Morgan stood still, sullen and on the verge of tears. "I never wanted this," he whispered as he stared at the ground. He hung his head and closed his eyes, so weary of facing the reality in front of him. His lungs pushed out a breath as he shook his head, trying to break loose of the memories that were already haunting him. Reid was standing next to him at the front of the fresh grave. He knew Morgan wouldn't hear him, but he spoke anyway. "I would take that bullet for you all over again, Morgan."

Morgan glanced around even though he knew he was alone. There was no one else there to be a witness to his grieving or how long he'd been standing there, unable to leave. An autumn breeze swept by him, gently whipping the nearby leaves into a colorful frenzy. He took in a deep breath hoping it would hold the tears back. The wind circled the area around him and a familiar scent lingered in the cool air. He swore he could smell Reid. It was like Reid was standing right next to him. "I still feel ya, kid." A smile brush against his lips, but it faded quickly. He took a couple labored breaths bracing himself for what he wanted to say. "I hope you know how much... how much I love you."

Tears spilled from Morgan's eyes. He couldn't hold them in anymore. The lump in his throat was so painful that it hurt to swallow. He looked to the sky as if asking for just one more chance to undo all of this, but he knew better than to ask God for any help. A wave of emotion finally rushed him, stabbing him deep inside of his chest and he fell to the ground. The earth was cold and wet against his knees and it only added to the emptiness he felt inside now.

Reid kneeled next to Morgan… He felt everything Morgan felt. His eyes were crying, his chest wanted to explode from his aching heart, and all he wished he could do was hold Morgan one more time. He leaned into Morgan's space and said softly into his ear, "Morgan, your love set me free in so many ways." Morgan forced himself to stop crying and he raised his head. The look on his face had Reid convinced Morgan could sense he was there.