PPTP ch 104 Life at Large

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Eight Months Later


I was exhausted when I pulled up into the driveway at three am. My shift was supposed to end at midnight but just as I was got ready to leave a head on collision brought four emergency patients into the hospital, two of which were children under five. So, I had to get them assessed and stable before I was finally able to drive home to my very pregnant and uncomfortable wife.

Bella was due in two weeks and neither of us could wait. The nursery was ready, the baby shower had been a success and all our family had taken to guessing what we were having. We'd decided not to tell anyone for this one. But, as the time drew near I can't help but get excited.

Then, I saw how miserable my beautiful little beach ball of a wife was and I knew that she was even more ready than I was. If I didn't know better I'd swear she was having twins, but no, it's just a big baby in a little woman's body.

I saw P-Bear pace in front of the door, he must have heard me pull up. He jumped on me and whined as I came in the front door.

"Edward?" I heard from upstairs.

"Yea baby, it's me." I said as I got P-Bear down and pulled off my tie before I started up the stairs.

"Why are you still awake?" I asked as I walked into the room and saw her cradled in a throng of pillows.

"I couldn't sleep and my legs hurt." She moaned as she shifted another pillow under her ballooned belly.

"Want some tea?" I asked as I sat down behind her and rubbed her lower back.

"No, I just want your hands on me." She admitted with a huff. Her sex drive had been in overdrive for the past few weeks.

Wilson had been very happy with the extra workouts. However, I was worn out between all the extra shifts at the hospital, the long drive between work and home and dealing with a hormonal wife at home.

"Mmm, my hands on you, huh?" I whispered in her ear as I slid down on the bed behind her, my hands started at her hips and worked their way around to her stomach. I loved feeling our child roam around in there.

"Oh yes," she panted as one of my hands made its way down to waistband of her panties.

"Where exactly would you like my hands?" I asked in a deep husky voice. She pushed her luscious ass back against a growing Wilson and moaned as my hand cupped her wet, swollen pussy.

I slid a finger through her folds and circled her clit, "Right there?" I asked as I ran my nose around her neck.

"God yes, baby...I need you so bad. Make me feel good, please?" She whimpered as I slowly pushed a finger inside of her.

Her ass continued to grind up against Wilson and I couldn't hold back my own moan at the friction.

I slid another finger inside of her, "You want Wilson to make you feel better baby?" I asked as she moaned at the actions of my magical fingers.

"Please..." She groaned deep in her throat.

I got her on all fours and slid her panties off, they were drenched as I brought them to my nose for a whiff. The scent made my cock twitch in excitement.

I stood up and pulled off my boxers before I crawled up behind Bella.

"You ready baby?" I asked as my hands roamed over her supple ass cheeks. Damn, she was perfect, even big and pregnant. I found her blossoming body to be the biggest turn on ever and vowed to keep her pregnant as often as she'd let me.

"Fuck, Edward...give it to me." She growled and hoisted her ass up to the tip of my dick.

I held in a laugh at hearing her curse and her actions, "As you wish, little girl." I lined Wilson up and grabbed her hips just as I pushed inside of her.

All I heard was the sound of both our moans at the instant connection.

I pulled out and pushed back in, she was so wet...so slick and tight around me.

"Harder, Edward...harder." She pushed back until her ass was flush with my hips. I looked down and almost lost it at the sight.

"OH Wilson...god Edward what are you feeding that thing?" She asked as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

I couldn't help the laugh that escaped my mouth, "Just your delicious pussy, baby..." I said with a deep push into her quivering lips.

"Fuck..." she moaned and pushed back into me.

"Faster.. please faster." Bella begged.

I tightened my grip on her hips and let loose. I wasn't sure it was safe to pound into her this hard but she moaned and groaned in absolute pleasure, so I couldn't stop.

"Almost there..." I growled just as I felt her walls tighten around my shaft, then she screamed my name.

Wilson exploded in several long, hot streams while I gushed Bella's name from my mouth.

"If this child of yours doesn't come out soon, I feel like I'm going to explode." Bella said, still a bit breathless.

I collapsed on the bed beside her and laughed through my gasps, "My child, huh?"

"Yes, this is definitely your child." She murmured as her hands squirmed through the pillows to find my arm.

"I love you," I said as I leaned over and kissed her forehead. "I'm going to jump in the shower, do you want to join me?"

She shook her head, "No, but can you please turn the ceiling fan back on, I'm burning up."

I kissed her again, got up and turned on the fan then jumped in the shower. Just as I got the water a nice hot tempurature and felt it work on the knots in my shoulders I heard a bloodcurdling scream from the bedroom.

I grabbed a towel and ran out, "What's wrong baby?"

She sat up on the bed with her hands up in front of her and a look of horror on her face, "I think my water just broke or I peed on myself."

Then, her tears started to flow and I panicked. "Where's your bag?" I asked as I looked around the room.

"In the closet." She snapped.

"I'm not ready yet. We should still have two more weeks." She whined through her tears and had a look of anger on her face.

I stopped and dropped down beside her on the bed, and pulled her face into my hands, "Bella, our baby is ready to come into the world, so we have to get going. I'm here, it'll be okay." I said with a kiss to her forehead as I watched her visibly relax.

"Now, what do you want to wear to the hospital?" I asked as I helped her out of the bed.

"Just grab that black pullover sundress." She told me as I got up to get it off the hook on the back of the closet door.

Thirty minutes later, we pulled up into the emergency bay at Forks General Hospital with Charlie's squad car in front of us and my parents in the car behind us. Charlie had given us a police escort with sirens and lights. Emmett was going to be so jealous when I told him.

One of the nurses met us at the door with a wheelchair as everyone rushed over to help Bella from the car. They all began to talk at once before Bella finally yelled, "Back off, everyone!" The silence was delightful and the surprise on everyone's faces was classic.

"Now, Edward, please get me out of this damn car before your child rips me in two." My scary wife demanded and Charlie groaned behind me. Mom and Dad stifled a laugh as I carefully extracted Bella from the car and got her into the wheelchair.

I pushed her through the doors where the nurse led us into the delivery room.

"I'm afraid you all can't go back there." The nurse abruptly stopped and told the crew of misfits that followed us.

"Esme?" Bella croaked as my mom came running to her side. "Please be in there with us?" She asked as my mom's eyes welled up with tears and I watched them share a tender moment.

"Okay, you two, sit in the waiting room, we'll come get you when it's time." Esme turned and told the grumpy grandpa's to be.

They both turned and stomped back down the hall as Bella, my mom and I followed the nurse.

Less than an hour later, my son screamed his way into the world as tears flooded every eye in the room.

"Jonathan Charles Cullen, welcome to the world," I said as I held my tiny little baby for the first time.

"Let's go see your momma, she's dying to meet you." I laid him in Bella's arms and leaned over to kiss my wife as my mom sobbed from the other side of the bed.

"He's beautiful." She whispered as we shared a tender moment before the parade of family arrived.

One year later

"Congratulations Dr. Cullen." My father said as he slapped me on the back as we stood outside the clinic that now read 'Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Dr. Edward Cullen'.

I had finished my residency and still worked two days a week at the new pediatric clinic in Port Angeles but the rest of my time was devoted to the clinic here in Forks.

Bella and Jonathan smiled and cheered as we cut the ribbon as the newspaper photographer snapped pictures of us for the local paper.

We had just celebrated our son's first birthday and Bella was six months pregnant with our daughter-to-be, Avery Elizabeth Cullen.

Bella now was a stay at home mom who also cared for Jasper and Alice's little boy, Jackson as well as Rose and Emmett's daughters, Jillian and Amberly. She loved being at home with all the kids and couldn't wait for the arrival of our newest addition, as well as Alice and Jasper's next one that was due two months after ours.

Our lives were full but our love was strong.

That night as we gathered around my parents dining room table I looked around; my parents, Charlie and Sue, his new fiancee as well as Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett sat around talking, laughing and enjoying the evening together.

This is what I'd always dreamt of when I imagined my future. It felt perfect when I heard, "Please pass the peas," from my wife who sat beside me.

I laughed and turned to smile at her.

"It all started with peas..." I leaned in to kiss her, never more happy than I was when I remembered that fateful day.

THE END...or is it?

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