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It was cold. Freezing. Nai shivered in his bunk bed he shared with Gareki. Even the sheets felt like ice. Yogi had said the boilers broke, but still. Nai didn't thought it could be so cold in his own bed. He turned around, searching around for Yukkin. His arms flapped around under the covers, trying to find the little snowman.

"Yukkin?" He mumbled. He rubbed his eyes and opened them. "Yukkin, it's cold… where are you?"

The small boy moved around some more, stepping out of bed into the cold night. He shivered.

"Yukkin…" He tried again. The sheets in the top bunk moved.

Nai covered his mouth with his hands. Gareki was sleeping! He shouldn't be so loud. Nai turned around and noticed that the door was slightly open. Yukkin had probably left the room, Nai thought.

He was about to dash into his own bed again when he got an idea. Gareki was probably very warm. The taller boy was still sleeping, after all. Nai carefully climbed the wooded stairs, peeking into the top bed.

Yes, Gareki was still sleeping, looking quite comfortable too.

"…" Nai gathered all of his courage and got into Gareki's bed, under the covers, close to the black haired boy. Nai let out a blissful sigh and closed his eyes.

"What is the meaning of this?" Gareki growled, his voice low and sleepy.

"It is very cold, Gareki." Nai whispered, shifting around a little.

"Yes, I know. But why are you in my bed?"

"It's warm in here. Can I stay?"

"Heck no, get out. Take Yukkin to bed with you." Gareki said, as he turned his back to the white haired boy. "That will keep you warm."

"Yukkin went out. I think he went back to Yogi." Nai said, his small fingers gripping Gareki's covers tightly. He didn't want to go back to his own bed. Gareki felt warm and safe. "Please, Gareki?"

He could hear Gareki mumble something under his breath before rolling back, facing Nai once more. "Fine. Only tonight. Because it's cold and I am tired."

"Thank you!" Nai beamed and wrapped his arms around the dark haired male. "Thank you, Gareki!"

"Don't mention it. Be quiet, though. I want to sleep." He muttered as he, without thinking, wrapped his arms around the smaller boy. Nai relaxed in his arms, making a satisfied noise that sounded like purring. Gareki's eyes snapped open as the image of the niji came back.

Nai slept better than he had in days, not knowing he unintentionally kept Gareki up all night.