A/N: I guess I could make a big speech here, but I think y'all know what it would include. I seriously wasn't sure that I could force myself to write and post something every day (or night, I guess) for just over four months. By some miracle, I did it. Thank you all for sticking with me; it's been absolutely glorious!

Okay, so the actual product is nowhere near the finished stage, but I figured since I have enough of it planned, and this is my last drabble for a while, I'd give you a little sneak-preview. I've been talking about my multi-chapter fic pretty much since I started posting these, and I've been trolling Sapphire a bit over the last couple of days with hints about this (it was actually quite fun; I get why Moffat does it. ;) ) This was quite possibly the most difficult drabble I've ever written, and I'm very proud of it. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: For once, very little is owned by the BBC. Mentions to the show only.
Rating: K+
Genre: Poetry/Action/Adventure
Characters: mentions of Arthur, Morgana, and Uther
Pairings: none
Warnings: probably won't make much sense until the big story's finished
Prompt: West (Into the West)

127. Teaser: West

Over misty mountains cold,

Through river, stream, and brook

Precious secrets bought and sold,

By honest man and crook.

A child betrayed, a throne reclaimed

By family of blood.

A Prince's soul, by magic old,

Restoreth all that's good.

'Into the west,' thy voices cry,

O ye of Northern race.

To lead them on a merry chase,

Though they wonder why.

Meet ye man or fish or bird or beast,

Let not your spirits sink.

She who dwells in mountain halls

Sees you safely home to feast.

Into the west, towards the setting sun,

For King and Country, duty's done.

And that concludes 127 Drabbles. Thank you again to everyone who read, reviewed, favorited, and alerted. You guys are the reason I write.