Voice 1: So you see, if I use this gun to shoot it to that apple, it will be sent to another dimension. Pretty cool, huh?

Voice 2: Whoa! You're awesome at inventing things!

Voice 3: Indeed but is that gun been properly tested?

Voice: pfft… Of course, this thing has been properly tested… years ago.

Voice 3: Years ago? Wouldn't some parts have it would have been short-circuited or rusted or so…

Voice 1: Don't worry. I keep this thing somewhere special so that nothing bad will happen to it.

Voice 3: Well that's good. We don't want anyone going to another dimension. Who knows where they will go or better yet what will happen to them.

Voice 1: Relax… Nothing bad yet has happened.

Voice 2: Um… Why is this gun turning into different colors really fast?

Voice 1: WHAT!

*Suddenly the gun turns color very fast*


Voice 1 and 3 took cover but Voice 2 did not took cover because he was the only one who was close to the gun and since the guns volume turned very high he did not hear what Voice 1 said then the gun suddenly zap where Voice 2 was standing and it open a portal leading to another dimension wherein Voice 2 was sucked into it until it closed up by itself and the gun remained silenced

Voice 1: No… It can't be…

Voice 3: N-no… NO!

Voice 1: … This is bad

Voice 3: LUDWIG!