the dragon's skin. A pleased sound rumbles in the creature's throat, sending a vibration against Jack's thigh.

"It's odd, your physiology in this form is basically the same as any other reptile,"observes Jack, referencing the book of dracology beside him. "For a 'monster', you'd think it would be dramatically different. Like maybe you'd have some hidden poison gas sacs or something."

"Sorry to disappoint," comments the warlord, his sharp eyes drifting closed from Jack's attentions.

"Please, Chase. You couldn't be a disappointment even if you tried. The difference is in the DNA, and yours is millions of years ahead of any reptile-including normal dragons."

"So, you only like me for my DNA? How superficial of you."

Jack laughs at the sardonic statement, thoroughly amused by the dry humor that accompanies it.

"You are pretty funny when you want to be."

"When the mood strikes. Although, my recent company has affected my sense of humor."

"Like that time you got shit-faced drunk with Guan when you were both still monks?"

An exasperated sigh leaves the dragon's mouth, though the relaxed creature shows no sign of true frustration.

"I knew that I should have never told you that story. No matter how much you begged to hear it."

"But, I'm happy that you did. It makes you a bit more human. I feel like I know more about you."

"Enough for your curiosity about me to be sated?"

"Not even close."

Chase is genuinely surprised by the statement. He even raises his head off Jack's lap for a moment to look him in the eye.

"Even after a month of questions?"

"You say that as if it's strange, Chase."

"Well, I suppose from an scientific standpoint my DNA is fascinating."

"It's not just that."

At the barely audible words, Chase's eyes widen ever so slightly. It has never occurred to the dragon that Jack had more than a scientific or obsessive idolization for him. Any attraction that the teen had towards him, the dragon had always assumed was just an effect of his physical attractiveness. It is in that moment that Chase makes a startling realization, Jack had a deeper attachment to him. Silently, the dragon returns his head to the warm lap of his companion as his mind starts to process this possibility.

"Jack, how long have you been interested in biological science? You've always had an inclination towards robotics."

"Um," the genius stutters, a bit thrown off by the sudden question. "Well, biology is a pretty recent interest of mine. It's more Ashley's territory that mine, but I do like to be well rounded."

"How recent?"

"Oh, um about three years maybe."

"So, this interest began after you met me?"

". . . Yeah, I guess."

At that piece of information, Chase smiles inwardly.

"Hey Chase?"


"I just want you to know that I appreciate you indulging my interest about you. It had to be annoying having me grill you like that."

"Your questions are thorough, but never to the point of irritation. In all honesty, it is the first time I've been interviewed."

"Wait, no one has ever asked you, about you?"

"Not with the honest curiosity that you have, Jack. Unfortunately, I've spent entirely too much of my time in the company of those with ulterior motives."

"How do you know I don't have ulterior motives?"

The dragon shifts his eyes to look up at him and what could pass as a smile appears on the reptile's face.

"Tell me Jack, exactly how do you intend to use the knowledge of my preferred tea flavor against me?"

"I dunno, I could make a robot that use some sort of Oolong tea scented weapon."

"I'd like to see that."

"Challenge accepted."

The two villains share a laugh at the absurd thought. Once the laughter dies down, both Chase and Jack find themselves in a comfortable silence.



"In the last few weeks, It's been fun hanging out with you."

"I have enjoyed it as well."

"Still, it's kinda odd that you've told me all that you have."

"Well, I'm learning more about you as well, Jack. Call it equivalent exchange for services rendered."

"Services rendered?"

Gently rolling them over, Chase looms over the teen who is nestled in the soft grass. The dragon then morphs back into his human form. Emerald-tinted, ebony hair falls over one shoulder as amber eyes shine with an emotion that Jack is unfamiliar with from his idol-admiration. Absent of his usual armor, Chase's exquisitely-tailored black clothing shows off every aspect of the warlord's well-sculpted body, a fact that doesn't go unnoticed.

"You showed me loyalty, when you had no reason to. I appreciate that Jack and I have always been one that shows his gratitude."

At the statement, Jack has no idea what to say, or if he should say anything at all. So, like in most situations, he falls back to his sense of humor.

"Well, you know, I happen to extremely dislike Wuya. So, anything that annoys her and makes her life harder, just consider it top priority on my 'To Do' list."

"Jack, tell me why you kept your discovery to yourself."

"What do you mean?" asks the teen, increasingly aware of how the man's body has him trapped.

"You didn't tell anyone, not even the monks who were protecting you or your cousin the entirety of your findings."

"Well, I uh . . ."

"Tell me," implores Chase, his voice now a deep whisper in Jack's ear.

Faced with the completely-focused stare locked onto his eyes, Jack finds himself at a complete loss for words.

Should I just tell him? I mean, everything's been going so well lately, I don't want to mess it up. But, if I don't tell him, I'll regret it. Fuck! I'm so not good at this confession stu-

"If it helps your response along, Jack. I am already aware of the feelings you have for me."

"Wait? You know?"

"I know."

"For how long?"

"I've had suspicions. However today has solidified them."

"That's impossible! How can you know what I just figured out and accepted in the last six weeks!"

At the outburst, the dragon above him only smirks.

"Your incredulousness is both amusing and adorable. However, you have yet to answer my question."

"But you already know the answer to it," points out Jack with a small pout. "Now you're just being pure evil."

"What can I say, it's just one of the many Heylin traits that I can't quite seem to break."

"Like you want to."

At the smug grin that his reply, Jack rolls his eyes. Then, he takes a deep breath.



"I'm obsessed with you-"

"I know," replies Chase cooly.

"Like to the point of insanity. I think about you all the time and you're on my mind constantly-"


"All I want is to be with you. Even if it means just being your lackey or whatever, I'd happily take it. Which doesn't say much about me, I guess, but it's true-"

"Is that all you want?"


Chase smirks as Jack finally realizes that the warlord has actually been responding to his rambling.

"I asked you if being my lackey is all you want. I was under the impression that you wanted to be by my side in a more hands-on capacity."

Overexcited by what the phrase might possibly mean, the teen surprises them both by reaching up and kissing Chase. His hands cup the elder's face as his lips steadily grow more confident. The man allows the teen his explorations. They are a bit naïve, but the enthusiasm behind them is flattering. So when pliant lips obediently begin yield to his, the warlord thoroughly explores the depths of the warm mouth. Chase is not even a bit surprised to find how much he has craved the intriguing taste that is Jack Spicer. After a few minutes, the dragon forces himself to move back a few millimeters, just enough so that their lips are no longer touching. The Heylin master gives the teen time to collect his breath, all the while enjoying the rosy hue of his cheeks.

"Not bad, Spicer."

"Not bad yourself, Young."

Chuckling, the man leans back down to continue the kiss that Jack started. His hand runs down the expanse of the teen's body, his fingers sliding underneath black fabric in search of pale warm skin.

"Ch-chase?" mumbles out Jack, once his lips are free. "What are we doing here?"

"I thought it was obvious."

"Well, yeah," agrees the teen with a goofy smile as he feels the dragon start to kiss down his throat. "But I don't want to do this if I'm just a way to pass the time."

Moving back so that he can look into crimson eyes, a sincere expression comes over Chase's darkly-handsome features.

"I don't make it a habit to share my home with those that I have fleeting interest with. You, Jack Spicer, are a long-term investment."

"But what about Wuya?"

"You of all people should be well acquainted with the phrase, 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' She was here so that I could keep an eye on her, that is it."

"Okay, but Wuya has always been all over you. Hasn't there ever been a night when you were really in the mood an-"


At the use of the curse word, Jack's eyes widen considerably. He laughs at the look of pure disgust on the man's features.

"Okay. But why me, why now?"

"I like you. As for the timing, I admit that it is a bit sooner than I had originally projected."

Jack's eyes shoot open as he processes everything in that statement.

"Wait, you like me? And you were planning to pursue a relationship with me, all this time?"

"Yes." confirms Chase, managing to draw his eyes away from kiss bruised lips. "Over the years I have walked this earth, I've spent much of that time simply tolerating others and their evanescent usefulness. You, I genuinely find myself liking. Then again, anyone that has met you would agree with the fact that there is this rather strange likeablity about you."

At the look of honest surprise on the round face below him, the ancient warrior actually smiles.

"It came as quite a shock to me as well. In retrospect, I suppose that I didn't handle that developent very well. Something I hope to remedy in the very near future."

"Don't be too hard on yourself, Chase," Jack assures, his eyes sparkling with mischief. "I'm sure that in some remote countries, slamming a door in a person's face repeatedly could be considered romantic."

"You are ridiculous."

"Maybe, but you're the one that is currently lying on top of said ridiculous person in quite the incriminating fashion."

"That I am. But, can you blame me?"

"No, I am having quite a good hair day today. I didn't even need styling gel this morning."

Looking down at the self-satisfied smirk and matching glint in crimson eyes, the dragon smirks back. He then takes a hand and thoroughly ruffles the crimson locks into a mess. Not expecting the playful attitude that Chase is displaying, Jack is thrown off by the intimacy that seems to settle so naturally between them-but, he knows that he likes it.

"Tch, I still look good today," counters Jack, his smirk widening. "And you know it."

"Hmm. Smug, suits you so very well, Spicer. It's actually quite attractive."

"Then get back down here."

Jack tugs on the man's shirt, bringing the dragon lord to rest between his slender thighs. Chase makes quick work of the teen's trademark jacket, the dragon far too impatient to feel the younger villain's skin. Warm hands explore the expanse of a pale chest, the warlord's fingers stopping to play with the dusty pink nubs before traveling slowly down the flat stomach. Each caress has the teen arching into the purposefully-tortuous touches. Unsatisfied being the only one shirtless, Jack quickly unfastens the clasps that decorate the man's shirt and slides the material off broad shoulders. Staring appreciatively at the immortal's chest, the teen's hand runs appreciatively across the firm muscle.


"I take it that my body pleases you."

"Immensely. This is even better than my dreams, and we haven't even got to the really fun parts yet."

"Well, the subconscious does distort certain things. However, I'm glad that I managed to convey some pleasure to you, despite the distance."

"Wait, what?"

At the question, the Heylin master grins as the genius puts two and two together.

"I should be insulted that you seem to think that dream manipulation is outside the realm of my talents."

"You sent those dreams to me? On purpose?"

"Yes, I did. However, that was my first attempt projecting enjoyable dreams. So, how did I do?"

"To be honest, the content was a bit more . . . interactive than I would expect," admits Jack, his cheeks reddening even further.

"Well, after not seeing you for longer than I expected, certain, well-quelled urges made themselves known. I suppose that I decided to take a more creative approach to remedy the situation. After all if it had backfired, you would have simply wrote the experience off as an odd series of dreams."

At the man's explanation, as well as the constant touching, Jack is speechless. His wide cerise eyes gain a gleam of hope as he voices the one question present in his head.

"You missed me?"

"That is what you chose to focus on?"

"Give me a break, I never thought you'd ever miss me. Let alone actually admit it."

"Well, I do try to be unpredictable," comments Chase, slowly wrapping Jack's legs around his waist. "Did you miss me?"

"Yes, I did. It sucked not being able to see you everyday. I was starting to forget what you smelled like."

If the warlord was even slightly disturbed at all by that admission, he does a great job hiding it.

"Well, our new living arrangements should remedy that."

"Speaking of which, would you mind if I had a different room?"

"Any particular reason, Jack?"

"The one you gave me has windows."

"Do you have an aversion to windows?"

"I just don't trust them."

"You distrust windows?" questions the man, his eyes holding confusion.

"Don't give me that look. They are the weak points of any house, no matter how well they're built or how much magic protects them. Why do you think I spend most of my time in a basement?"

At those words, the man grins darkly. He lowers his head and whispers into the shell of Jack's ear.

"Jack Spicer, I am going to thoroughly enjoy discovering every thing about you."

"Everything? I'm a pretty weird guy, Chase. I mean I've been known to put peanut butter on scrambled eg-"

Silencing the eccentric teen with a breath-stealing kiss, Chase taking his time to once again sample the warm mouth. He smirks when Jack returns the gesture with a low whimper. Pulling back for a moment, the warlord's lips curl into a knowing smirk.

"Everything, my soon-to-be mate."

And with that, Chase once again lowers himself back to the body beneath him. Surprised when Jack's hands make inhumanly-quick work of his pants. The genius offering no more explanation to the Heylin than a mischievous smile.

"I read in that book that dragons like confidence in their mates."

Glancing over at the long-discarded text beside them, Chase smiles.

"That we do, Jack."

Unable to resist any longer, the dragon brings his mouth back to soft-pink lips while his hands travel over the body of milky-white skin laid out before him.


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