There are hundreds of students heading into the high school building in the starting of Spring. Everyone cheered up from the return of their Spring Break vacation and back to meeting up with their friends. To any students who escaped this town gets to avoid one main particular reason. Ghosts. Yeah, I had to stay here in the city of Amityville to prevent ghosts attacking the citizens or taking over our world.

Well, at least it wasn't a total disaster when my parents went out shopping for their latest inventions. Jazz had this ideal fun to study ahead of the class for the entire week and she claimed she's already getting into the first year college level. Pff, who cares! I spent my time flying and enjoyed my freedom. With a grin on my face the fact that it gets me closer to outer space for the love of the universe.

I'm enjoying my junior year and it's getting to the end of school year. Hell, I'm glad to see my friends and meeting them at Sam's locker. She smiled to acknowledge my arrival and Tucker did the secret hand shake with me until we clapped at the end to finish it off. It was great to see them before first period start.

"Danny!" Tucker nodded.

I chuckled, "Hey Tucker, Sam."

Sam held her book down, "How was your vacation, Danny?"

My shoulders shrugged off, "Relaxing. How about you guys?"

Tucker started to ramble on about his parents took him out to a museum of meat and that he fell in love with the world expert meat. Sam mentioned that she went to her cousin's house while her parents went out to the tea restaurant and that really caught my attention how sneaky she could be. Then again, my best friends are sneaky because of our ghost fighting experience. I told them the basic ghost attack and fighting like Ember tried to lure me into her slave and that Jazz kicked her damn ass. Hell, I wish they could have seen my sister in full action.

"And she whipped out the attack just like that? Dude, I think I'm in love with your sister!" Tucker started to drool.

My feet stepped back a bit, "Uh, creepy. No, ew!" My hands raised to defend my thoughts about Tucker and my sister…dating? That thought alone is ugh!

"Sorry, but she has been getting better in battling. I can't help it!" His hands went up to carry his exaggeration.

My eyes rolled and gagged, "If you date her, I will write pages of contact or you will get butt kick from my damn powers."

Sam whistled, "Ooh, over protective much? You better watch out, Tucker." She seems to enjoy this way too much.

My hands rest into my pockets and they joined along with me to our history class. Not that it's boring and all, it's just the same lesson like any history say. They repeat with war, long years to gain to win and that people suffer economically and emotionally. What is to expect? I could see Sam doodling in her notebook and not caring about the history. Tucker explored into his PDA to read into different history. My thoughts that he would be looking into history of technologies knowing how much he loves them.

Oh, fantastic! My ghost scent went off in the first class I finally came on time and this has got to be a joke! I immediately raised my hand panicking the fact the ghost could hurt anyone and couldn't risk it. The teacher allowed me to leave for 'bathroom' excuse. I swear, they will all think I have bladder issue and start commenting to my parents about my health problem. I hurried off and find a hiding place to go ghost. I flew around and searched for a ghost and behind me, I could hear someone.

"Hm, another ghoul loose, Mr. Phantom?" I turned and saw Mr. Lancer.

No one knew my identity and neither does Mr. Lancer. Though, Mr. Lancer gotten into the routine whenever I show up. He would throw once in blue moon advice or lessons. I made a deal with him in my Phantom form that he can say anything he wants as long he keeps quiet about my defending the school when ghosts are sneaking around. He didn't have to take it so difficult and took highly advantage of this. He even sweeten in for himself that I'd take the exams to prove his newer theory for education. I have a feeling I might have to start studying soon if he wants to take stronger pride in teaching.

"Mr. Phantom, did you know that William Shakespeare written over fifty in his collections?" The familiar question.

I nodded and glancing around to see any other ghost, "Yes, he wrote about 56 at least, not including sonnets. He even written poems to the collection. The famous writing of his work is Hamlet, King Henry V, and Romeo & Juliet." I added on to see if that brings the smile on him and it did.

"Well done, I see you attend to the library for free studying on your own. Impressive, continue as you are doing. I have to welcome a new student anyway." He started to head down the hall way to the office.

A new student? That's definitely unusual and completely different to hear. Then, something got turned around on my ears about my human name from Mr. Lancer. He's talking about me? I wanted to follow him and something dawned on me. The ghost, I had to check around and a quick blasted onto the locker. Ugh! My head shook and tried to hurry up.

"Where are you ghost?" There isn't any ghost nearby or insight.

I floated up and searched. It could be possible the ghost is invisible at the current time. Damn, I don't want to leave and know this ghost can take strong advantage over me. I learned that mistake a year ago. I restored back to my spot figured out that the ghost shot me from a particular angle. It was red ectoplasm and it helped to narrow down a few. I knew Vlad wouldn't do this technique seeing how he's out to expose his attention on me. I pondered who it could be for sure.

I explored around and kept my eyes and ears open. Being alert to my entire surround and the hallway lacks people. I guess it's completely safe for now. I head back to the hiding place and restore back to being a Fenton. Who's ever ghost ray hit me and flew off? Maybe Sam and Tucker could help me out with messaging notes between all of us. The history teacher barely noticed me coming back into the class and I hung out in the back with my friends. I started to write out the note and letting both Sam and Tucker know what happened. They knew I had something important to say and –

"Class! May I have your attention? We have something important to announce." Our History teacher announced and caused me to hurry up in my writing.

I passed down the note and they both read it together to get the news out before the teachers would announce whatever it is.

"Mr. Lancer will announce the important reason why your attention is needed." He gestured at the door.

I could see the skinny black jeans entered into the room and the man coughed a couple of times to receive everyone's attention, especially my friends and me. We paid well attention and waited to see. I had a feeling I already knew what could be due to Phantom and Lancer class time. The irony I discovered today and can't wait to see the difference this person could make in this class, even Sam and Tucker would probably be looking forward to meet a new person.

"Thank you. I'd like to say that we have a new student attending here and recently settled into moving here." Mr. Lancer gestured the door and his hand encourage the new student to enter into the class with a smile.

I could see black ballerina sneakers with a pair of long black pants like a business pant. The body had a feminine curve on the hips like Sam's body. The t-shirt has that have short selves with a V-neck and under it with white long selves. I finally met up with a face and there are beautiful cheekbones, crystal blue eyes, and a dark hair. She had a body cross purse with the color of silver. For some reason, I felt like I have a butterfly stomach and shook my head.

"Class, please meet Lavada Messtar." He introduced her when she began to smile awkward and nervous.

Lavada looks around the classmate and meeting their eyes. I could hear everyone whispering among themselves and even Paulina is making horrid joke about the clothes the new kid is wearing. I say she is wearing is perfect enough and I bet Sam could be great friends with Lavada! I rarely see Sam with any female friends other than befriending with Valerie. It's not that I don't mind she hangs out with Tucker and me, it's just that she needs someone that isn't like Paulina or someone doesn't hate her being herself.

Our history teacher came up to Lavada and greeted her with the class, "Welcome Miss Messtar and please sit anywhere you'd like in the classroom. I am giving out lecture about the Vietnam War and how it impact on our society. Are you familiar with this subject?" He asked her kindly.

Lavada nodded, "Yes, last time I left we were discussing about how Iraq came about to be and the Presidents of United States have done during those time." Her voice filled with fierce and soothing.

She headed down to the back of the class room and sat next to the table from me. She grinned larger when she see the real me. The fact that I wasn't invisible to her and felt so welcomed.

"Lavada! Don't sit with those loser freak! If you want everyone to know you, sit up with us and I guareente you won't be hated here." Paulina chuckled.

My eyes rolled the way Paulina behaved and I didn't care about her anymore. Lavada didn't pay attention towards Paulina and just looks at me.

"Hi, what's your name?" Lavada asked me.

Shocked to hear anyone wants to know and I looked behind me to be sure she's directly talking to me, "I-I-I'm Danny Fenton. I-I hope you'll like your school here." Ah! That was stupid!

Lavada softly giggled, "I'm already liking it here." She pulled out her schedule and resume to what she has.

"I'm glad, Lavada. If you need help around here, I'm at your service." I grinned at her.

Her eyes brighten up and look at me, "That would be wonderful! I'd like help to get to class and know my way, if that's not too much. I-I don't want to make you late for class." She took my offering?

I swear I must be delusional here or she's really sick here. No one in the entire school but Sam and Tucker has ever taken my offering to help out! Lavada started to giggle at my reaction and felt warmer on my cheeks.

"Don't worry about it, I'll deal with the teachers about tardiness. No biggie." I shrugged, "May I see your schedule?" Hopefully I wouldn't push my button here.

She nodded and handed them, "I hope they're not far from yours to my class on this schedule."

When looking down at a fresh sheet of paper, I focused on all of her schedule and something seems so familiar. Wait-whoa! Never in my life have I seen anyone with this schedule other than mine!

"Your schedule is exactly the same as mine!" My head shook to believe this for real.

I could hear Sam and Tucker whispering loudly behind me, "What?"

Lavada looked behind me to see my friends, "I hope you're kidding, Danny. Um…are they your friends?" Her eyes had nervous wreck going on.

I chuckled, "Yup," I moved so she could see them and gestured who is who, "This is Tucker and Sam. They're my best friends. Do you care to join us for lunch, Lavada?" Did I kind of ask her out?

She grinned, "Yes please. I wouldn't want to feel alone eating lunch."

Oh, I think I gave her comfort that she isn't alone and recently rejected or ignored what Paulina said. My eyes checked on Sam and her smirk shows it how sweet revenge for Paulina to not get her way. Typical of Sam to act like this. Tucker had this joy for more friends with us and I couldn't help to know the fact we aren't judge this time.

After I handed back the schedule to Lavada, we focused our attention towards the teacher and carried on the last few minutes of it. Once the bell ring, everyone flee from this class and hung outside of the classroom to talk with their friends. My friends and I didn't rush out like others and Lavada looks nervous for the next class.

"Come on, Lavada, I'm not backing out of my promise since we have the exactly the same schedule." I grinned at her.

Lavada sighs and look up at me, "I would have to follow you anyway."

I acknowledged her, "Yup. Trust me, you'll love health class when we can tease about Dash's brain."

Lavada gotten confused, "Dash? His brain?"

Tucker joined along with me to nod, "Yup, he's the top football player in our class. He's not that very bright of intelligent." Tucker spared her the details.

She caught on and laughed, "He's really that stupid? Wow! I'd hate to be pairing up anyone who isn't serious about their education." That hits Sam amusement.

"You know, you're my kind of a girl, Lavada. Proud to have an education and by the way, love your clothes. Where did you get them?" Sam spoke up when she rested her hands on her hips.

Lavada grinned to see how well she is getting along with my friends, "My mom runs the designer company and I come into her office once a month to get new clothes. It's nothing serious, though. A small company is getting a hang of what's the latest style and what isn't. If it wasn't for me, the business would have gone down." She explained.

A clothe design company, "And your clothes is completely original?"

"Yeah, I know. Corny, isn't it?"

"Hell no, it's not corny! That's something cool in my book and seriously, black loves you all over it!" Sam grinned and gazing at the clothes.

Lavada became more part of our conversation when heading down to our classes. Sam had to go separate way due to different schedule and Tucker won't depart after English class. We wouldn't be seeing Sam until English class. We headed into a different classroom which is health class and the teacher had Dash sitting next to the teacher's desk. Today is going to be interesting! Tucker poked her arm a couple of time and Lavada looked at him to see what he wanted. Tucker pointed out who Dash is and she started to giggle for Dash's embarrassment. She nailed down the fact he's a brawn over brain.

Lavada didn't care about being introduced as long she got companies or 'friends' on her side. I'm glad to be friends with her considering how nice, welcoming, and not judge person she truly is. Lavada had a good taste in style for clothes and Sam admired that. The only thing I have in common with is the fact we have the exact schedule. Well, I barely know her anyway. There's probably something to find in common with her like I do with Sam and Tucker.

The health teacher stated out that Dash's brain size is both of his fist. He blushed embarrassing to learn this all and that he can't absorb everything he has done. He would process basic memory like remember names, schedule, games, and somewhat of the class lessons if he ever remembers them. Then, the teacher would use example to make it look like Dash has illness problem or something. I didn't hear much since it's hard to stop snickering and even Lavada getting a kick of it. The entire class really learned a lot from our teacher today and it was a total enjoyment for this! Hell yeah, it's so worth being in this class.

The time went by fast and not much to say about the other classes and how Mr. Lancer is talking more about Shakespeare. I had to focus my entire attention for this class if I want to prove his theory well and pass his exams. Who knows, the school might allow what college does. Independent study would be awesome and that means no test or homework until exam days arrive. Sam and Tucker thought if this is possible, we could be able to have less stress about missing out or pile on homework. If Lavada is staying here until the end of high school, I bet she can join us- Oh, yeah. My secrets. I can't tell her that. Ugh! Having a superhero secret is damn no fun. My arms quietly crossed to fold in my frustration even though no one has a clue what is going on my mind.

Mr. Lancer was mentioning how Shakespeare didn't get recognition when people started to acknowledge his books and the fact how his writing is very well written. Ding, ding! The bell alerted everyone and my stomach hit off a growl at me. I chuckled with the argument of my empty stomach and I bet my friends are hungry also. I got up and meet up with them.

"I'm starving, are you guys too?" I asked.

They all nodded and we walked down to a short cut to avoid the insane walking traffic to get into the cafeteria. No one else knew about the secret short cut and Lavada noticed how others walked in the opposite direction. It was shocking for her to learn the quickest short cut when you use the school bathroom to the janitor to the cafeteria. Of course, Sam led her through the bathroom since it's not co-ed bathroom.

"I hope you're hungry, Lavada." I wondered what type of food she eats into.

She nodded, "Yup. I hope there is at least decent food here."

Did my ears hear…decent? Does anyone say that anymore? She kind of sound like Jazz to me. Man, I miss my sister and annoying her lately. Jazz has settled into college well and loved it more than anything in the world.

"It depends on the food you're talking about, Lav." Sam nicknamed her already.

"What does the school serves here?" She asked while raising one of her eyebrows.

"Oh, the good meat and Sam's garbage food." Tucker pointed out.

I rolled my eyes and dragged Lavada out immediately, "Trust me, you wouldn't want to get involved in this."

Sam and Tucker started fighting about vegetarian food isn't garbage and that meat isn't polluted junk food. It never ends, I swear they fight like a couple. I let go Lavada go and we entered into the line for food.

"Sorry about that. Sam's a vegetarian and Tucker is fanatic about meat. They argue a lot about it and I intend to stay out of it. If you're caught, well, you're on your own." My shoulders gave out.

"Thanks for the save then." She looks at the variety food for a little while before we could get to the lunch ladies, "So…is it true what they say in this town?" She popped up the question.

I blinked to get the puzzle together, "What about the town?"


I chuckled, "As long Phantom is here, we have nothing to worry about." My arm rested on her arm to ensure her that it's okay.

Her adorable cheekbones show a truer color, "The famous Phantom? I'm glad to hear."

I look at her eyes, the kind blue and beautiful eyes, and her hair matches her perfectly. I wouldn't want to change it any other way.

"Lavada, I…" I didn't know what I was thinking, "…hope you're not afraid of the ghosts, are you?" Dammit, I messed up. I need encouragement here!

Her skin showed more color than usual, "I think can hurt me," Her voice shook fear.

"I promise you, no one in this town has ever gotten hurt from ghost."

She nodded hastily, "If you say so."

We ended up taking our lunch order in line and I watched what she orders. She asked for a regular grilled cheese and a salad with some chicken in them. More than enough, she impressed me and I chuckled.

"How about that English homework, Mr. Lancer gave us?" Dammit, not the right words!

She looked at me strangely as if she thinks I'm insane, "Yeah, who gives that much homework? I'll survive his, I won't survive science homework we got." She shrugged.

I nodded, "Hey, science isn't that difficult. English is for me, though."

"Hey, why don't we do a study group with your friends and come at my house?" She suggested.

That snapped my eyes open, "Sure that would be great!" I grinned at her knowing I get to know her…with Sam and Tucker, of course.