This is my first story-so please go easy on me! All from Ariadne's point of view :)

This was pretty much my happy place. Sighing contentedly, I squidged my toes in the sand as the waves rolled over my feet. The sun dipped lower in the sky, and I closed my eyes so I could bask in its warmth. Definitely paradise. I loved how there was pure silence, no noisy pedestrians spoiling the surroundings. That was the best thing about being an architect, the scene was yours for taking.

No sooner had I discovered this wonderful observation, a shudder ripped through the ground, causing me to frown in frustration. Surely it wasn't over so soon? Another tremble confirmed my fears. Dammit. Annoying splashing sounds began to reach my ears, breaking the quiet I loved so much. I wrenched open my eyes in irritation, and suddenly peace was restored, aside from the sounds of a figure wading up the beach toward me. Arthur. His hair dripped from the water, and he swept it back artfully like they do in the movies. He wore that favourite, boyish smile of his, and his eyes were filled with warmth. For me. I seemed to drown in them, and anywhere else I would feel like a fool for doing what I did. But here, it felt so right, so I rush through the shallows towards him; ignoring the water beginning to slap angrily against my legs. I must admit, it felt like it was turning into a scene of Baywatch! But he caught me up in his arms, running his hands through my hair, and all ridiculous thoughts melted away. Cupping his face, I leaned forward to touch my lips to his when-BHAM. A wave crashed over us and the moment was lost in the churning, angry sea.

Gasping, I woke up and wrenched the needle out my wrist. Breathing hard, I quickly checked around me just to confirm it was only a dream. Yep-I must've ran out of time. I was so annoyed at myself for fantasizing again, if any of the guys knew about this...I stopped that thought, cringing internally. Eames would be the worst, I knew he already suspected me. As if my mind had betrayed me by calling him, a teasing voice interrupted my worries.

"Bad dreams, darling?" Eames strolled over, the picture of innocence, but I could see a wicked glint in his eyes.

I crossed my arms, trying to be nonchalant. "Just practising."

He copied my stance, leaning against the wall casually. "Again? Isn't that the third time today?"

"Well, it doesn't come easily to everyone Eames." I said, grinning at him.

He struck a pose, marvelling in my comment. "So true, so true. I wish everyone in the team could have my skills but..." He shrugged. I laughed, loving how easily Eames was to talk to. Well, when he wasn't taking the mick out of you.

"Anyway, Cobb's called a meeting. We've got a big job coming up-so no more daydreaming, no matter how gorgeous Arthur is."

"Eames-!" My retort was lost as he smirked and swaggered away. Ah, crap. I got up and quickly followed him into the main room just in case he decided to say some jokey remark in my absence. A smile spread across my face as I saw the whole group sitting there: Yusif, with the usual pleasant smile on his face, Eames of course, leaning back cockily in his chair and smiling at me mischievously, even Cobb was there; he usually stayed home with his children, but as the most skilled extractor he pitched in on big jobs like these. And last, my heart skipped as I took him in, Arthur. He lounged artfully in his chair as he laughed at something Cobb said. He was way to perfect for me. A loud clearing of the throat jolted me back into my senses. I looked over at Eames to see him raising an eyebrow, and I realised that I had been staring ridiculously at Arthur. Blushing, I pulled up a chair, crossed my arms and focused on Cobb. Time to get to business.

"So, the mark is Lucas Ford. He's one of those expensive business enterprisers who have no respect for anyone else who doesn't have money. Divorced three times, each time claiming his wives have cheated on him, therefore getting to keep each measly cent in the divorce. Insanely addicted when it comes to women, according to his ex-employees, but underneath he's always convinced that they will leave him from someone else so he divorces them so they never have the chance-couldn't bear the humiliation of it."

Ariadne raised an eyebrow. "Yet he never thought of changing his personality so that they will actually love him for who he is?"
Cobb laughed. "Actually, he has a bit of charm that he keeps hidden for women for when they first meet him. Keeps it up until the marriage is dead and done, then switches it off."

"Sounds like my kind of guy." Eames chortled. Ariadne threw him a dirty look, and he hastily stopped.

"Anyway", Cobb continued, "The company that hired us are accquainted with his managing directors. They know that he's scammed a lot of people out of money, but never leaves enough evidence for them to prove it and fire him. He's a bad name for their company, but they can't get rid of him without reason as he'll sue for every dollar they have. In short, he's clever. And this one's gonna be tough." He paused, seeing if there was any doubt on their faces.

Eames spotted this too, and he snorted. "Do you think the dream team will let you down?"
We all burst out laughing at how ironically correct his nickname for us was.

Arthur, the ever practical one, broke the laughter. "So-they want us to do what exactly?"

"We need to extract information on where he hides the scammed money, apparently he has accounts all over the world but they've never seen a trace of them. Also, we need to know where the documentation is for the transactions."

Eames, as usual, was looking cocky. "Sounds like a piece of cake." But I could see Cobb's face, and remembered him saying once that an idea is never that simple.

"No. Our research has shown that he hasn't has training against extraction, but he is always accompanied by bodyguards, which blend in with the crowd wherever he goes and are hard to spot. I don't doubt anyone has tried to go against him before, he'll always be expecting attack."

There was a small pause. "So..." I said, breaking it. "How are we meant to get in?"

Cobb turned to smile at me. "By using his weakness of course." I frowned, not understanding. I suddenly noticed how everyone seemed to be looking at me all of a sudden. Cobb's words played back in my head-' Insanely addicted to women...'

"Ah hell no!"