Yes it's short. No it's not just another High School fic. You know the ones where the big bad teacher preys on the innocent student? Yeah this is not like 's supposed to just set up the scene for the rest of the story. For JoMoFan-Spot.

EDIT: My apologies. Turns out that the second half of the chapter didn't go through for some reason. Its fixed now, and I've marked the new section with a ~ for those of you who don't want to read the old part again. Again, I'm very sorry.

"Literature man," John Cena sniggered as he and his best friend walked out of the cafeteria.

"What about it dude?" Randy Orton was genuinely confused. Being the star quarterback of their high school football team meant that he hadn't been in the last lesson.

"Cody didn't tell you? Flair finally retired!" Cena shouted nudging Randy in the arm. His fellow senior snorted. Their past Literature teacher had been loud and obnoxious in addition to being ancient.

"Hopefully we get a pretty young thing," Cena continued. "Tall, legs that go on forever, blonde, great ass, all the essentials."

"You just want a blonde version of Ms Dumas," Randy laughed. Their History teacher was all legs and she liked to show them off. The red-headed woman almost always wore skirts that showed off her assets to their best advantage and was proud of it.

"Damn right I do," John agreed. "Ms Dumas is hot. The only thing that could improve her image is if she was blonde." He thrust his pelvis in an unnecessary display.

"Dude!" Randy exclaimed. "You do remember that she's taken right? You know by someone other than you?"

"If she got a look at me then she'd get rid of her boyfriend in a hurry," John complained. "I bet that he's got nothing on me." Randy looked at him incredulously.

"You're not serious," he said finally. "Seriously John?"

"Duh," John insisted. "I bet that she's never been satisfied by a real man." Randy just barely resisted the urge to slam his face into the lockers that they were passing and only because he knew that he was too handsome to destroy his best feature like that.

"John," he stated seriously. "She's dating Ms Stratus. She has been since before we started here." John blinked at him.

"I knew that," he muttered. "Anyway man Literature. Let's go see this hot new teacher we've got."

"I will laugh in your face if Hogan's subbing again," Randy warned. John waved the comment off.

"Hogan retired last year," he said. "No way is he back."

"I had him for maths last week," Randy pointed out. "He's still hanging around."

"Hanging on by a thread," John corrected. "And after that scandal last month he's gone before the semesters out." Randy sighed as he pushed the door to their Literature class open. John was one of the best friends he had. Sadly it didn't stop Randy from getting exasperated with him on a daily basis.

It was 20 minutes after the bell went that their principal came in.

"As you are all aware Mr Flair has officially retired as of the end of last week," he started. "This means that we have acquired a new teacher for the rest of this year. He is a recent graduate but you will respect him just the same way you would have Mr Flair." This comment was met with muted sniggers from across the classroom. Mr McMahon had just sealed this guy's fate. The entire senior class knew full well that the main reason that Flair had retired was because of their class's behaviour.

~"Mr Copeland will be reporting to me at the end of this week on your behaviour and your work. Do I make myself clear?" Muttered agreement came from across the classroom as John leant over to Randy.

"Guess we won't be getting that blonde version of Ms Dumas I was hoping for," he whispered in disappointment. Randy just managed to stop his burst of laughter. He was about to reply just as a blonde guy walked through the doors and rendered him speechless.

"Class this is Mr Copeland," their principal explained. "They're all yours." With that he strode out into the halls.

"Good morning everyone," Randy's vision announced. "I apologize if it takes me a while to learn your names, I will do my best." As he said this he smiled.

"Wow," Randy whispered.

"Looks like you found your fantasy material for the year," John snickered from next to him.

"Shut it," Randy growled. The sad thing was that his friend was right. This 'Mr Copeland' was definitely young and pretty. He looked to be about mid-20s at best guess dressed in a tight fitting, perfectly ironed tan suit with a black button up shirt and pale blue tie. Blonde hair that looked like it would be the perfect length for sinking his hands in when he was on his knees when it was loose was pulled back in a low ponytail. Randy couldn't see any jewellery except for a glint of gold on his left hand.

"Looks like he's married dude," John pointed out.

"I saw," Randy snapped. Damn it to all hell. One of the few guys that he actually was attracted to and he turned out to not only be his Lit teacher but he was also married. Well that wasn't going to stop him getting what he wanted. It was just going to make him have to work harder to get it.