Chapter 2: Meeting the Guard

I spent the night in my room and slept between black silk sheets on a king size mahogany bed that had a hand carved ornate headboard that occupied one wall. I awoke the next morning to the sun streaming through the windows and doors that made up the wall to the right of the bed that were dressed with burgundy drapes and led to a balcony that overlooked the most beautiful gardens I had ever seen.

After I showered and dressed in a royal blue dress that accentuated my curves, I was escorted to breakfast by Marcus. Thirty minutes later, I was taken to the throne room to meet with the brothers and to be introduced to the Guard. Their names and gifts are as follows:

Afton- a 5'10" handsome man stuck at 25 with golden brown hair and gentle red eyes. He has the gift of mental invisibility and his mate is Chelsea.

Chelsea- a blonde beautiful girl who is 5'3" and forever 22 with kind eyes is mated with Afton and has the gift of bond manipulation. She can strengthen the bonds of others or break them. She has also been known to be able to erase the memories of people depending on the strength of the bonds they share.

The Witch Twins (Jane & Alec)- made immortal at 17 by Aro after an unknown vampire killed their parents. Alec is 5'11" and a handsome young man with dark hair has the ability to render his opponent senseless with his ability of sensory deprivation. And his sister Jane a very pretty 5' golden blonde has the ability to implant the illusion of pain into her opponents. These two tend to think of Aro as a father figure and will do anything for him.

Renata- A 26 year old 5'4" raven haired beauty with Roman features possesses a gift of a protective shield. She accompanies Aro on any and all missions or "trips" he may go on, as she protects him and can divert any physical attack upon him.

Corin- stands 5'3" and is a pretty 21year old that is assigned to the wife of Aro to keep her happy and content with her gift of Addictive Contentment

Demetri- is a very handsome 6' man of Russian decent that is forever 24 and he has the ability of tracking anyone anywhere with his gift of sensory location.

Heidi- "the Volturi fisher" is gorgeous at 21 and stand 5'5". She is the bait able to lure unsuspecting tourists to their death with her gift of physical attraction.

Felix- is extremely tall at 6'7" of Greek decent. He is 23 and has no known gifts but is powerful none-the-less in a physical way. I call him a "Gentle Giant" as he tends to remind me of Emmett Cullen.

And Santiago- he is also 23 and a good looking 5'10" man of Spanish decent with dark hair and the kindest blood red eyes I ever saw. He is very muscular and has no known abilities but is powerful due to his physique.

As Aro was doing the introductions of the guard to me, I felt the heated crimson gaze of Caius, the "Snow King", himself boar a hole into my back. He was fascinated with how I showed no fear and politely smiled at the vampires in front of me.

When the introductions were over Aro made it very clear that I was not to be harmed and if I was in the culprit would be dealt with. The guard was dismissed and we discussed when I would be changed.

On that one point, he told me it would happen when I was ready for it and I had to choose who would have the honor. I was told to think long and hard about it, as the one who got to do it would have the strongest bond with me. Decisions, decisions, who did I want the bite to come from, Aro with his childish ways and desire for gifted beings, Marcus who seemed to be a shell of his former self due to the loss of his beloved wife, or Caius who seemed to be an arrogant, sneering vampire with Anger Management issues. Sure I had a few issues of my own, but who would I choose. Then much to my surprise Caius came up with the perfect solution for me to make my decision. I was to spend time with each one of them and then decide. Granted I had to spend good quality time with each one and see who I felt the most comfortable with and needed to find out who I felt was the best man for the job. In other words, I had to form bonds with each one and the four of us would discuss those bonds before anything would happen.

I went back to my room to begin thinking. Over the next few days, Jane and Alec brought me my meals, spent time with me talking or playing video games, and then I was left with my thoughts. I spent a majority of my days on the balcony, if it wasn't raining, day dreaming of who he would be, when we would do it, and how it would be done.