Birthday surprise: OMAKE

Rin groaned as he rolled over, the thin white blanket sliding off his body. Feeling a source of heat nearby, he inched closer and put an arm and a leg around the object, only to feel his limbs being set aside and his body pushed away. He knitted his eyebrows and mumbled something incomprehensible before drifting back to sleep again.

Yukio threw his legs over the side of the bed, sitting up and staring into blank space as he tried to register the fact that it was morning and that he had to prepare for school (and work). Sighing, he got up and walked towards his wardrobe, pausing to frown slightly when he realised that he wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Right, Nii-san and I…" He muttered, casting an anxious glance to the other male who was sleeping peacefully under the sheets.

'Will he remember what we did? And… how'll he react…?' Yukio grimaced, imagining the worst possible situation and suddenly feeling very depressed. He picked up the clothes that were carelessly strewn across the floor last night and put them aside, then grabbed a fresh set of clothes and headed towards the showers.

While Yukio went about freshening up for the day, Rin took his own sweet time to wake up, accustom to the bright morning light and sat up slowly, still dazed and sleepy. He then got out of bed, his sleepy expression quickly changing to one of shock.

Rin yelled loudly, and his face flushed as he looked for something to cover up his privates with.

"Wha.. What? Why? How…" He blustered, panicking as he tried to recall what he did last night that caused him to get into this state. He wasn't able to remember anything, though, and he started to enter a state of frenzy.

"Maybe I could ask Yukio," he mumbled, just as the other teen walked into the room with only a towel on, a pile of clothes in his left hand. Usually Rin wouldn't have been embarrassed by the half-naked body of a man, but somehow seeing Yukio's bare torso made him blush and look away.

"And why aren't you wearing clothes, you idiot!" He turned away quickly, causing Yukio to raise an eyebrow.

"I can't put on my clothes if I'm not wearing any underwear, can I? I forgot to bring a clean pair of boxers to the toilet when I was getting my clothes." Yukio explained as he grabbed said underwear and exited the room again, while commenting that the other boy should put on some clothes himself. Rin relaxed slightly, still blushing furiously.

'What's wrong with me? It's not as if it's my first time seeing Yukio naked. And he had a towel on!' The half-demon kicked himself mentally, before deciding that he was still half asleep and needed a trip to the sinks to splash cold water on his face. He grabbed a face towel from the rack and a cup with his toothbrush and toothpaste in it, before walking towards the door. He was just a meter away when he stepped into a basin of water, which slid backwards as he fell forward with a loud yelp.

Pain shot up from his abdomen as water rained down on him, and Rin was sure that he was fully awake at this point of time. He growled, rubbing his abused tummy as he sat up and glared at the offending basin. His glaring was cut short when he heard running footsteps and the door slammed open.

"Nii-san, are you alright? I heard… screaming…" Yukio trailed off, his eyes wide as he took in the sight of a naked, wet Rin sitting on the floor with his hand dangerously low on his torso. "… What are you doing, Nii-san?"

The younger brother's face was expressionless, while Rin's face started to heat up at an astonishing rate.

"It's not what it looks like! I swear! I just wanted to go grab some clothes, then this basin appeared out of nowhere, and then I stepped in it and slipped and… Will you stop looking at me, goddammit? This is so embarrassing!" Rin flailed, emphasising his words with elaborate hand gestures while seemingly amused Yukio just watched.

What Rin didn't know was that Yukio was having a hard time holding himself back, and the younger twin just cleared his throat.

"Well, Nii-san, what you do with basins of water isn't any of my business but it's only seven in the morning and I just took a shower, so please try not to turn me on so much," Yukio commented half-jokingly as he packed his bags, smiled and turned to leave for school. Rin just stared at where Yukio used to be standing, as his brain worked to process the other male's words.

"Turn… on? … Ah!" Memories of the previous night flooded his mind in excruciating detail, and his heart started to beat faster, the blood going straight to his face and groin. His eyes wide with realisation and mortification, he backed away from the door and curled into a ball, burying his red face in his knees.

"I can't believe we actually… And I can't believe I actually asked him to…" Rin pouted, crestfallen. Kuro snickered from the windowsill he was lying on.

"Rin, you didn't ask him. You begged, like a demon dog in heat begging for sex." The Cat Sith grinned as he stretched lazily, before a basin made contact with his body. Kuro yelped as the impact forced him out of the window and into the bushes below.

27/12/11 Edit:

Phew, I made it. -breaks down and cries in joy-

Well, this fic's supposed to be a oneshot, but I came up with the idea and posted it waaaay before their actual birthday... So this little Omake's to celebrate the twins' 16th birthday(s?) (even though they're 18 in the story, but meh) Was planning something longer, but it's an omake, so I figured around 900 words should suffice. Anyway, happy birthday Rin and Yukio! 8D

And to everyone, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!