She crouches by the road-side, sleek, poised and alert, darker than the blackest panther and, like a panther, she keeps vigil over her cubs.

They were stretched out on her lap, long legs touching, their backs reclining on her ample bosom.

She watched lazily as they joked with one another. Good job her hood was forged of sturdy steel for her boys were no light-weights.


How quickly they had become adults.
She cast her memory back to how they had grown-up on and around her worn leather seats, how they had laughed and cried, eaten and slept, loved and bled on those very seats.

Their DNA was part of her now, ingrained into her leather, wood and metal; one more link in the chain that kept her tied body and soul to her offspring.

Well, not only the boys' DNA, for that matter.

There was a spattering of John's for sure, but she didn't want to dwell on him as he hadn't treated her boys as they deserved, never giving them a stable home, absent most of the time and leaving her two little cubs in tatty motel rooms to defend themselves, alone, from all kinds of evil.

There might also have been some DNA from the occasional unremembered girls that her oldest had often entertained in her back seat while he was growing-up!


Not just girls.
She recalled the angel, nice girl. Anna was her name.

They steamed up her windows so bad and covered the glass with so many finger marks that it had taken an hour for Dean to polish it all up.
Too bad how the angel had finished up!

Her younger hadn't been quite so lucky with the ladies.
When his brother went to Hell, his desperation was so great that he left himself wide open to all that evil that wanted him so bad.

That unsavoury demon, Ruby, convinced him that he was doing the right thing and brought both my boys to the pit of despair.

If I could have gotten my wheels on top of her I would have turned her into a flat pancake, but my two got rid of her in the end.

You don't mess with mine, witch!


My poor cubs, how they have suffered, but they have never neglected their old lady.

Both the times I was near death's door those boys patched me up real well, especially Dean. He didn't leave my side until I was up and about and he spoiled me no end, always polishing me up and whispering encouraging words until I was better than new.

Yup, I've been witness to so many moments, from joy to desperation, not to mention my own as Dean will insist on singing off-key along with the tapes.
It's a pity he didn't install ear plugs when he made me over.
Oh, well, at least I can count my blessings in that Sam doesn't burst into song quite so often, for he's a worse singer than his brother!

She settles back down as she watches the boys take their weight off her hood and put their feet down on the grassy road-side, their faces relaxed and serene.

She doesn't recall them being so carefree for such a long time, for years maybe, but now they are back together, older, wiser and more connected than ever.

She hears the doors opening. Her precious cargo is safely sprawled on her front seat and she is ready to take them to their destination, whenever and wherever that may be.


The End