Chapter1:The trailer

Hello my name is Jake and right now I am in a trailer bound on going to a place what the humans call the slaughter house. I don't know why I am on this trailer being taken there with 15 other horses and ponies. I do know that me and my three friends were forcefully taken from our homes or stolen ( as some humans would say) by some damn dirty horse theives!

My three friends are also my mares and I was going to bred to them next spring as part of a experimental breeding project. One of them got sold off to a old male human and his family at the livestock action place. They looked like a nice and caring family with two very small human males with very short flaxen manes and blue eyes.

The other human was a skinny tall young female with a long flaxen mane and blue was muck older then the two small males and was probably their dame.

The old man was probably their was a big burly strong looking old had a long gray mane,blue eyes and gray fur on his also had on his face something that humans needed to see clearly called glasses.

They looked like a nice and happy family and I know that they were very happy when they bought her.

I am not sure why they only bought her and not the rest of us but they must of had their they only wanted to buy one horse or they did not have enough money to buy all four of us.

Whatever their reason was I only hope they will take care of her because Zane is a wonderful mare and she deserves to be this nice new family. I know in my heart they will take good care of Zane.

Writer's note: To all the readers out there I now this is sad story but I promise that this story will lighten up a bit once I get more into the middle part of the story and that it will a happy ending to it.