The date is the 12th of December. Andrew Davidson was at court today, sentenced guilty by the jury for treason. Due to the seriousness of his actions, he has been jailed for a definite 6 years, before being trialed again if any more evidence is found. Andrew, 36 was Gwen Cooper's unofficial liason, and one of her bestfriends. He helped the public enemy escape the law and make her way to Canary Wharf, she is reason to believe the cause of the Dalek attack back in October, which left the whole world devestated and some rural areas in ruins. We thank god everyday for the extra terrestrials leaving. It has been just over two months since the search for Cooper began. There has still been no sign of the rest of the team, but its still believed that Melody Pond had died in the explosions on the night of the attack as she was never sighted leaving the building. We remind all citizens of the world to look out for these people. Toshiko Sato, Doctor Owen Harper, Doctor Martha Jones, Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness as well as Cooper. We can still not release any information of the baby that was found inside the building.

I kept my head down and placed the paper back on the stand outside the shop. I had no fucking idea how I was still in London after all this time, staying out of the way. I was planning on going back to Cardiff, but I didnt have anyone there now did I? My PDA so every now and then I added more and more security layers on the hub, so the pricks called the government couldnt get in. I checked the papers everyday, there was always something about us in there, mostly front page news about some lead which wasnt even real, saying they had spotted me back in Cardiff when I wasnt. I checked it to see if they had found any of them, or any news about Rivaella. She could really be dead now. I tried not to think about it though. I really missed our old life, settled down in the hub, pizza and Ianto's coffee's. I could really use one of them. I hadnt seen or heard from any of them. All I had was Jack's wrist strap, and that was useless to me. I missed my husband, my best friends. And do you know what pissed me off the most? The Doctor, promised me he'd be there for us all, and what did he do? He swanned off and left us to die. Just a phone call maybe? I was on the edge of London, heading towards the smaller villages. I managed to hitch a lift to the nearest village. It was the one next to where I needed to go. I walked through, people giving me funny looks like they recognized me. I knew this was stupid. I managed to briskly walk through for about 20 minutes before finding the place I wanted to be. I asked around without being caught and made my way up the path to a big, blue house. It looked creaky and dusty, but homey at the same time. I knocked on the door and I heard chattering and laughing from inside. The door was opened by a blonde woman who had her head turned, talking to someone inside. She started to turn to face me.

"Yeah?" She stopped and caught my glare, and gulped. She tried to shut the door but I caught my foot in it, pushing my way into the house. I walked into their living room, standing in the doorway, looking at the three people inside.

"You lot have better got some bloody explaining to do." I snapped.

I stared at The Doctor, River, Amy and Rory, all sitting still.


The Doctor took out his green thing, that River used to break them free and scanned Jack's wrist strap. He punched a few numbers into it before looking into my eyes.

"This will take you back to Cardiff. Have a good life Gwen Harkness."

He pressed a final button and I was gone. I was by the bay, about 2 minutes away from the hub. That prick had sent me off again. Why couldnt I just stay with people hmm? And thats when I decided, it was time to fight back. Yeah Torchwood had fallen, and sorting this out would probably be our final mission, but we had to save the world, because Rose knew something, she wouldnt keep coming back just for Rivaella, she wasnt The Doctor's daughter. There was something more, why did the Dalek's leave so quickly? I wanted my silly big dysfunctional family back. And thats when it hit me, shit. The twins. The Doctor left with the twins, I didnt even have a chance to get them back. The Doctor may be a coward and a twat at times but he was safe. I had to get into the hub somehow. But not now. I needed contact with just one of them at least, but not Jack. They'd expect me to go to Jack first, I had to be unpredictable. And for the first time in 2 months, I took the phone out of my pocket, and tried to ring one of them. I didnt bother before, reckoned the phones would be bugged or they changed numbers to stop being tracked.

Calling... Ianto Jones

075896 22405

There was a dialing tone for about 20 seconds before someone answered.

"Congratulations! To win your prize please answer the following question..." Said a cheesy, English accent. "What was the purpose of the life knife?"

"It went together with the glove, to create a stronger bond because it was made with the same metal, made a stronger connection to bring back Suzie Costello." I replied quickly, looking round to see if anyone was watching.

"Gwen?" Ianto's voice had gone back to its Welsh, normal accent. "Oh my god its you." I could hear his throat choking up from tears. "Where are you?"

"I stayed in London all this time, managed to track The Doctor, Amy, Rory and River down this afternoon, and what does he do? He ignores all my questions and sends me back here, to Cardiff using Jack's wrist strap. What about you?"

"Cornwall. Been here about 3 weeks, spent a week in Devon before that then a month before that in Kent. There's so much stuff about all of us over the news!"

"Yeah I know Ianto, look we need to meet ok?" I mumbled as someone started staring. I started to walk towards the water tower, it was risky but I couldnt be watched. "Ianto, I've been keeping the security going through my PDA, I know everyone elses isnt working because I tried contacting you. Do you think the invisbile lift still works?"

"Yeah should do, nobody else apart from us knew about it. The government doesnt have a clue about it. They are probably just guarding the tourist centre entrance. Why?"

"I need to get into the hub, and I think I'm being watched." I said, stepping onto the lift. It slowly went to down with a jolt. "It worked!" I whispered. "Do you think you can make your way back to Wales by the end of the day?"

"Your taking the piss arent you? The whole world is looking for us Gwen! It took me 2 months to get to Cornwall from London for christ sake!"

"I know and I'm sorry Ianto but you know I wouldnt ask if it wasnt urgent!" I said stepping off the lift, looking round for UNIT. I walked over to my computer and brought up emergency protocol 7. "Ianto I need the password for 7, I dont know how much longer were gonna be away for."

"Jumping Jack flash."

I smirked and thought of my husband, I did miss him.

"I could probably get there for the early hours of tomorrow morning."

"Thanks." I smiled, brilliant Ianto, brilliant!

"I'll see you later."

The alarms started flashing, and all the main big screens showed: Activating Emergency Protocol 7

So much for being quiet. Now all I could do was sit and wait. I had things to do though. I picked up my phone, and pressed ring.

Calling... The Doctor

07700 900 461

It rang for a while before the answer phone kicked in. I hung up and tried a different number.

Calling... The TARDIS

01523 665894

"Hello?" The Doctor answered.


"Ah Gwen."

"NO DONT YOU AH GWEN ME! We need your help! Why did you leave us?"

"I had to protect my family."

"What and leave your best friends to die?"

There was a long pause.

"Sorry Gwen, I gotta go." He quickly said before hanging up.

Couldnt hold down a conversation that man. I paced round the hub nervously, hearing the soldiers upstairs trying to get inside. I bit my lip as the hours past.

2.09 am.

UNIT had stopped trying to get in for the last 4 hours, leaving this the perfect time for Ianto to show up. I was starting to drop off, my eyes slowly closing, laying on the sofa.

"Hey sleeping beauty."

I was so glad to hear a normal Welsh voice after months of being away. I sleepily opened my eyes.

"IANTO!" I yelped and jumped up, grabbing him into a hug.

He squeezed me tightly before wiping away the tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks. I pulled away and grinned at him, I was glad to see Ianto.

"So." I said to him, as we sat down on the sofa. "Tell me everything that happened from your point of view."

"Well." He sighed, looking at me. "The Daleks started heading for Canary Wharf, so Rose and Rhys teleported away. We all managed to get out of the building, we ran off in seperate directions, I think Martha was heading for Southampton, her uncle had left her a motor boat in his will, and she was gonna escape on that I reckon. Please though Gwen, what about the boys?"

"You know they are safe with The Doctor... But I didnt manage to get them back, I was in the house litterally 30 seconds before being sent off again. It dawned on me as soon as I re appeared." I mumbled, leaning my head on Ianto's shoulder.


Ianto jumped up, looking towards the door at the noise.

"Its ok." I said clutching his arm lightly. "Its UNIT trying to get in again, but I have beem adding extra security layers on for the last two months, there aint no way they are gonna get in Yan." I whispered.

He looked into my eyes. "Gwen... We need to get out of here, the others, we need to get to them. We need to sort this out once and for all."

I always thought that seeing Canary Wharf crash and burn was our last tale. But it wasnt. We still have to tell the world the story of how we ran from the law, the whole stupid planet against us. Our lives had been turned upside down. And there was no doubt in saying, this was the last mission we would be doing. The last, final act of Torchwood.