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I saw her standing there, at the freezer case, holding frozen green peas.

Blah. Well, just simply cooked like the package says they are blah.

She was kinda cute. Her hair was a mess in some sort of up-do….her skirt was crooked and her shirt was mis-buttoned…but she had these really cute shoes on. They were zebra print but have a lion head painted on the toe. Wonder what's up with that?

Don't lions eat zebras?

Regardless, she was in my way. I needed the frozen okra and she's hogging the frozen vegetable section. I cleared my throat again before she turned around, still reading the package, totally oblivious to me.

"Excuse me." I said as I reached behind her to grab the package I needed. I stepped back and was about to turn towards my cart when she spoke.

"Edward?" Her voice was soft and questioning. Memories flood my mind.

I hadn't heard that voice in almost ten years. I've missed it everyday.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

"Bella?" I can't believe my eyes as I stood there really looking her over. I couldn't believe I hadn't recognize her before.

Bella had been Alice's best childhood friend, but her parents divorced when they were eleven years old and her mom up and moved them to Phoenix. Alice was heart-broken over it.

Bella had not been back to Forks since, that I know of.

"What are you…..?" We both started to speak at the same time….both of us stared at each other in total disbelief.

Alice nor Bella ever knew that I was just as miserable and depressed when Bella left.

At thirteen I had been in love with her.

I also knew that I would marry her one day.

And, here she was.