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Kaylee's POV.

When I woke up this morning, I was looking forward to finally having a day that didn't involve anything bean sidhe related.

The past few months had been so complicated. But now that it was all over, I was hoping I'd finally be able to live a normal life. Or, as normal as a bean sidhe's life could get, anyways.

Okay, well I knew that wasn't possible. But I was mostly just glad that I made it this far, and got out alive. Or so I thought.

But this...?

This is something that I never saw coming.

Something I never even considerred.

Something that literally changed my life.


This morning began just as any normal day would. After waking up, I brushed my teeth, took a shower, and got dressed. My dad and Alec were already at work, so I had the whole house to myself, and the whole day to do whatever I wanted. I sat on my bed, contemplating what to do, when Tod appeared beside me. I practicaly jumped out of my own skin.

He was usually pretty good at hiding his emotions. But not this time. His eyes were frantically swirling with so many different colours that it made me dizzy. Some of them I couldn't read, but others were obvious. disbelief and nervousness were the most noticable, but I could also easily tell that he was angry, frightened, and just simply sad.

"What's wrong?" I asked, confused. I'd never seen Tod act like this before.

It took him a few minutes to pull himself together before he could actually look at me.

"Kaylee, it's your dad..." he responded shakily.

"What about my dad?" I asked after a short pause.

"He... He's in the hospital." He slowly stated, closely watching me for my reaction.

"What! How?" I asked wide-eyed. As in, how did I not know that my dad's in the hospital?

"There was an accident at his work... one of the machines broke, and a giant peice of metal landed right on top of him. Completely crushed his rib cage..." His voice was shaky, which was unlike Tod.

"What? No! That couldn't of happened!" He flinched, and I realized I was yelling. "I would have heard." I added weakly.

"Kaylee... You're hearing it now. Im so sorry..."

"Tod, you better not be screwing with me!" I spat out, secretly hoping he was.

"I wouldn't lie about something like this, Kaylee." He said sadly.

The tears that I'd been desperately trying to hold back now began falling. After a few seconds of watching me,Tod awkwardly leaned over and brushed the hair out of my eyes. I moved closer, burrying my tear stained face into his chest, and was surprised when he wrapped his arms around me instead of dissapearing into thin air. It was comforting having him so close. He whispered over and over, "I'm sorry, Kaylee. It's going to be all right."

"Is he okay?" I managed to ask between sobs, pulling myself away from the reaper, and wiping my eyes with the back of my sleeve.

"I think you should go visit him while you still have the chance." He said, obviously avoiding my question. He looked away, unable to make eye contact with me.

"What do you mean, 'While I still have the chance'?" I asked in disbelief, starring at him through soggy eyes.

"Kaylee... Im really sorry..." Tod whispered as tears of his own formed in his eyes. He quickly blinked them away, and when he looked back down at me, his face was dead serious.

"Tod...?" I asked, uncertainly.

"Kaylee... Your dad's on my list."

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