After that conversation, things went back to normal. We moved around a lot and I spent most days reading up on horcruxes. Yet, things had become less unbearable. We argued less and I caught Malfoy staring at me more and more often. Things weren't great or even good but surprisingly things had become comfortable. It no longer disgusted me to be in his presents and I know longer felt the need to watch him like a hawk and I found myself relaxing more and more in his presence. Gone was the snarky, blood hater that we all knew and hated.

Don't get me wrong, he was no saint and nor would he become one any time soon. But he had stopped being, Well, mean. He didn't pick up on small things, never made any harsh comments and he still hadn't used his oh so lovely nickname for me since the manor. I couldn't decide if this solitude had turned him crazy or he was simply becoming just as comfortable as I was.

We had even managed to hold the odd conversation, discussing topics that we had read in books, about those we knew and who had been announced as missing or dead on potterwatch, joking while cooking tea. Yes, things had defiantly become more relaxed since our visit to see Tonks. And I couldn't help but think that it had something to do with that kiss.

When I thought about it, it sent chills up my spine so I had forced myself to block it out. I had too much on my mind to be thinking about a lousy kiss with Draco Malfoy. However, something else was nagging at the back of my mind.

After reliving the Manor in my dreams every night, something had flashed into my head and I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought about it before. Bellatrix wanted to know where I'd got the sword of Gryffindor. That was why she had tortured me. She had seemed determined to find how I'd got it and even came across quite scared. But I couldn't fathom why.

I pondered this for days, wondering why she wanted to know, where she'd thought that I'd gotten it from, why she was so determined to find out. I had a feeling that she had mentioned it at the manor but after all the torture, I really couldn't remember all of it. I only had one option.

We were sitting in a clearing on a mountainside in Wales. It being a cold albeit sunny day, we were seated outside the tent, overlooking the mountain side, reading as usual. There was no evading it; I had to know why or it would bother me forever.

"Malfoy?" I said, looking up from my book.

For a few moments he simply ignored me. I was about to ask again when he looked up from his book.

"Yes?" he answered in an unusually soft tone.

"Something's been bothering me lately, something I can't remember about the manor and I thought... well I thought you might be able to tell me something." He looked straight at me, like he was trying to see where this was leading too. His brow furrowed.

"If you're going to ask me why I saved you, I've told you, I don't remember." He said, colder and returned his gaze to his book.

"No, it's not that!" he sighed and then looked back at me.

"Fine then, go ahead. " I chewed my lip, considering how to ask. Probably best to just come out with it, i thought.

"Your au- Bellatrix. She wanted to know where I'd got the sword but I can't remember exactly what she said." He stared at me for a few seconds, eyes full of curiosity.

"She said that it was supposed to be in our vault at Gringotts. She wanted to know how you'd gotten to it. "

I was shocked by this. The only reason I could think of was that she still thought that the sword was missing and wanted to know how we'd found it for pure curiosity. I hadn't expected something like that.

He continued.

"When I was at the manor, Snape asked us to put the sword in our vault because some student was trying to steal it from his office. Weaslette I think. " I was to busy thinking to reprimand him for the nickname for Ginny.

Why had Snape put it in The Malfoy vault? Surely a family with a bloodline as old and pure as Snape's would have their own vault just as well protected as the Malfoy's. Why would he do that? And why was Bellatrix so worried that I'd got it? Did she think that I had been to the vault? Why would that scare her so much? Was there something else in her vault that she was trying to protect?

I had eventually come to the conclusion that there was no conclusion, not one worth me wasting precious horcrux thinking time over anyway.

I wondered if Ron and Harry had had any luck finding them. Had they figured out where the others could be? Had they found some other way to destroy them? I'd had no luck at figuring out where the others could be.

The logical choice would be Hogwarts. That was where he, Voldemort and Harry alike, had first felt at home. But although he had begun to question about horcruxes in his last few years of his Hogwarts education, Dumbledore didn't think that he had actually started creating them till years later.

But he had returned hadn't he? He had tried to apply for a teaching job a few years after graduating. Dumbledore assumed that he had gone directly to his office upon entrance to the castle and left straight away after being shot down. Was Dumbledore wrong? Could he have side tracked? Or even left a horcrux in the grounds?

No, that was highly improbable. It was highly illogical to leave something so precious in a place where it could so easily be found, in a school packed full of children and right under Dumbledore's nose. Even Voldemort couldn't have been that stupid.

I had tried to shake the sword thoughts from my head but with no luck. I couldn't help but think that I was missing something and that scared me.

What was it? I went through the facts thousands of times in my head; Ginny had tried to steal the sword of Gryffindor from Snape and he had for some reason, placed it in the Malfoy vault. When Bellatrix found me with it, she had jumped to the conclusion that I had broken into her vault and stolen it, never mind how impossible that task would actually be. Did she know something about the sword that we didn't? Or was it something else?

Was Bellatrix hiding something in her vault? Something that was far more important and for somebody far more important than the sword? Had Lord Voldemort trusted his most dependable servant with a piece of his soul?

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