-Danny's Point of view –

Today felt so different, nervous wrecking, and damn, I'm not so sure about going through this! I kept marching back in forth in this…weird room. Why am I so damn nervous? I started to pick up my phone and texted Vlad.

i Vlad, I don't know if I can do this! /i

I sent the text and waited, back and forth, and going crazy. A door knocked and my hands jittered.

"Who is it?" I couldn't let anyone come in.

"Your fashion designer?" There was a hint of sarcastic in her voice.

I scoffed, "Haha, very funny Sam. Come on in."

Sam entered in with her happy smile for me and she had all of her fashion kit for the day. Her hair really gotten longer since Tucker enjoyed that, she got this new trend for a while, and I admired her. Vlad insisted she would be the one to do our clothes. Heck, she was already prepared to design for our future sets. She sets down the stuff down and puts her hands on her hips.

"Okay, what's wrong, Danny?" Sam shifted her eyes at me.

I sat down on this short couch, "What do you expect, Sam? I'm nervous!"

She nodded and sat down next to me, "Danny, you love Vlad, right?"

"Sam, you know I do! I'm crazy for him."

Sam smiled, "Then, don't make it any different, Danny. You love him all your life now and there's no undoing it. Just love him today and love him more in for tomorrow." She held my hand.

It's funny how she used to crush on me and now, she's with my best friend, Tucker. I chuckled and eased up. I got a text and checked onto it.

Vlad's Message: i Hang in there, think about our future, little badger./i

His words meant so much to me and I sighed. I turned off the phone and glanced up at Sam.

"Alright, let's get started on your work, Sam. We got an hour before the time comes."

Sam smirked and grabbed this white suit that had some black touch by her. I could tell she hinted some Phantom style. The suit had a tail like into a prom like dress of layers and reminded me of a salsa dress. The white pant had a similar feel like to my jeans and so opening to feel. She got these dancing shoes in swirling white and black color. She fixed it up to make sure it's not too long or tight. She knew what she was doing.

"I'm glad your parents let you run your own fashion business." I laughed.

Sam smirked, "I thought they would end up sending me to a therapy for wanting to design clothes, but after they saw you wearing them. They thought it was a good idea. I can't wait to see Paulina begging on her knees to have my design."

I laughed at her insane ideas, but that's Sam. I guess being nervous had no reasons and Vlad's my man. My fruitloop for the rest of my life. I couldn't wait! So exciting to see him again. Two years actually flew by and the fact I already graduated from high school with Lionel, Sam, Tucker, and Dash. Four years I have known Vlad and we have gotten much closer. I couldn't believe it was about three weeks ago, we graduated. Vlad made a way to convince people that Lavada moved out of the country for her mother's business work to increase.

"OW!" I glared at her, "Sam!"

Sam rolled her eyes at me, "Sorry! You moved! Stop being a big baby, you deal worse than this anyway."

I chuckled, "I know, but everything does hurt."

Sam tossed me a container filled with painkillers, "Take this then."

I mocked, "Oh, joy. Medicines are the best, aren't they?

Sam couldn't stop laughing, "Hey, Jazz told me that if you are in pain again. Take them, she knows what she is talking about."

I toss the containers on the couch and knew what Sam meant. Jazz thought taking something to ease the pain down would be better and help me to get over pain for short amount of time. Like, whenever dad hugs me tight, I get into a state of trauma of being beaten up by Raven all over in my mind through pain.

"Besides, you pinned my skin." I teased.

Sam rolled her eyes, "Well, excuse me for not taking enough fashion class here. You will be fine, you heal way too fast on my account. Every time you get cut up severely, the next hour is almost turning into a scar!" Sam did observe well.

I laughed to think about that time when one of the ghosts had this weird knife battling and ended up cutting me up like crazy. Way worse than the beauty pageant things. I couldn't believe the thoughts of today were actually happening.

"…you and Vlad, getting married today is something. I can't even believe you got Valerie on the guest list!" Sam shook her head, "But, hey…it's your wedding. Not mine." She puts the sewing stuff into her kit and grabbed something else.

She came closer and sets something on top of my hair. It was one of those things that bride women wear on their head like a small crown and she clipped it into my hair. She pushed it back and fixed up my hair. Sam stepped back and admires her taste for me.

"You look fantastic, Danny. Now, I got to go finish up with Vlad's outfit and both of you will be starting your wedding in twenty minutes." She picked up her stuff.

I blushed, "Thanks, Sam. Is everyone here already? Like mom and dad? Dani?"

I started to feel an extra cold and looked around quickly. Sam blinked at my weird behavior for the day.

"Dani, I know you're here." My hand fists are on my waists.

Dani appeared in her Phantom form, "I can never hide from you, Danny." She giggled.

Sam shook her head to never understand our relationship and left us alone. Dani stood in front of me and altered to being her Fenton side. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress for a best man sort of a thing. I noticed she got this new ring on her finger and I pointed at her finger.

"Where did you get the ring?"

Dani giggled, "It's Dash's senior ring. He gave it to me to make it official that we're dating now. It's been two years, where have you been? Are you going to get married today or do you wanted to get your butt kick?"

I laughed to our predictable sayings and I guess that would my fault, sort of. I patted her head and shook my head.

"I say getting married, tomorrow I'll kick your butt." I made a deal with my own clone.

Dani shook her head, "Nah uh! You are going on a honeymoon, cousin. Vlad tells me he wants you to go and you're going!" She stated that clearly.

"Seriously! I don't need a honeymoon when I have my man!"

She shook her head again, "No, you're going with him. I'll take care of the town and it's my responsibilities now. Everyone knows we're a cousin, so what are you worried about now? Valerie will help me out too, so relax!"

Dani did have a point there. I grew up protecting Amityville for four years and July is the only month I get the chance to protect it now. It's funny how much I became a hero. Four years does make a difference and I'm proud to be a part of it. A strange ring tone went off and Dani hurried up to get the phone out of her dress's pocket. Damn, that's a creative idea Sam came up with. She started to answer.

"Hello? Oh, bunny! Well, yes, I'm with Danny…nah, he's fine. I can feel his emotions naturally. Awe, Bunny! Seriously! You are the best! Hehe, okay. I'll see you in a few minutes." She hung up on the phone.

It's funny how she calls Dash, Bunny, and I had no clue why. Well, okay…maybe I do. One thing for sure…

"Would you quit knowing my feelings!" I blushed.

Dani shrugged, "Danny, you're nervous. It's Vlad, we're talking about. Anyway, Dash will be here in a few minutes. You got everything covered? Your part of the bouquet?"

I glanced around the room and spotted them on the makeup table. I grabbed them and showed them to her.

"Yup, got the white roses. Is my parents here?"

Dani nodded, "Yup, they drove in their new Fenton car. The laws really lost it when Fenton dad drives like crazy. He hates it, though." She shrugged, "Personally, I feel much safer even if I'm half ghost."

I couldn't blame her. The way dad drive was insane. I couldn't bear the thoughts of anything happening since he can't even shoot anti-etco at ghosts or even me! Mom, on the other hand, she can kick my butt sometimes, but I love it when I can beat hers. They kept whispering something about grandchildren would be nice, but Vlad hasn't got to the part of explaining how it can be possible for us. Dani hugged me and I did the same back.

"Have fun on your awesome day, Danny. Seriously, you two haven't been departed for more than six hours." Dani insisted.

I nodded, "I will and no sex with Dash behind my back!" I glared.

I could easily feel she's embarrassed, "Hey! I'm going the same way as you are. Seriously, I get it. Sex equal babies." She flew out of the room.

I sat down on the couch and stared at the clock. Ten more minutes until I walk down that lane. Damn, I miss him too much and it's only been four hours. At least we are at a hotel and he planned the whole thing himself. Vlad is probably nervous too and waiting for me. I grabbed the guest list and reminded myself there isn't anyone I'm hiding from other than the priest for short while. Vlad is aging down to eighteen which I am portraying as too. We're both legally aged to what others see in their eyes and my parents couldn't argue with our aging ability. Seriously, it complicated for them to figure it out.

I viewed the guest list:

i Madeline Fenton

Jack Fenton

Jasmine Fenton

Danielle Fenton

Samantha Manson

Tucker Foley


Kyle Hunters

Valerie Gary

Damon Gary

Dash Baxter

Ghost Writer and his human



Box Ghost



Johnny Thirteen




Princess Dora


Mr. Lancer/i

I can't believe Vlad convinced me to invite my enemies over to the wedding, but he said that he had strict words with them about doing anything that cross his and my lines. For me, it was obviously serious threats and they knew it well. I already gotten like several ghost scent happening today and Dani probably don't affect mine. Mr. Lancer, though, he caught me transforming to Fenton when I was done with the exams before prom happened. How ironic, all these years he talked to Phantom and me, he never once realized. He said that I kept my personalities separate very well and I guess my acting came in handy around people. It's funny how life turns around and shows a big difference.

I set the list down and breathed. Hopefully the ghosts would be invisible until the priest is gone. The clock was getting close and I gathered myself together. The white thing on my head is moved to the front like most brides do and the bouquets are in my hands. I opened the door and began to walk out into the hallway. I was getting close to the lane where I met up Vlad and the lights were getting brighter. My knees felt wobbly and just felt like running. There's a soft music playing, more joyful rather than, 'Here comes the bride' because it always reminded me that death music. I smiled when I saw his face. Vlad had a similar suit like mine, only opposite color; black. Sam purposely made us wear suit and a dress in one. It was perfect!

Everyone rose from their seats, taking pictures of me, and the place was so beautiful. The rose pedals of yellow helped me follow up to Vlad. The style was a calming effect and almost like a royal Christmas style. I walked up to him and his eyes were lighting up brighter than ever.

I saw my parents in the front rows and Jazz was next to them. Lionel amused to this exciting event. Everyone was happy to be here for us. I noticed the ghosts were in a disguise of a human and I was kind of impressed. The priest began to welcome everyone and started to propose a question for objection of our marriage. No one would it and held in peace. He carried on to the start of our ceremony and Vlad smiled at me. Just several minutes away to be my husband and everything seem out of it. We were so happy, our listening never cared to pay attention, and times went by so fast.

We said our special vows and felt so good. The priest turned to my attention and asked this one question.

"Will you, Daniel Fenton, take Vlad to be your husband, your partner in life and your one true love? Will you cherish him friendship and love him today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor him, laugh with him and cry with him? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" He asked.

I smiled at Vlad, "I do." I felt so good saying it.

The priest turned to Vlad, "Will you, Vladimir Masters, take Danny to be your husband, your partner in life and your one true love? Will you cherish him friendship and love today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor him, laugh with him and cry with him? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?"

Vlad's eyes brighten up, "I do." His voice proud and brave to take me.

The priest turned to the both of us and the guests. Everyone held each other's hands and being prepared to see the final moment we all have been waiting for.

"You may now kiss each other." That was the line.

Vlad leaned in and removed the veil thing back. He held my head and kissed me. I didn't care about hiding our kiss; it was finally our turn to show how much we love each other. The priest stepped out of the room for us to celebrate. Everyone awed at our kissing and it felt so good. I came up closer and hugged Vlad without breaking up the kiss. I could feel the flashing lights of several cameras around us. I didn't care because we are married now.

We drifted a part to breath and chuckled at our special day. Dad started to join us and patted Vlad's back.

"Hey V-man! We're family now!" Dad smiled.

Vlad couldn't dare to think of it now, "Of course, Jack. How could we not be?"

Mom started to come up to me and hugged me.

"Oh, Danny! I'm so happy for you, sweetie!" Mom couldn't stop hugging me.

I blushed, "Thanks, mom." I hugged back.

Mom finally let me go and then, I saw Clockwork with legs for the first time. Then, someone came up with him. Dan. I shuddered. I went up to Clockwork.

"What's he doing here?" I barely looked at Dan.

Clockwork grinned, "He's my companionship. You said so on the invitation, invite others who will not attack."

"Congratulations, little twit." Dan announced.

I blinked, "You have been training him or something?"

Clockwork chuckled, "You will learn more later. Now, take your time and celebrate today. Tomorrow is something you should be focusing on."

Clockwork and his words about time always advising well and I shifted over to Dan. I lifted my hand up.

"Thanks, Dan." Clockwork was right about one thing, celebrate today.

Dan growled and shook my hand, "I never understand what you see in Vlad, but hell, you're happier." He shrugged.

I rolled my eyes at the evil self, couldn't believe he's even here! If Clockwork considers him as a companionship, I guess it's fine. Sam came up with Tucker, which they are still not married yet.

"Dude! You're married!" Tucker high fived me.

I high fived him back, "Thanks, Tuck!"

Sam hugged us, "My best boys, huh? Opps, I mean, my best man." She giggled.

Vlad came up and snuck a kiss behind my neck, "Hello my badger." He glanced over to our friends, "Sam, I thank you for making this wonderful wedding clothes. It looks amazing and feels comfortable."

I agreed, "Oh, yeah, Sam. You even got me going for his looks now."

Sam shrugged, "You two kept talking about someone is wearing the bride dress and I thought, neither of you mentioned about combining it."

Dani and Dash started to join us. Dash tossed something over to me and I almost dropped it. He smiled innocently and Vlad glared at him.

"It's a wedding present, I hope both of you like it." Dash smiled.

Thankfully, I gotten over Dash and his little crush on me once he realize it was actually Dani he was in love with the entire time. Vlad looked at the present and I smiled.

"Thanks, Dash. We'll open it when we are done with our cake." I grinned.

Dash gave a thumb up at us and Vlad hasn't went through the irriated mood. I grabbed Vlad's head and kissed him. He blushed and held me in his arms.

"Damn, I miss you so much, Daniel."

I nodded, "Same here, let's not get too much departed again."

"You guys need to make sure you aren't always spending time with each other." Jazz joined in.

Lionel chuckled off to what Jazz has buzzed into.

I rolled my eyes, "Don't worry, Jasmine." I giggled, "That's what schools are for."

Everyone in this room knew we can't age right, but doesn't mean we have to miss out some fun or adventures through the long life of our years. However, Dani was a special case. Dash was glad to find someone like her instead of me. Dani was able to age normally and she gained newer powers. Vlad and I did some studying that Dani didn't really go through the ghost portal or something similar. So, therefore, she was actually born as a ghost for a start and later on, gained to be half human. Since ghosts' ages like Dan or Skulker or Box Ghost, Dani has no reasons to worry. My clone was unique in her own way and sometimes, I'd be damn to see what I'd really look like if I were a girl. Vlad only viewed her as a daughter and nothing else. I viewed her as a little cousin and she is awesome.

"Hey ghost boy, congratulations on marrying the fruitloop." That was Valerie.

I turned around and smiled, "Thanks, Val! Well, he's my fruitloop…surprised you figured it out after three years."

Valerie shook her head, "Uh huh, I'm still surprise about all of this. Seriously, you have been dating him right under our own nose."

Vlad hung on my shoulders, "Pretty much to be with him more, Ms. Gary."

Her dad started to follow up and let's just say he hasn't been pleased how he tricked Valerie into ghost hunting.

"Hello Danny, thank you for inviting us to your wedding." He smiled for me.

"No problem, Mr. Gary. It wouldn't have been great without you." I thought pleasing him would ease up.

"Of course, but could you talk some sense into Valerie about not hunting ghosts?"

I sighed, "Mr. Gary, out of respect. It's Val's decision and if she handled me about three years, she's capable of dealing with other ghosts that are here too."

Vlad nodded, "Ms. Valerie is much like Daniel, only she is more aware of the risks. Danielle will be able to assist her now when we are away on our honeymoon tomorrow." He smiled.

I groaned about the honeymoon and went over to Lionel. Lionel did look like he's having fun and picked up a glass of wine. He has been practicing to age like Vlad and me. He pretty much caught up to where he needed to be and Jazz is taking over the apartment for us.

"Hey Lionel, enjoying your time?"

He nodded, "Yes. I miss the joy of wedding, but it's much more fun than I have attended to. You and Vlad look so happy like any couple."

"…Thanks, I guess?"

Lionel smiled, "No problem."

Lionel has been working so hard on being a regular person and heck; he's already volunteering to work with Jazz being her assistance. Jazz knew well he needed a job and she has taught him so much. Jazz is already working between school hours and now, she's running a club that allows people to feel special about themselves and be proud of their talent. I admire the idea and Dani already joined her club to show others how bright and talented she was for an average human.

"Hey Mr. Lancer." I waved at him.

He came up, "Ah, Mr…." Mr. Lancer kind of got stuck to figure out what to call me now.

I hummed, "It's Masters, sorry about the confusion Mr. Lancer."

He nodded, "Ah, great Gatsby, you are the one at the bottom then."

I felt cold about that, "…er, thanks?"

Mr. Lancer patted my back and started to join the rest of the people to celebrate the day. Ember started to rock out her music and Vlad thought it would be much better to someone we both knew. Ember helped us out by organizing the whole sets of music and enjoyed our type of music. She didn't mind at all as long she was able to play her guitar to an audience, never minding the size of the audience. Someone grabbed my hand and swirled me around.

"Hello badger," He kissed me.

I giggled and blushed, "Fruitloop."

Vlad and I started to dance and noticed how everyone joined along. Dash was being careful with Dani, mom and dad danced with each other, and Jazz and Lionel paired up for the fun of it. Tucker and Sam hugged onto each other while dancing. Some of the ghosts did it alone, Valerie kept her guards up with some of the ghosts, and Mr. Lancer listened to Ember's music as if he could be hypnosis. But, I swear…Lionel and my sister have been closer than ever since they met. They would even work in the same business and the way she looked at him. I bought it up once last year and Jazz immediately said that they were just being friends. Lionel, on the other hand, wasn't much of a talker about their relationship. All he said is he was glad to be friends with her. I say they're in denial about each other and I'd give them some time to figure it out. After all, it took two years for my Vlad and I to admit our love.

Mom came up dancing slowly, "Hello my men, I thought I should say we'll be looking forward to grandchildren anytime soon."

I blinked and stalked my eyes at mom. Dang, she must love kids somehow. I swear, she does.

"Uh…we haven't talk much about it, yet, mom." I chuckled awkwardly.

Vlad nodded, "Yes, we still want to enjoy our freedom before your grandchildren could come." He smiled.

Of course, we have talked about it and we barely even gotten to do sex yet. We haven't done it, no matter how many times Dash comes crossing by, and asked me about the feel our sex…ugh, it was raped I told Dash. He insisted, but Vlad nearly kill his temper over him. Mom nodded and walked over to dad to their dancing. It's funny how they are wearing good clothes. No, normal clothes. It's been so long since the camping trip and dad hated it. Ever since Dani lived with them, they changed it up to make it up for our lives, and adapted much better. No one was able to judge them or assume they were ghost hunters. Unless others recognize their voices easily, then they're doomed.

Speaking of doomed of evil, it's so weird how Vlad managed to get Raven working for him. Ever since Senior year began, Vlad started to do something entire new project for himself and make it possible to change Raven's evilness to good. Vlad told me that he wants Raven to be able to have good deeds by earning them. I couldn't blame Vlad for trying and Raven couldn't go against Vlad ever since he got trapped in his specific invention.

"Hm, what are you thinking of, Daniel?" Vlad whispered to my ear.

I blushed, "Oh, still surprised how you're getting Raven to work for you. Remind me how did you do that?"

Vlad smirked, "I hone down his powers so he wouldn't dare to lay a single finger on you or Lionel again."

I nodded, "Right. I forgot he's terrified of you now." As long Raven didn't live with us, I felt much safer, "Say, where is he living in?"

Vlad hummed, "About a mile and a half from Tucker's house."

Oh, yeah…that's why he never wanted me to go further down that street. I guess that would make sense, but hey…he never said anything about flying over in case I needed to patrol or something.

The music started to slow down more and reminding us about our dinner recipient. Vlad and I ran over to the main and center table before others could start getting to their seats or be starving. It was fun to race over through people and managed to get over to our table. Everyone noticed how wild we were being.

We picked up our glass and held it up to everyone.

"May we have everyone's attention?" I called out, holding high to my glass.

Everyone heard and started to turn around. They went over to their table and held their glass as well. I lowered mine and Vlad higher his up.

"I like to say, we thank you all for coming to our wedding and celebrating with us." Vlad smiled happy as he was, "There are two stories we both like to tell and thought everyone should feel the same. About twenty-six years ago, I was very obsess and naive over a woman who never fell in love with me. I let the love blind me and it caused me to become half ghost from the day of the incident. Sure, I was mad about it for years up to twenty years. When I spent my entire life alone, controlling my power, and fiddling my way to be rich; I ended up missing myself the good things about life and my aging. I thought I was the only ones, but nevertheless…the reunion party has bought us all together. I met the young boy and discover that I wasn't alone. The more I wanted him, the blinder I became." He smiled at that memory, "That he changed up my life, giving me the thrill, excitement, and much more. He was special to me and nothing more. I have forgotten the woman who I used to fell in love with and moved on." He finished.

Vlad lowered his glass and I moved mine back up.

"When I was fourteen, curiosity really killed me and I was new and alone about this. At first, I hated to be half ghost and I wanted to be normal kid with average grades. After dealing with many ghosts in the start of my life, I met this man who seemed to have a crush on one person. I didn't care as long he didn't pester me or something about it. After finding out that I wasn't the only one, I knew I gained an archenemy." I chuckled, "I thought he was a bitter, insane, and spoiled rich man and all in one, fruitloop. We fought so much, argument millions of times, and learn about each other. The more he looked at me, the less he looked at this old obsession. We became closer than ever for the past two years. I was blind a bit myself, lost, and curious. Until he showed me his other side, I fell in love with the man who would do anything to teach me about my powers, money, love, and secrets. Fruitloop is the man who makes me feel I belong somewhere in this world and now, I'm happy to be his husband."

Everyone raised their cup and cheered this wonderful moment.

"Now, we can all eat the lovely meal presented by Jasmine and Lionel for their all night and day works of food. They even made some ghostly meal as well." Vlad smiled.

Everyone smiled and helped themselves for the meal course. Vlad and I ended up joining everyone to get some food. Damn, I'm hungry and I spotted some of the delicious roast beef, side bread, and salad. Jazz and Lionel really put themselves through so much with the food and I'm definitely impressed. I know that I'm going to thanks them the most that's for sure. Vlad swap our plate and he started to feed me himself. I giggled and did the same.

"I love you, Danny." Vlad met my eyes.

I blushed, "I love you, Vlad."

It has been a while we called each other by name and it's nice to know we meant them. Everyone either watched us like a romantic movie or they enjoy themselves for dinner. The chattering started to take over and couldn't help it. Today was definitely fun.

Oh, my! I forgot about the cake part! Vlad and I got this cake about two weeks ago and finally agreed to one thing. Vanilla and Chocolate mixed cake with white frosting that had green glob like ghost shape. It was something we both looked forward to celebrate with! Oh man, how much I miss dessert for six months. Vlad made me go through this weird diet and saying that Sam insisted that we try not to change too much in this age. Oh well, as long it was worth the wait and it damn well was! Everyone gathered and watched us cut our first cake together. We both feed each other and somehow, get the frosting onto each other's nose. Vlad leaned in and licks it off my nose. I did the same and man, that was fun!

"Yay! Cake lick!" Dani shouted.

I rolled my eyes, "Uh huh."

Vlad and I started to cut up the rest of the cake. We hand one to each person in the room and even the ghost can have our cake. We didn't need to worry about the cake seeing how ghost cakes are worse. It was the last time Vlad and I are ever going to live in the ghost zone. It was too crucial for us and there was no way we'd survive like that. Everyone started to enjoy their cake and we finally sat down. We enjoyed our share of the cake and eating it was ten times better than a birthday cake.

After finishing up with the cake, Dani and Jazz started to bring over the wedding present and Vlad helped me open them up. We got a lot of cool stuff like this clock between Vlad's and my taste of a cabin like, but more digital like. There was another presents that had a large cute bear, but then again…Skulker intended that we're being hunted as bears now. Vlad never seem to ease up around Skulker, oh well. He's an easier target to deal with anyway. But, still, it was cute! There were some presents like plates, curtains, and candles. Lots of candles and they smell wonderful! Vlad admire the candles the most and I couldn't disagree to that! We nearly went through so much of presents; I don't think everything would be used too much like the candles.

Vlad dragged me onto the dance floor once more and I laughed with joy.

"Okay, Vlad! I'm coming now!"

Vlad had me in his arms and we started to dance like crazy. Everyone joined in and had a lot of fun. Although, my sister kept dancing awkwardly and my head shook at her. Lionel pulled her away and started to show her some of the basic dancing. Ember really enjoyed playing her instrument and it was fun to listen to.

"Okay, everybody! Now, the newlywed couples are to dance with the parents!" Ember announced.

I sighed and Vlad wasn't pleased to look forward to one thing. Dancing with my dad and let's just say that was very awkward. Dad came over with mom and they both offered their hand to dance with them. Vlad lets go of me and I headed over to mom. Mom smiled at this very special moment and dad kept his hands at a good distance for Vlad. Of course, dad has no clues how much Vlad hates him, but it was kept quietly. Why bother make stress all of this anyway?

"I'm happy for you, Danny. Even though, I expected you to fall in love with a girl like Sam or someone like her, but seeing you happy is all it matters."

I blushed to hear that, "Hehe, thanks mom. I didn't think it would happen like this, but I can promise you this…I can get Vlad turn into a beautiful woman and still make it seem normal, but that wouldn't be the one I'm looking at every day." I shrugged while waltzing with my own mom.

Mom nodded, "You're right, honey." She looked over at dad and Vlad, "It's funny how both of you are in love, no matter how far off your ages are. You love him with your whole life and it's funny to see a play behind our back the entire time. You two are something unique."

I grinned, "Thank you, mom. That meant the world to me."

Ember kept playing a slow song and we danced with my parents. Then, we ended up switching parents and Vlad eased up a bit. For me, it was really weird to do. Dad had his hands on my shoulders to avoid awkward stage.

"So, you're married to my best friend, Danny. What do you say to that?" Dad had to say something like this.

I could almost want to bury myself from him, but then again, Vlad would probably kick my butt for doing that. Everyone around us was watching us dancing for the last time. Dad and mom stepped aside and Vlad met up with me again. I smiled and we held each other's hands.

We faced everyone, "Thank you for coming and we all hope you have a safe night back home! We are happy to be here with you and celebrate this very special moment we will never forget the rest of our lives." I meant that part.

Everyone came and hugged us for a good bye and loves. They wish us for a good honeymoon and I really didn't want that. Vlad hung onto me the entire time to stop me from flying off, but seriously, where was I going to go to? Everyone left the hotel to head over to home and Vlad smirked down at me. I giggled.

"Ready for some serious fun, Vlad?" I started to alert to Phantom.

Vlad altered to Plasmius, but his new ghost look really something else. His ghost hair changed to less of a vampire look, but he has his cape turned into a lab coat. Could it be reversing to original form from the day he turned into hybrid? Who knows, it was all of a mystery to figure that out. He could actually look like a hero in this! His blue remains there, though. I didn't care because he's my husband! Awesome! I smirked back at him and floated up higher.

"You know, I do, badger." Vlad tagged up with me.

We started to use our power to clean up the entire ballroom up, we swap sides, and made the place insanely clean. I wanted to save money for the extra cleaning up charges and Vlad didn't want me to do that. He thought I was being a little out of it, but that's just me. Hey, who said we couldn't have fun cleaning. Vlad bought out his little tornado to pick up the messes on the floor and that was so cool! Looks like I found our personal vacuum cleaner and I giggled.

"What's so funny, Daniel?" Vlad glimpsed over at me.

I grinned, "You're a vacuum cleaner."

Vlad shook his head, "And you just realized that, badger?"

My hands went up the air, "Hey, you know I have been busy, fruitloop!"

Vlad raced up to me and hugged me. He kissed me and for some reasons, I stopped blushing and feeling awkward. I snuggled up in his arms and noticed he was floating us back down. I transformed to Fen- I mean, Masters and Vlad did the same. Wow, I never thought my last name would change to Masters…I'm his finally. We walked out of the ballroom to head up to the room Vlad reserved for us and I thought that was sweet. I did always wonder what it was like to be in the most expensive room and stuff.

The presidential room was sophisticated and very royalty like. I fell in love with the room.

"Oh, my! Vlad! This…is amazing!"

Vlad followed me when I was checking out the living room right in front of me when we entered. On the right, the kitchen is so modernize and beautiful stone work! It's so up to date! On the left, there's a swirl staircase and had a wonderful curves as it goes up. I ran while Vlad's hand with mine.

"Oh, I see you like it here." Vlad chuckled.

I agreed, "Vlad, this place is amazing!" We rushed up the stairs.

We entered into a hallway and there's this bathroom. Oh, how royalty like and relaxing feel in this one. I saw two ways to wash up, the large tub and a large shower. Damn, this is definitely no one sees every day unless they lived here or works here! I saw another door and entered through that. It was large bedroom and the bed was perfect. It was Vlad's favorite size and couldn't believe the soft and comfortable looking bed. I spotted out suit cases in front and I smiled so much, I couldn't help it!

"Oh, Vlad! I love this place!" I leaped onto him with my arms around his neck.

My favorite smile of his showed, "I'm glad because after our honeymoon and before your college start, I found us an apartment similar to this." Vlad's soft eyes eased into mine.

My jaw dropped, "You're kidding me, right? Vlad, you always know how to make me happy to live something like this!" I hugged him dearly.

Vlad was something else, but he was no fool with romantic things. He knew it by heart and how much he knew me. We kissed and felt something unique. Wow…we're married.

"Shall we take a bath, Daniel?" Vlad asked in those loving voice.

For two years now, I have been wondering what he looked like underneath all those clothes and no more waiting. We were traditional, wise, and excited to look forward how attractive we are to each other. We already met each other's personality and fell in love because of that. Now, we get to see how beautiful or handsome we are. My heart beats so fast, I could hardly keep up and nodded to answer. Vlad lifted my chin up slowly and he was aging up to twenty four and I almost couldn't breathe. He leaned in and kissed me like we haven't done in days.

It's one of those feelings, my knees would wobble and his arms make me want to melt deeply away with him. My cheeks stirred up the heat and we departed to get some air. It felt so good that our tongue intertwine and feeling so special between us. I entered into the bathroom alone and entered into a bathtub myself first. Vlad came in next, he took off the wedding clothes slowly, and I watched. I felt like I shouldn't, but reminded myself that I'm married with my man.

His chest was so strong looking, making an easy curve down to his pelvis, and my heart pumped like a million times. His body was amazing, he joined into the tub, and the water was filling up the entire time. Vlad's hot core made the water heat up more than ever and he crawled over to me. He put his arms around my arms. Our bodies collide to one, feeling the balance of temperature and looking up at him with those starring eyes of his.

"I told you I can wait, Danny." He kisses my neck.

I gasped and breathed, "Aw, Vlad…" It felt so good when his soft lips devour my neck.

My hands linked up with his hands. The water kept rising up while we were naked in this tub, but I didn't care. Vlad was gentle, soft, and calm about this. He hugged me and rests his chin on my shoulder. My head turned over to him and I leaned in to kiss him. We barely speak and started to clean each other. Vlad spotted my birthmark on my upper chest, close to my shoulder, and his finger traced them. I followed his finger and his mouth formed into a light smile. He didn't care if I had a scar or birthmark as long he knows it's there.

We washed off and grabbed one huge towel. We ended up wrapped together in one towel and let the water start dripping us off. Vlad's core dries us off and it felt so good, our hairs were drying up as well, and Vlad gripped me onto him.

He started to show me something new and felt much warmer. I glanced down between us and he had us wearing the soft and warm pajamas. His was soft blue and mine were soft purple. My low laughter came through and he started to swirl me around. His body sways around with me and we were dancing into a waltz. We waltz our way into the bedroom, everything felt so calm and collected, and couldn't resist this. We went around the entire room, barely reaching to the bed, and it was so simple.

"Are you ready to face our eternity with each other?" Vlad whispered into my ear.

I smiled, "And set the world record for longest marriage, yes, Vlad. I wouldn't trade you for anyone in the world."

We leaned in and kissed each other passionately for the night. Our body met onto the bed and felt so worn out today. We snuggled up with each other under the large and soft blanket. We took much comfort and kissing until one of us fell asleep. We were finally happy today after all the things we have been through. The night whispered us good sleep, the aurora helped us relax, and our arms kept each other warm. No more ghosts, no more fighting, and last, together without worrying the rest of the world. We have millions of time to do anything we wish to do and there was no way anyone could separate us. Who knew that archenemy could be the one to fall in love with. No one expected that, not even my own parents or Vlad himself. It's very ironic how our lives turned around to something so unexpected. The fruitloop and badger were special to us.

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