Darkness is falling

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Chapter One: The Portal

"What you are about to do will bring our enemies to their knees" Morgause whispered "I know" Morgana replied softly. As they spoke a dark cloud appeared in front of them. They were standing in a courtyard of what used to be the Isle Of The Blest. The dark cloud twisted into a vortex and within moments they were looking at a portal through which was another world. Slowly Morgana began chanting and her eyes flashed gold and from the portal a tall six eyed creature looked upon them.

"What are your reasons for bringing me to this place?" it hissed "The few pure of us have remained hidden for centuries, the rest bred with humans to create what you call magic"

"My Lord we have come with a request" Morgana told it bowing before it, her raven hair was blowing backwards by the sheer force of the portal.

"I can see your mind young one and I sense you are confused by the truths that are revealing themselves to you… A servant you counted on as a friend betraying you… your father is Uther Pendragon…your maid falling in love with your half brother and her ultimate betrayal" it told her darkly. The portal was getting wider now and the force of it was getting to much for Morgause to bear. She collapsed and the creature just looked.

"You saved her from death's icy hands, I warn you Death does not like to be cheated she will die one way or another" It hissed at hear "look up child and state your intentions"

"We… I" she began glancing at Morgause "request your help in destroying the kingdom of Camelot once and for all… I want to see them all beg for mercy before they are killed… I want your army to assist in the war to avenge magic" She told the creature

"Good child… Morgan le Fay we are at your service…

Merlin looked out from the window in Arthur's chambers he had been polishing this chest piece for three hours and each time Arthur had told him "NOT GOOD ENOUGH". But Merlin couldn't blame him, even a year after Morgana's Reign people were still depressed and angry over it. Uther was slowly descending into madness, Arthur was still hurt and Merlin was saddened and relived over her disappearance. Once he would go to any length to protect her, now we would go to the same length to kill her. Suddenly a blinding pain erupted from his head and he heard a voice

"Emrys… you have fought for Camelot many times before, now discard you destiny and join us, we are more powerful than you and if you choose to resist you will be destroyed"

Slowly Merlin looked up and the pain began to fade. He had no idea what just happened but he knew he was going to find out.

"Merlin!" Arthur bellowed strolling into his chamber "The armour is gleaming yet!" he remarked before looking at Merlin still clutching his face.

"Merlin are you ok" He asked genuinely concerned

"Yeah fine, just a headache… and the armour is gleaming because it is being looked upon by a large prat" Merlin announced before starting to polish it again

"Merlin" Arthur muttered before beginning to leave the room "Oh and were going on a hunting trip tomorrow so be up bright and early" he told him before closing the door.

"Prat" Merlin said after him quietly

"I heard that" Arthur shouted back.