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They were coming, of that I was sure. No one so much as whispers his name without being hunted down and being made an example of. If he caught us, it would mean definite death, no doubt. But if he caught Harry, it would be the end of this battle and the end of the world as we know it. He would fulfil his own dreams; immortality, leader of the magical world, crushing muggles, muggle borns and blood traitors alike, forever. All hope would be lost, the boy who lived would turn to the boy who died and the order would crumble. So we had only one choice; run.

The forest was thick and overgrown. Roots and stems caught around my legs, attempting to jostle me to the ground but I pushed, willing for them to give up and return to the black pit of hatred and selfishness that they appeared from. I could hear the heavy breaths of my pursuer and the thudding of his feet as he chased after me. I flicked round and shot a hex in his direction, hitting him directly in the chest. Adrenalin and fear coursed through my veins and I ran like I never had before, begging in my mind that Ron and Harry had escaped; they had to escape. And then hit me. A plan to distract the snatchers constructed itself in my mind and I knew what I had to do.

Knowing Harry and Ron were ahead of me, I simply stopped. No fighting, no curses or hexes. I just stopped. It worked; they all stopped with me and gawked with looks of confusion crossing their faces. I had mere seconds to ensure that they would go for me and not Harry and Ron so I pounced. I leapt on at the nearest follower and began flicking my wand, firstly at him and then at the rest. I was outnumbered, I knew, but this would be enough of a distraction for their dim-witted minds that they would forget about the others. Their brains slowly kicked in and soon I was captured.

Short prologue, I know. Sorry!