So this is shorter than I thought it would be, but I'm happy enough with it nonetheless. Jut watched Cranford yesterday, and while I do love Dr Harrison and Sophie as a couple William and Peggy are just too adorable!

I may continue with this and make it a series of one shots, but that remains to be seen.

For now - enjoy!


The voice is soft and tender, and he feels a small hand grasp his. Opening his eyes he almost cannot believe it and struggles for words; it is all he can do not to fling himself into her arms, sobbing with relief, with happiness. He settles for grasping her hand firmly between his two, not sure if the fluttering in his throat and stomach will allow speech, and as his breath catches he settles for a joke,

"Have you seen the gorse?"

She is instantly apologetic, rambling about there having been nothing else, that she would have sent something else, finishing with a saying from Miss Mattie and he knows that she has not noticed. She looks to the floor and he, glancing across the room props himself up and responds smilingly,

"This room is so warm... that they mistake the month for spring," he pauses as she glances around to see where he is referring to, "and one of them bears; a single, golden bud."

He laughs breathlessly - how is that possible he wonders - and the fluttering in his stomach has escalated to include a tightness in his chest. He's never in his life felt so nervous as now as he caresses her jawline, and slowly - oh, so slowly! - draws closer to press his lips to hers.

It is chaste at first, but it is like a dam has burst somewhere within him and even as he draws back he feels himself pulling forward again, melding their lips together. She parts her lips ever so slightly as she sighs, and he cannot resist slipping his tongue between them,


He is unsure if he has said it aloud, but she is pressing herself closer to him, her mouth open allowing his tongue access. He is not sure how or when he came to be sitting upright, her in his lap, his good arm wrapped around her waist. One of her hands is in his hair, her other arm tucked under his, the hand clutching the back of his shirt. He breaks away, gasping for breath, and leans his forehead against hers for a moment as he regains control over the emotions coursing through him. She briefly buries her head in the crook of his neck and he breathes in her scent before they separate; he lying back down on the pillow, and she perching herself on the edge of the seat.

There is so much to be said, so much to plan, but for now they are united in the contentment of gazing into each others eyes as only lovers are wont to do, and would later argue that much more was said in that silence before Erminia and the maid came in with tea things than could ever have been put into words.