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My eyes widened slightly as I sat there, frozen in shock. Did he just say he loved me? I silently asked myself, obviously knowing the answer.

I let my hand slip numbly from Tod's grip to rest on my lap. He looked down at the floor as his arm fell limply to his side. I stared up at him with innocently wide eyes, unable to form any words in my now dry mouth. He stood there, with a nervous and uncertain expression on his face, obviously waiting for an answer.

An answer that I couldn't give him.

Sure, I liked Tod. I liked him a lot, and what I felt towards him was definitely stronger than friendship. But even with that in mind, I couldn't bring myself to say that I loved him. I couldn't decide what the exact reason was, but at the moment I just couldn't make myself say the words.

Tod was getting visibly more impatient and fidgety by the moment, no doubt waiting for my response. Since words refused to come out of my mouth, I let my body react without thinking. Finally finding the courage to do something, I stood up from the chair, balancing myself on legs that suddenly felt like noodles. I got on my tip toes…

And I kissed Tod.

It was a soft, sweet kiss. The kind that makes you go weak in the knees and forget about every thought that was on your mind; which was exactly what happened. The only thing going through my head was how close we were, and how warm Tod felt against me as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I gently clasped my hands behind his neck, pulling him closer to me. The feeling of his lips against mine was something I wished would never end; but unfortunately, we soon pulled away from each other, slightly out of breath.

With nothing in my mind but Tod, I said the words I thought I'd never find the courage to say.

"Tod… I love you."

He smiled, sighing in relief. Then, He pulled me closer, wrapping his arms lightly around my body and planting a soft kiss on my forehead. I rested my head on his chest, feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted.

It may have taken a while to get me to open up, but finally, I'd admitted my feelings for Tod. And it was unbelievable how glad I was that he felt the same way.

And just then, a small redheaded child appeared beside us out of thin air, startling me away from Tod's hold. He looked around, confused; and when he saw Levi, his eyes practically popped out of his head. The small reaper pointed to an imaginary watch on his wrist as he looked at Tod disapprovingly.

"You're late... He," Levi paused, pointing to my sleeping father on the bed, "Should be dead by now."

This time it was my eyes that widened. I frantically looked up at the clock mounted on the wall and read the time. Shit. It was just before 10:00. Honestly, I had no idea how time had passed so fast, when it felt like it had barely been half an hour. And now, Levi was pissed.

"Sorry, there was a little… Delay." He looked over at me and gave a small smile in which I returned.

"What kind of delay?" Levi asked, sounding amused.

Not wanting to share any bit of my personal life with the reaper, I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind. Boy, was that a mistake.

"Oh, I offered to switch my date for my dad's," I said innocently, nodding towards the hospital bed.

He gave a small, mischievous smile. "Well, that can easily be arranged."

"Levi," Tod growled angrily. "Don't you dare."

"You can't tell me what to do." He said in a mocking voice, and for once he actually sounded like the little child that he was. And that was when I realized what a huge mistake I'd made. I pretty much just asked the most powerful reaper to kill me; and apparently, he'd be glad to.

Tod walked protectively towards me, never looking away from the small redhead that seemed much less threatening than he actually was. "Don't." He warned.

"What can you do to stop me? The girl wants to switch her date so her father will live. It's her choice." They both looked at me. Levi had a look of sheer determination, whereas Tod had a pleading expression. Now that the question was completely on me, it was an excruciatingly hard choice. Let my father live? Or let him go peacefully, and stay here until my date pops up on the list? Apparently I took too long to answer, because Levi got impatient and made up my mind for me.

"I'll take that as a yes." He said, looking around. "Now what is there in here that I can use to kill you?" He asked with a sly grin.

"Levi," Tod begged. "Please don't do this… Kaylee," He said, turning to me. "You don't want this, do you?" He asked desperately, clinging to my hand. I'd never seen him looking so scared before.

"I-I don't know, Tod…" I stuttered, trying to piece my own thoughts together. "This is what I wanted, but I don't know now." His eyes shined with unshed tears.

The whole time, Levi was still looking around, trying to find something, anything he could use to kill me. Was that what I wanted? I kept thinking about it, but the answer refused to come to me.

Levi groaned in annoyance, and disappeared a few seconds later. Tod sighed in relief as soon as the reaper was gone. But he surprised us both when he appeared not seconds later, carrying a broken stop sign. I was just plain confused, although Tod seemed to get it right away, because as soon as the reaper appeared, his eyes narrowed. "You sick bastard." He muttered, and I couldn't believe he'd talked to Levi like that. Although all that the small redhead did was give a small grin directed towards Tod.

"You'll thank me later. Now, how about we make this moment… Memorable, shall I say? Tod, this should bring back some memories. And this also serves as your punishment for missing the reaping." He said confidently before shoving the sharp metal end of the sign straight through my chest.

My eyes widened in fear and I let out a small gasp of pain as blood puddled around the thick metal bar. It was a feeling worse than anything I'd ever experienced. The sharp sting of the metal tearing through my flesh echoed through my body. Tod caught me before I fell to the ground, and the last thing I saw was his face, dripping with fresh tears. Then, a sort of thick grey fog covered every surface in the room until the only thing I could see was blackness.

I was going to die.


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