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Chapter Fourteen: Mother Vs. Daughter

Morgana hissed as she sent a jet of fire at Kate. Kate dodged it with ease and from her palm erupted thousands of red sparks. They connected to from a laser which sliced the fabric of Morgana's dress as she moved away from the spell. "You are powerful" Morgana told her "If you are my daughter as you say, now is the time to join me as ruler of this world"

"I shall never do that Mother rubexous montoreaxa" Kate shouted back along with a purple arc of electricity. Morgana cried in pain as it slammed into her stomach.

"Arrh Pyroxia Morgana Terforasita Forexa" she replied before a clone of herself appeared from nowhere and after erupting into flame threw itself and Kate. Kate ducked as the clone exploded and fire rained down upon her. She bit her lip to stop herself from crying out in pain. She used her magic to turn the fire into shards of glass which in turn fired at her Mothers shield. "You cannot run now" Kate told her

"If you kill me you will never be born!" Morgana told her daughter as the fight continued.

Sir Leon emerged from the bushes. It had been days but he had reached the Isles of the Blest, He felt drawn to this place and he looked around. He crawled to the boat where a man stood. He gave him a gold coin and the man began to row towards the island. Sir Leon gasped in the distance he could see flash of light. He couldn't focus for long as more blood suddenly poured from his wounds. He remembered the sorcerer who enchanted his wounds to slowly release blood. He then saw the Lady Morgana, and another woman fighting with magic. He paused to breathe as the blood flow grinded to a halt. He then realised the enchantment was failing.

Another ball of energy hit Kate. She was blown of her feet. Her face was cut and scratched. She willed her Magic to fire another shard of energy at her Mother. She smirked when Morgana was knocked off balance.

Sir Leon crawled into the courtyard blood was gushing out his wounds. He dodged on of the many spells and moved towards Merlin. Merlin was barley conscious but managed to sense his arrival. "Sir…the soil… Pillar.. Save us all" he told him before his eyes closed. Looking up he saw four pillars. In one he saw fire, in another he saw water, and then he saw a ball of wind. He looked at the empty one and grabbed a small amount of soil.

Morgana saw the knight. She screamed in fear and her opponent fell to the floor from the force. She sprinted towards him not daring to use a spell in case her magic destroyed the portal. Morgana got closer as his hand reached the top. He opened his hand as Morgana pulled him away.

Kate watched as the knight failed to finish the job. She was too weak to get up. She watched helplessly as Morgana threw the unnamed knight to the ground and began torturing him with a variety of Magic. He didn't even cry out. This infuriated Morgana. Who lifted him up with Magic. Kate saw a few grains of soil in his hand. She desperately gathered the strength the use a spell.

Morgana watched the night with anger. He looked at her with no fear, showed no pain when her spells hit him. This had to end she decided.

"Emraaldasrskemaxoma" she shouted as her palm began to glow green. Suddenly a ball of yellow light smacked into the night. Morgana laughed

"Missed" she spat at her weak daughter before allowing the spell to erupt from her fingers and engulf the knight in a ghostly green light. She cackled as she felt the life leave his body. The gasped when she saw what was flying towards the pillar. The Knights arm had been hit by Kate's spell. Grains of dirt were touching the pillar. She watched with despair as the black tear began to seal. It closed abruptly and Morgana felt the creatures die.


Arthur roared as he and the remaining knights fought the hoard of creatures that approached the city gates. He saw most of his army die in the first moment as the creatures used their magic. Then suddenly black blood covered him. Shocked he watched as the creatures fell to the floor exploding in black blood. He looked around and saw hundreds of the creatures doing the same. The armies subsided and Arthur breathed in relief.


The Great Dragon embraced his fear as the hundreds of flying creatures moved to him. His fire was useless and he realised he was seconds away from dying. Suddenly the monsters screeched and began to fall. Black blood oozed from their bodies as they began to die. The Great Dragon roared out loud as he flew towards the isle of the blest.


Morgana felt defeat wash over her as her armies died. Her control faded and the power inside her shifted. It began pouring from her in a silver mist and the mist spread out and vanished. Her power over the creatures left her. She turned towards her daughter.

"Look what you have done, this time I will raise you right" she shouted at her "Emraaldasrskemax.." she began before being blown of her feat. Merlin was on in his feet. Barely and he moved towards her. Morgana turned to him but Kate then fired a spell with such power Morgana was swept of her feet and was blown into the sky. Merlin collapsed and Kate moved over to him. She placed his arm around herself and drifted into a peaceful sleep beside the man she loved.

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