Frieza lay motionless on the operating table as a team of King Kold's minions checked his wiring. He had been found floating in pieces in outer space a few days earlier, and Kold's scientists had been working round the clock to make the dismembered lord whole again. They had finally completed it.

As a stream of consciousness flooded back into him Frieza started to hear voices. His father's scientists… His head pounded; his eyes and limbs ached as he became more aware of his surroundings. He opened his painful eyes, ignoring the stinging he felt as a wave of light shot into them for the first time since the destruction of Namek. The stinging quickly subsided as his eyes adjusted to the light. He sat up.
"Not too quickly, My Lord!" one of the minions gasped. Frieza ignored him, staring up at the window at the top of the room where he saw King Kold looking down at him.
"Set a course for Earth, Father!" Frieza ordered.
"Planet Earth? Whatever for, my son?" Kold answered, shocked at Frieza's demand.
"I want to blow it up!" Frieza replied as he turned away from his father. Kold gazed at him for a moment, and then laughed.
"Very funny!" he retorted. "I'm glad you haven't damaged your sense of humour!"
"Huh?" Frieza stared at him.
"I'm sure Vegeta would have plenty to say about that." Kold smirked, chuckling.
"… I don't see why it would be any of his concern." Frieza frowned in confusion. What the hell was his father talking about?
"Mm… but don't you think Bulma would be a bit upset? You know how close she and Yasa are, do you really want to start another argument?"
"Wh…" Frieza's head started to hurt again. He closed his eyes, rubbing his temples briefly before looking up at his father. "Who are Bulma and Yasa…?"

Silence. Frieza looked around him to see an expression of complete and utter shock on the faces of Kold's scientists. He gritted his teeth in anger.
"What are you all staring at?" he hissed. "Is my new body frightening you? Are going to tremble in fear at your own creation?"
"Frieza…" Kold mumbled. He shot an angry glare at the head scientist. "You said this was a safe procedure!" he shouted. "Could you please tell me why my son has lost his memory?"
"S-Sire!" the scientist whimpered, his body shaking. "It was! We monitored his brain activity throughout; he showed absolutely no signs of –"
"Are you saying he's lying?" Kold roared.
"N-n-no, Sire!" the scientist fell to his knees, his breathing erratic. "I-I'm sorry, I promise you we'll fix this –"

His quivering was cut short as Frieza shot an energy beam straight through his heart, killing him instantly. As the other scientists gasped and stepped back Frieza glared up at his father.
"What is going on?" he demanded. "Who are Bulma and Yasa?"
"Son…" Kold swallowed; his eyes wide. "Bulma is… Vegeta's wife."
"Don't be ridiculous father; do you really think I would allow that treacherous little rodent to get married?" Frieza spat. "Anyway, who is this 'Yasa' supposed to be?"
"Well…" Kold gulped. "She's… she's yours."
"My what?" Frieza was really starting to lose his patience! His fists clenched so hard he was hurting himself as he demanded answers. "My servant?"
"Well… I suppose." Kold replied. "She's… your wife."
"…" Frieza turned to look at the scientist closest to him. "Get me out of this room."
"Y-Yes Sire!"

Frieza jumped off the table, pushing Kold's scentists out the way as he made his way over to the door.
"Be careful, Sire!" one of the scientists warned as he opened the door for Frieza. "Your body needs time to adjust –" Frieza shot his arm out to punch the man in the throat, sending him flying across the room and into the wall. The other scientists ran over to help him as Frieza left the room, making his way towards his father. Now how did he get up there again…? Kold's shipped seemed different to what he remembered. There used to be an elevator right here…
"Frieza!" he stopped at the sound of someone calling his name. A woman…

Frieza turned round to see a blue-haired woman running towards him. She looked a little like a saiyan, except she had no tail and her eyes were a very bright blue. She looked oddly familiar; though he was sure he had never seen her before.
"Thank God you're alright!" she threw her arms around him. "I was terrified those scientists wouldn't be able to rebuild you – you know your father wouldn't let me help out? All I could do was watch!" she examined his robotic limbs, poking at the metal. "How did they even wire this…? It doesn't look very stable."
"Yasa will be so pleased you're alright." The woman sighed. Frieza's eyes flickered at the mention of the name.
"Right!" he snapped. "You know her – who is this Yasa?"
"What…?" the woman stared at him. "Frieza… you can't be serious."
"Do I look like I'm joking?" Frieza hissed. "Actually, that's another point – who are you?"
"…" the woman stepped back, staring at him in shock. She answered quietly. "I'm… Bulma."
"You don't remember me…?" she looked at him, her brows twisting in concern. "Really?"

Frieza stared at her. Yes. He did recognise her, but where the hell from…?
"Oh." It suddenly dawned on him. It was that woman… "You were on Namek…" he mumbled. "I saw you in the scans…" he frowned, studying her face more. She looked different to what he remembered… older. How fast did this species age?
"Namek?" Bulma blinked at him. "You mean where the Dragonballs are? I've never been."
"What?" that sharp pain began to plague Frieza's head again. He couldn't focus… the confusion was stopping him thinking clearly. He felt nauseous.
"Frieza… are you alright?" her voice echoed through his mind like a siren as he tried to concentrate.
"Shut up!" Frieza hissed. "Just – just tell me how you got here!"
"With the dimension traveller, of course." She replied. "I'm afraid you're stuck with me for a while, it's on the blink again. I'm trying to fix it."
"What…?" he grabbed his head.
"It shouldn't be too long…" she approached him. "Frieza… are you okay?"
"What…" Frieza mumbled, closing his eyes at the pain that shot through him. His heart raced; he thought his head was going to explode! "What's happening…?" he hissed. "Where am I…?"
"Frieza?" her voice became more distant as he heard his own blood vessels pulsing inside his head. Damn… he'd moved too fast. "Frieza, stay with me!" she sounded afraid… "Here – lean on me." His eyes snapped open when he felt her arm wrap around him.

"Get off me!" His instincts suddenly overpowered his body; in a blind panic he flung his tail at her, throwing her screaming into the wall.
"Hey!" his father's voice… "Frieza, calm down –"
"What's going on!" Frieza beat his father's hand away as his alertness grew; his heart started beating rapidly, pumping more blood towards the merciless pounding in his head. It grew stronger, heavier. His skull was going to burst…
"Guards!" Kold barked, grabbing hold of the struggling Frieza. All at once Frieza was surrounded by a team of Kold's scientists. He kicked his legs and swiped at them furiously with his tail but it was no use, his father's grip was keeping him a safe distance away from them and in his confused state he was in no position to fight. He could barely feel himself move; he stared in horror as he saw his legs flailing in front of him, too stressed and too hysterical to realising he was the one moving them.
"Quickly, sedate him!" Frieza's eyes widened at Kold's order; he felt a cold shiver run down his spine.
"Get off me!" Frieza snapped as the scientists approached him. "Father, stop this!" he screamed. "Get them away from me!"
"I'm sorry, Son…" Kold's mournful voice was already beginning to fade as Frieza felt the sharp prick of an injection into his arm. He hissed at the guards, struggling wildly in one last attempt to break free. The sounds around him began to echo; his vision began to blur; the pounding in his head grew louder and louder until it was all he could hear… and then everything went black.