Honesty is the Best Policy

The Gleeks had decided that the best course of action was to stay away from their parents and the rest of the Lima population for the weekend. They were terrified about what was happening to the rest of the town, but they weren't about to go out and explain jack.

Santana let everyone stay at her place, since her parents were out of town for two weeks. She spent most of Sunday in a panic. Brittany kept looking over at her and smiling. She knew, any minute now, her favorite dancer was going to ask or say something that Santana was not prepared to answer. It was making her snippy. More snippy than normal.

"Santana," Brittany said, pulling her into the guest room. "I know you're nervous, but calm down. I'm not going to make you come out to anyone. I'm just really happy everyone's being so honest. I promise I won't say anything. Please calm down; you're going to make Blaine cry."

"Not hard."


"Okay," she sighed. "I get it."

"One other thing?"

"Yeah, Britt?"

"Do you love me?"

"Yes." Santana smirked at her and linked their pinkies.

Brittany smiled brightly as they walked back down the hall to the living room. "Where are Rachel and Quinn?" she asked.

The Cheerio and the Diva were conspicuously absent. They'd been cooing over each other all day, so the fact that everyone could actually hear the movie drew attention to the fact that they were missing. The group exchanged a look.

"Aye, dios mio! Are they upstairs having sex?" Santana nearly shouted.

With an apologetic look, Blaine answered, "We might have told them to get a room…."

"Blaine did tell them to stay away from your room though," Kurt added helpfully.

"At least there's that," Santana said. She'd have to call a priest over to bless the bed if she found out the Dwarf had had sex in it.

"Let's play a game," Puck suggested. "Not Truth or Dare," he added, seeing everyone's Look. "Santana, your mom still have the game closet?"

"Yep. Pick a few—I'm tired of movies."

Over the next few hours, they played Apples to Apples, Twister (during which Artie demanded to be called Supreme Lord Gamemaster), a shortened version of Monopoly, Don't Wake Daddy (which led to some very inappropriate jokes), Life, and Quelf. Sometime during the marathon, Quinn and Rachel made it back downstairs, both sporting "Just Got Fucked" hair.

"Stayed away from my bed?" Santana asked.

"Of course, Santana," Rachel said. "We would never dream of having sex in your bed."


"Besides," Quinn said, smirking evilly, "your parents' bed is so much more comfortable."


"Joking," Quinn laughed.

They opted for an early dinner and a movie. By the time the pizza arrived the Gleeks were ready to stop talking forever. Even though it was just their small group, and they'd all agreed to a vow of silence about this weekend, they still knew way more about each other than they had ever wanted to. And at some point, someone broke the cell phone rule and called their parents. Thus, the Cohen-Chang household now knew that Mike was head over heels for Tina, and wanted everyone to do the Thriller dance at their wedding. The confessions that afternoon ranged from the innocent:

"I just don't really like Wicked. Please don't cry, Kurt."

"I throw my rubber duckies into the bathtub first to test for sharks."

To the weird:

"I've always wondered what it would feel like if you could grow appendages back. You know, like a lizard's tail."

"I always know when my period's going to start, because I have dreams of being fucked by the entire starting lineup of the Denver Broncos. In alphabetical order."

"I can't poop unless I hum the Sesame Street theme song to myself."

To the insane:

"I want to learn Parkour and free jumping. I'd jump off everything. I'd be Batman."

"There are moments when I wonder if Mr. Schue is a closeted S&M fan."

"When I was nine, I really wanted to get kidnapped, because I thought they really would have candy at some point."

Santana kept an eye on the clock as she nibbled her pizza. By her calculations, there were only fifteen minutes left of this wish. She looked over at Brittany and smiled. True to her word, the blonde hadn't said or asked anything that would make Santana spill her secret. She'd given Santana a few looks, but the older Cheerio knew that she was safe with Brittany. That's why timing was very important right now….

As the minutes ticked by, a battle raged in the living room as to which movie they would watch that night.

"Come on! Star Wars sucks…." Blaine whined.

"Blasphemy!" Quinn cried. "And you have no room to talk, Warbler. You seriously want to watch Return of the King?"

"You want to watch Return of the Jedi!"

"How about Return of Jafar?" Puck joked. He slipped out of the room when the other two glared at him.

"It's the same 'hero's journey' bullshit!" Mercedes called from the kitchen. "Just pick something already!"

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!" Brittany suggested.

"I agree," Santana said, glancing at the clock and smiling.

"You're just trying to get laid," Finn said.

"Unlike some people in this room," Santana said with a pointed look at Finn and Puck, "Not everything I do is to get into Brittany's pants. I happen to like Ninja Turtles. Plus, I love Britt."

The room got quiet. Brittany beamed at her. The rest just stared.

Santana wiped her palms on her jeans. "What?"

"You love her? Like…bestie love, right?" Tina asked.

"No. Like actual love. We're dating. At least, kind of dating. Want to make it official, Britt?"

Brittany just smiled, nodded, and tackled Santana into a hug.

"Wow…Brittany's got some powerful wishing skills if it made Santana come out," Mike mused.

"I'd like to direct everyone's attention to the clock," Santana said. It was four thirty-five. "Britt made her wish at four thirty on Friday. We've been able to dodge truth telling for exactly five minutes. It wasn't the wish that made me come out."

Kurt nodded approvingly as the rest just stared with disbelief. Finally, Puck grabbed another slice of pizza and broke the silence. "Well, are we going to watch this movie or not?"

"Santana…why?" Brittany asked quietly. She hadn't stopped smiling since Santana's announcement.

Santana smiled back at her girlfriend. "You clammed up earlier, when we were playing Life. Puck said something about couples, and you didn't really talk for the rest of the game. You always keep your promises," she added. "I just…yeah, I'm scared of the reaction we're going to get. I'm scared of getting hurt, or someone hurting you. But I love you. And I think telling our friends is okay. I mean…they don't seem to mind. And if the shit hits the fan later, we have them to lean on now."

Brittany laughed and nodded. "I'm glad we're dating."

"Me too, Britt," Santana said, yawning.

"And I'm glad you told because you wanted to, and not just because of my wish."

Santana grinned and kissed her. "Honesty is the best policy, right? Night Britt."