LbN: Written for the Glee Fluff Meme. The prompt was a Glee version of Liar Liar, in which Brittany (for whatever reason) wishes for a little more honesty around McKinley High... :)

When Santana rolled into Glee armed with two dozen gourmet cupcakes, there was nearly a stampede.

"Hey, hey!" she shouted. "Not until Brittany gets here. It is for her birthday after all. Speaking of which, I need to talk to you guys." She set the cupcake boxes on a chair and leaned against the piano. "You mind, Mr. Schue?"

"Go ahead, Santana."

"As most of you know…or maybe you don't, I don't know… Brittany's parents are pretty badass lawyers. Currently, they're involved in a pretty crazy case involving a kid and some Airsoft guns and the local Walmart. This means that they're going to be in Cleveland for the weekend, and will thus miss Britt's birthday."

"Oh, that sucks," Finn said. "Brittany looks forward to her birthday about as much as Christmas."

"That's why we're throwing her a party to take her mind off of things. Tomorrow, my place. And yes, you will be expected to participate in whatever goofy party game Britt wants to play."

"You're sweet, Santana," Tina said.

"Let's keep that on the low, Hong Kong."

"And…she's back," Kurt muttered with a smirk.

It was another five minutes before Brittany got there. When she did, Santana saw red. Literally and figuratively, because Brittany was covered in slushie.

Automatically, Kurt produced a package of wet wipes. He and Quinn rushed over to help Brittany.

"Who did it?" Quinn asked, in a voice that sent chills up everyone's spine.

It took a minute for Brittany to calm down. "It was Pierce and Logan—from the hockey team. They told me the school was going to tear down the statue of William McKinley, and that there was a petition on statue to keep it. I like the statue…. They lied."

"Yeah, they did, Britt," Santana said gently, hoping her best friend/almost girlfriend didn't burst into tears again.

"I hate it when people lie. Everyone should just tell the truth. It's so much easier."

From the look Quinn gave her, Santana knew the blonde was thinking the same thing as her—telling the truth with this group? All aboard the drama train…. "Right, well…let's go rinse your hair out, and then we can have cupcakes. And I'll deal with the puckheads tomorrow."

Mr. Schue cringed. "Santana, remember retaliation doesn't solve anything. You don't want to do anything to get into trouble."

"You're only in trouble if you get caught."

Taking her previous musings on rule breaking into account, Mr. Schue was kind enough to turn a blind eye to the lighter Santana had smuggled in. Brittany was delighted with her duck-shaped cupcakes. The Gleeks did an impressive rendition of Happy Birthday, and Brittany, after a moment's pause, blew out the candles. The smoke lifted into the air for a moment as her friends clapped.

"What'd you wish for, Brittany?" Artie asked as Mr. Schue turned on the lights.

"Can't tell you, Artie," she said, licking the icing off of her cupcake. "It won't come true."

The rest of them shared a smile as Brittany happily explained the process of wish-making.