Splendour Mine



In this story the character names belong to Stephenie Meyer but the chapter titles come from William Shakespeare's epic tale, Romeo & Juliet. The slash is all my idea.

Due to a lot of interest in these boys in the original fic, Beautiful Tyrant, and the fact that that story will soon be consumed by Bella and Edward's tale, I decided to write Garrett and Jasper's story in more detail in this companion fic.

Warning: Slash themes and it will get rather lemony, I can feel it. If this is not your thing then the main story will not be diminished in any way by not reading this tale.

For the first 13 chapters I have gone back a bit to beef out the boy's story a little. This chapter corresponds with Chapter 11 in Beautiful Tyrant where Garrett walks into the bar to put a stop to the altercation between the Cullens and the Swans. Chapter 14 of this story will then link into chapter 70 of Beautiful Tyrant and run in tandem from there. Phew, hope that all made sense.

I'm hopeful that if you are simply reading this drabble it will make sense on its own. Oh and as per the other fic, this story will be strictly 100 word drabble chapters too.


Chapter 1. Put up your swords; you know not what you do.


It certainly paid to have informants in your pocket in all kinds of situations, although I was sure Jasper wouldn't thank me in this instance. I knew he was more than able to look after himself in any kind of dangerous situation, but the growing feelings I had for him made it difficult for me to compartmentalize where he was concerned. We all had a job to do, at times dangerous, and Jasper was more prepared than most to do that job, thanks to me.

As I strode into the bar downtown I was expecting trouble, and I found it.


End Note:

A huge thank you and smooches to cocoalvin for beta'ing this fic too before she goes on holidays. You're a legend, bb.

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