I posted this basically because one of my best friends dared me to. :P I have a pencil at school with a little Dalek on the end, and we've named it Terry... Enjoy!

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She nodded. "Yes. Terry."

"You can't call a Dalek Terry."

"Why not?"

"Because you can't! A Dalek is one of the most barbaric, evil and destructive beings in the universe. You can't just steal one, and call it Terry."

She frowned, bottom lip protruding in a pout. "But he looks like a Terry. And he's a nice Dalek, really. Please can we keep him?"

"You don't understand." He grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her seriously in the eyes. "Daleks aren't nice. They're all evil. And they can't be given names like Terry."

"I think you're being very..." She struggled for the right word. "Individualist," she said eventually. "How hard is it for you to admit that not all Daleks are the same, the same way as not all humans are the same, and that this Dalek, whose name is Terry, is a nice one?"

"Impossible. Because Daleks are incapable of being nice. And they can't be called Terry!"

"Well tough," she snapped, even going so far as to stamp her foot insistently as she moved towards her new pet and patted it affectionately on the head. "His name is Terry, he's a nice Dalek, and you're just going to have to get used to it." She peered closer at the immobile Dalek and cooed. "Isn't he, Terry? Yes he is, yes he is. Because you're a nice Dalek. A lovely, kind and caring Dalek who likes being called Terry, and don't you ever let anyone tell you any different. Not even mister speccy pants over there. He's just grumpy because someone stole his bowtie."

Slowly, the Dalek, who did indeed like the sound of the name Terry, lifted his eyestalk and turned it to acknowledge both Amy and the Doctor. "That is correct. My name is Terry. Terry the Dalek."

Grinning, Amy spun on the spot delightedly to look at the Doctor. "See!"

Frowning, the Doctor eyed the Dalek suspiciously and edged warily closer. "Amy, his name is not-"

"Terry," the Dalek interrupted robotically. "My name is Terry. Terry the Dalek. Argue and you will be exterminated. Terry the Dalek. Terry the Dalek. Argue and you will be exterminated."

He stopped short, staring at it, astonished. Slowly, he transferred his gaze to Amy. "How have you done this?"

"Done what?"

"Trained it!" He gestured wildly towards Terry. "You've managed to convince one of the most barbaric, evil and destructive beings in the universe that its name is Terry, and that it's a friendly Dalek!"

Amy grinned again, rocking happily on the spot. "Well of course I've managed to train him; he's a good Dalek. Aren't you, Terry?"

"That is correct. I am a nice Dalek. My name is Terry. Terry the Dalek."

The Doctor just shook his head, finally, for once in his long life, lost for words. "Amy Pond, you and your short skirts. I always knew you had the charm and the looks, but I never thought you'd be able to charm a Dalek."

"Can you be a bit more respectful, please, Doctor?" Amy said, stroking Terry's head soothingly. "He has a name, and his name is Terry. Use it."

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