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Summary: This year, Mori-sempai learns that a crush could go a long way. Will he ever be able to tell her? And as for Haruhi, she learns that silence is just one of his many qualities.

Note: This is all taking place after their vacation in Kyoya-senpai's resort dome. (Episode 7) and everyone knows that Haruhi is a girl already.

Chapter 1: Indirect Strawberry Kiss

"HARUHIIIII!" The self-proclaimed 'king' of the Host Club yelled as her ran towards the door of the 3rd Music Room. She glared at him from far, dodging one of his deadly flying hugs.

"Outou-san missed you so much!" He yelled in her ear as he got up. She crossed her arms at him and said,

"Senpai… for the last time, you aren't my outou-san." She gave him a stern look. Tamaki sulked in his little corner and started growing mushrooms. That was the cue that the twins needed to irk the king once again.

The twins happily walked over to Haruhi, and surprised her by playing their arms on her shoulders. "Ah..Kaoru mitte… Tono-sama is growing his mushrooms again." Said Hikaru. The other twin snickered at his brother's comment.

"You're right.. poor tono always getting shut down like this." The younger brother, Kaoru said as the twins held Haruhi closer and tighter to them. Tamaki stood up and pointed his finger at the twins, his eyes held disappointment.

"You two! Stop corrupting my innocent daughter with your lecherous ways! Let her go!" he declared trying to pull them off Haruhi. The twins only laughed as Hikaru hugged Haruhi's waist and rested his head on her right shoulder, and Kaoru hugged Haruhi's shoulders and rested his head on her left shoulder.

"We wont," both the twins answered

"WHY?" Tamaki yelled back

In an instand, Hikaru and Kaoru both placed 2 fingers under Haruhi's chin and both looked at her.



"ours." The twins answered in unison

Tamaki got up, ran over to them and soon got a hold of Haruhi's left arm and was now playing tug-o-war with the twins and Haruhi as the rope. Fed up, Haruhi yelled out,

"MORI-SENPAI! HELP!" and in a flash, too fast for the human eye to see, Mori stood behind Haruhi and picked her up, making Tamaki and the twins fall on the floor. Haruhi sighed, wishing things like this would stop.

Haruhi P.O.V.

'Good grief, can't they give it a rest for even one day?' I thought as I was being carried by Mori-senpai.

'Wait a minute…' Looking up, Haruhi had forgotten she was in the arms of the tall, dark, mysterious host.

'This is just like last time…'


'Senpai! It's too dangerous to go alone… I'm coming with you!' Haruhi chased after Mori who went looking for Honey-senpai on his own. But after a few mins, she was already afraid of the bugs and snakes.

Mori turned around and took note of the effort that Haruhi was giving to help him find Honey-senpai. "Haruhi.." He walked over to her and carried her with just one arm. 'That's the first time you've ever called my name..'


I looked down on the ground to try and avoid eye contact with him.

'Ugh.. how embaressing..' I thought as I was being carried away


Mori stared down at the brown-eyed brunette under him and wondered why she kept staring at the ground. Realizing their situation, and with the twins and Tamaki yelling to give Haruhi back, he walked over to where Honey was and placed Haruhi on the couch. Honey then turned to Haruhi and gave her a plate with strawberry cake on it.

"Haru-chan… eat cake with us, okay?" Honey-senpai gave her a smile, which she just couldn't resist. As she was about to take a bite of her cake, she noticed a fork with a strawberry stuck on it placed in front of her face. She looked up to see Mori-senpai holding out the fork to her face, signaling her to eat the strawberry.

"You like strawberries…. Right?" He asked her. His face was emotionless but his eyes said more than enough. Haruhi nodded, a little shy at the offer but nonetheless, she ate the strawberry off Mori-senpai's fork. Mori then took a piece of cake and ate it using the same fork. Honey merely looked at his cousin and smiled, knowing what his intentions were.

Tamaki and the twins could only stare in horror as they realized what had happened. "INDIRECT KISS!" Tamaki and the twins yelled while pointing accusing fingers at them. Haruhi glared at the three of them before stating, "It was harmless. Mori-senpai just offered me food." Tamaki rushed over to her side, once again in 'daddy mode' going,

"Haruhi, you must not let anyone taint your precious youth. Outou-san will not allow it!" Haruhi shoved him to the side. Sighing, she turned to him, "You're not my dad" and as usual, Tamaki went sulking into his corner murmuring something about how his daughter has become too rebellious for her own good, and how she didn't need her 'father' any more.

"I'm going home. I have to finish up the rest of my homework from today." And with that, Fujioka Haruhi grabbed her bag, walked out and closed the door to the Third Music Room.

"Well today seemed a little more eventful than usual…" exclaimed a young, dark-haired man with light reflecting off his glasses. "Okaa-san! How could you sit there calmly and watch our daughter's innocent be plucked away!" yelled Tamaki.

"First of all, I am not her mother. Secondly, Haruhi can do as she likes even if she has a debt to this club, she is still a free person." Kyoya calmly explained. "Now if you all excuse me, I need to go home and sleep." With that said, Kyoya walked out the door as well. No one said anything, or else they might end up dealing with the Low Blood Pressure Demon Lord.

As the twins kept pestering Tamaki about being rejected by Haruhi as her father, Honey-senpai sat beside Mori with a huge grin on his face. Mori looked down at the blonde boy with only question, "What is it Mitsukuni?" His cousin did nothing but grin, and then answered "Nothing Takashi… but, you might want to say something soon. Before someone else does." Honey-senpai then got off the couch and walked out the door. As Mori got up and got ready to leave, he couldn't help but think about what Honey had said. What exactly did he mean by that? Well, unfortunately for Mori, he'll find out tomorrow.

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