So, you all seemed keen on a second chapter, and well... :P This is half second-chapter, half advert. :P Thing is, Terry has a blog! As of last night, Terry now has a blog on Tumblr all about his wonderful, random adventures. :D Read on to find out more...

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Terry, and Terry's Blog

"He has a blog?"

Amy nodded. "Yup! It's a Tumblr blog all about his wonderful, random adventures." She peered closer at the Doctor, frowning at his shocked expression.

"He has a blog," the Doctor repeated slowly, staring at Amy as if she was insane. "Terry the Dalek has a blog?" He looked hurt. "I don't have a blog."

"Well you're just not nearly cool enough."

Looking affronted, the Doctor straightened up and tweaked his bow-tie. "I am cool enough. So, what happens on this blog then?"

Amy grinned, glancing towards Terry. The friendly Dalek was taking a nap, worn out from his recent trip to a busy fast-food restaurant. "Well, just pictures are posted really of all the places Terry goes and everything he gets up to. It's going to be the coolest thing on the internet!"

The Doctor raised his eyebrows at her. "The coolest thing on the internet? But I thought I was the coolest thing on the internet."

"So last year," Amy groaned, shaking her head at him.

"Wait... in order for this blog to be the coolest thing on the internet, as you're calling it, you have to have followers," the Doctor mused, looking thoughtfully at his companion.

"Easy-peasy!" She crossed her arms and leant back casually on the console, taking care not to press any buttons or push any levers as she did so. She didn't want to end up in some spacey-timey-wimey vortex thing. Again. "I'll just ask the lovely people who reviewed this story and loved the idea of Terry the Dalek to follow the blog and tell all their awesome Whovian friends about it!"

There was a short pause, and then the Doctor shook his head, defeated. "I give up. You win, Pond. You've got it all figured out. So where can the lovely people who reviewed this story and loved the idea of Terry the Dalek go to follow this blog that they have to tell all their awesome Whovian friends about?"

"Well, they can go to XTimeGirlX's profile page, and the link to it is near the top. It was only set up last night, so there aren't many posts, but there are some, and there's plenty more to come! I'm telling you, coolest thing on the internet."

"Hey," Rory said, interjecting as he appeared in the console room and gave Terry's head an affectionate pat as he passed. "What about my blog?"

"Hm... might be tied."

The Doctor just stared at Rory, shocked again. "You have a blog too?" Rory nodded, and the Doctor shrugged. "Right well, now Amy's got internet domination sorted and the Dalek has a blog, I suppose everything's hunky-dory again!"

Amy grinned at the Doctor as he crossed over to the TARDIS controls. "For the last time Doctor, his name is Terry. Use it."

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