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A few months later, Adam closed the last exam booklet with a satisfied smile. The past few months had been difficult, but he was glad to have them finally finished. He and Jay had ended up divorced, and after a long and frank talk the two blonde Canadian's had decided to try and remain friends-something that was made easier by their long standing friendship before they had ever entertained the possibility of something more.

Additionally, Adam had found that since he had revealed evidence of Jay's affair to him, Randy had become more friendly and less creepy. In turn, most of the football team had changed their attitude towards him. And although he liked to think that it was because he was a decent teacher, he knew that it had more to do with Randy and John Cena.

However, for whatever reason his entire senior class had managed to pass Lit. And for a class where at least half of the students had been failing, that was quite an impressive achievement in the past semester. He was a bit melancholy over the end of the school year, especially since he wasn't sure if he was returning. But he'd written notes and advice, which were tucked in his desk drawer for whoever might take over, and if it was him then he reasoned that at least he'd have the reminders.

But for now, he had to go pass on the news that the seniors were able to graduate. And he had one person's news that had to be delivered in person.

"Mr. Copeland?" Adam glanced up and motioned for Randy to take a seat next to him on the park bench.

"You graduate tomorrow Randy, I think you can call me Adam now," he said with a gentle smile.

"Graduate? I managed to pass that god awful exam?" the brunette asked.

"Hey, that took me hours to write!" Adam protested with a soft laugh. "Although, I will admit that at least half of that was deciphering my predecessors handwriting. My goodness." He shook his head.

"You didn't believe us when we told you how terrible he was," Randy announced. "And now, it's good to know that we've been vindicated." Adam laughed.

"I wanted to tell you that you passed," he started. "But I also wanted to thank you. You've become a pretty decent person, and a big part of my life these last months." He nudged the brunette lightly with his shoulder. "Especially after the start that we got off to. But, I wanted to give you something." He passed over a small box, to which Randy raised and eyebrow before he opened it.

"My cell number," Adam explained when Randy pulled the folded piece of paper out of the box. "I want you to call if you need anything." Randy grinned gratefully at him before reaching for the final thing in the box.

"What's this?" he asked, glancing at Adam as the blonde rose from his seat.

"A token of appreciation," the teacher announced. "I'll see you at the grad ceremony Randy." He walked away, a smirk playing over his lips as Randy pulled the photo out of the box and whistled lowly.

Tight jeans, no shirt and Adam staring over his shoulder with a smirk on his face. Along the bottom was written 'I wouldn't want you to forget my amazing ass now that you can't stare at it 4 times a week.' Randy laughed and tucked the photo back into the box. Maybe now he could have a chance at the blonde.

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