Life Changing Moments: Broken Glass

Sharpener was inside his small family home, there was paint peeling off of the walls, broken windows, the carpets where stained, holes in the plaster. Sharpener was sitting the bathroom with his little sister cleaning up her foot; she winced as he pulled out the glass from her foot. Sharpener sighed, his sister Stapler had stood on a broken beer bottle from one of their father's drunken rants. Sharpener looked in the mirror at the bruise on his face, he normally used his training at the dojo as an excuse for the cuts and bruises but since he hadn't been there this weekend he knew that Videl would be suspicious of the wounds. Sharpener looked at Stapler's wounds, he couldn't see if he had removed all of the glass since her foot wouldn't stop bleeding. Sharpener bandaged the little girl's foot, he picked her up and as quietly as possible made his way towards the back door; his sister needed the hospital. Sharpener made his way around to the front of the house and looked back; this was a place that he would never invite any of his friends. He had made it partway down the street when he ran into the one person that he didn't want to see.

"Boy what are you doing out here with the girl" the man asked in a demanding tone.

'Just great he's sober, he's even worse when he's plastered' Sharpener thought to himself. "I'm taking Stapler to the hospital, Clip, she stood on some glass".

The man name Clip circled Sharpener and watched as Sharpener held Stapler closer to him. When Clip was behind Sharpener he kicked him in the back of the knee's and hard. Sharpener fell to the ground crouching over his sister to protect her from the kicks that he knew were coming. Everyone on the street either stood and watched or ran inside not wanting to get involved, they had all see Clip do this before.

Clip had kicked Sharpener over and over again until he passed out. When Stapler felt her brother go limp she managed to get out from under him and tried to run away. Due to her injured foot she was only able to limp a few meters before he was caught by Clip.

"I thought that I told you to stay inside today" he said to the shaking little girl. He pushed he into the trash cans where she fell and twisted her arm until it a loud snap was heard.

She held her arm close and squeezed her eyes shut and screamed "I'm sorry daddy."


The prince of all saiyans was on one of his rare occasions of being outside of Capsule Corporation that didn't involve training or fighting. He was standing on the other side of the road where he witnessed Clip attack the blond boy until he was unconscious. He frowned as he watched this; it reminded him of all the abuse that he had received when he was under a part of the Cold Empire. He wasn't surprised when the good for nothing scum started to attack the little girl, what did surprise him was the fact the he was the child's father. He was angered at how someone could attack their own child while defenceless. Vegeta fought his children but they were all saiyans and it was the saiyan way to fight to get stronger. Being on Earth for a number of years he knew that humans didn't always heal properly after intense injuries and sometime where never able to fight again.

Making a decision Vegeta walked to the other side of the road and stood in front of the child before Clip's next strike. Clip was surprised by the sudden appearance of this short man.

"Look shortie this doesn't involve you so leave before you get what's coming to you" Clip yelled and picked up a steel pipe from the trash can.

Vegeta smirked; he grabbed the pipe from Clips hands and used it to tie him to a sign post. Walking back to the little girl, Vegeta bent down and inspected her wounds, her arm was as a weird angle, she had blood completely staining her bandages on her foot and a gash across her face, Vegeta concluded that the gash must have been from the nail sticking out of the fence post which had a bit of blood dripping off the end next to where the garbage bins where.

Vegeta smiled which strangely looked natural on his face at the little girl and walked over to her brother and put him across his shoulder. With his free arm he picked up the little girl and started walking down the street. She snuggled into his shirt like Fruiche used to do as a child and fell into a deep sleep.

When Vegeta was finally out of sight of the kid's father he took off into the air towards Capsule Corp. It didn't take Vegeta long to arrive at Capsule Corp, he walked in though the front door, long term employee's trying avoiding him as much as possible. Some of the newer employee's who didn't know who Vegeta was looked around in confusion as everyone else evacuated the room. "You where is Bulma?" Vegeta said to a young man who had only been at Capsule Corporation for two days.

"I am ... sssorry sir but ... um ... we are not allowed to ... give out that information" he said, the young man noticed Bulma's son walk through the door whom he had been working with earlier that day "Um Mr Brief this man is ..."

"Gohan where is your mother" Vegeta shouted. Surprising the young man that this crazy guy with the unconscious people knew the name of Bulma's son who had not been seen by the public for a number of years.

"Dad what are you doing here? And why do you have Sharpener and a little girl with you?" said Mrs Briefs son.

"He's your father" the young man said before passing out.

"VEGETA WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM" Bulma yelled who had been behind Gohan as they walked in.

Bulma had a closer look at the younger girl in Vegeta's arms while Gohan went and helped with assisting Sharpener to the floor who was still slung over Vegeta's shoulder. Stapler woke with a start when Bulma brushed against her arm. Stapler was confused as to where she was and cried out in pain as she tried to move which then lead to screams. Stapler's screams woke up Sharpener who sat up trying to help his sister despite the pain he was in himself that almost made him pass out again.

"Stop moving, Sharpener your safe now, I have no idea what happened but we will make sure that nothing else happens to you" Gohan said trying to calm down his friend from school.

"It hurts Mr Man that saved us" Stapler screams.

"Nerd Boy is my sister going to be ok" Sharpener asked.

"She will be fine" Gohan said assuring his friend.

"We need to get them to the hospital wing straight away" Bulma said. "Vegeta you take the girl there now, I am going to page the family doctor and Gohan you help your friend.

"Ok Mum" Gohan said "Sharpener do you think that you can stand?" Gohan asked still trying to hide as much about himself as possible even though Sharpener just found out who his mum is.

"I think so" Sharpener said standing up with Gohan's assistance. "I think I broke a couple of ribs."

"Anything else that you think could be broken" Gohan asked.

"Just my pride, you seeing me like this and all" Sharpener said. "Was that Bulma Briefs?"

"Yeah and I will explain when yours and your sisters wounds have been taken care of." Gohan replied.

Author's notes: For those of you not familiar with Life Changing Moments, Chi-Chi and Goku died when he was younger and Bulma bought Gohan up as her son. Fruichie is Vegeta's daughter. With being its own story I felt that it worked better with Piccolo and Dende saving Sharpener over Vegeta even though I did like Vegeta saving the pair.

I have reduced the rating down to T and also fixed a very silly mistake I made last chapter. Thankyou I.C.2014 for pointing it out and once again thankyou to everyone who read/reviewed/faved/alerts/etc.