Disclaimer: I do not and will probably never own digimon, much to my dismay. This was a little burst of inspiration I had, this story contains suggestive themes and one use of bad language. Enjoy!

It contains a sort of Yaoi, not sure why I did it. I don't think it'll be lemon and if it is it will be entirely implied and not explicit. It's more about the feelings behind so a shoenen-ai or whatever it's called nowadays.

He knew it was wrong, but he just couldn't stop staring. There was no beauty that matched what was currently in his eyesight but it was forbidden. He knew that much because it wasn't right to be a homosexual. "T.K, pay attention" Kari hissed as she saw the teacher looking at T.K's vacant stare. T.K nodded and tried to look more interested until she spun back to the board. That's when he resumed his staring at Davis "So anyway I think I might ask Davis out, he's kinda cute and well..." Kari paused as T.K turned to her with a shocked look on his face. She twiddled her thumbs. "Well I wanna give him a shot, since me and you are over." Kari said finally. T.K turned back to the board with an angry stare, Kari tried to get his attention but he didn't give her even the most noticeable response.

"T.K what's the capital of Japan?" the teacher asked as T.K resumed his staring of Davis.
"Davis" T.K replied with a vacant stare. The whole class laughed and Davis spun around as T.K blushed.
"No..." the teacher said slowly before resuming her rant. Davis looked at T.K with a raised eyebrow, turned and winked at Kari and then spoke.
"What was that about, was it a fat joke? I've been hitting the gym but the burgers are finally catching up..." Davis' words flew straight over T.K but he quickly realised he had to reply.
"Yeah" T.K said with a smile. Kari shrugged her shoulders as Davis was about to ask for a better answer she spoke.
"Hey, Davis! Come to my house tonight?" she hissed. Davis spun his head and grinned broadly.
"Of course. I'll be there at ten." Davis said as he spun around and pounded his fist in the air in accomplishment.
"Yes, Davis?" the teacher asked.
"I... urhh..." Davis stammered.
"You put your hand up when I asked: 'How do you fry an egg?' so what is the answer?" their feminine, slightly beautiful teacher asked as she brushed some brown hair from her face.
"Get a chicken to lay it into the pan?" Davis answered, confused. The class laughed again and Davis spun back around as the teacher sighed again. As she did the bell went and everyone packed up. "Okay, see you guys tomorrow!" The teacher shouted as the class filed out.

Davis and T.K were the last ones left in as Davis searched desperately for something. "Where's my phone?" Davis asked angrily as he searched his bag furiously. He didn't even know that T.K had taken it during their sports lesson earlier that day, just for this reason.
"I don't know but if you want come back to mine and we can phone Kari from there, since she is already gone you probably want to work out the details" T.K said with a smile.
"Yeah, thanks, T.K" Davis said with a grin.

They walked out and T.K grinned, his plan had come to fruition, he moved to grab Davis' hand but he realised he shouldn't move too fast. They walked back through the park, it was a lovely scene. One that T.K had often imagined he and Davis would make passionate love in. It would be illegal but that made it all the more sweet.
"So Davis..." T.K began as they walked.
"Yeah?" Davis asked. He turned his beautiful head to face T.K and smiled. T.K felt himself vanish into those absorbing eyes and luscious brown locks. "T.K?" Davis shook his hand in front of T.K to bring him back to reality.
"Yeah?" T.K muttered.
"You've been really spaced out recently" Davis began.
"Yeah" T.K whispered, leaning in towards Davis.
"Why?" Davis asked. This one sentence broke T.K's trance.
"Oh, I dunno. Just family troubles I guess" T.K thought of the best answer he could give and regretted it immediately as Davis raised an eyebrow. He then placed one hand on T.K's shoulder. They both stopped walking. Davis leaned forwards; T.K did the same as the leaves around them danced like a chorus cheering T.K on. He felt Davis' arms wrap around him and sighed.
"It'll be okay" Davis said with a smile, releasing the hug sooner than T.K would have liked.
"Thanks" T.K muttered with a smile.

They walked the rest of the journey with minimal small talk. It stressed T.K out more than not having Davis at all. "So when do we get to yours?" Davis asked, tiredly.
"It's just up here" T.K explained, walking up the street. Davis followed.
"Are your parents in?" Davis asked. T.K thought about it 'Why on earth would I ask you to come if they were?' his brain screamed.
"Nah, they're out" T.K said, coolly.
"Cool." Davis said with a smile as their sneakers crunched on the gravel.

Eventually they reached the red wooden door and T.K twisted his key and they entered into the small urban home. "Nice" Davis said to break the silence.
"Thanks" T.K replied. It wasn't the first time Davis had been here but it was their first time here alone.
"It's different without people drinking on the stairs and alcohol and puke on the floor" Davis laughed with a half hearted smile.
T.K smiled meekly back and dropped his bag. He kicked off his shoes and walked into the kitchen.
"Can I just use the phone when I want?" Davis asked, looking at the phone by the door.
T.K panicked "Ermm... Yeah." he said uneasily as he realised this wouldn't last much longer.
"Thanks" Davis called as he began to dial a number. T.K searched around desperately until he found the solution to this problem. He crept into the garage from the door within the kitchen. Pushing the heavy metal door open quietly was no easy task but T.K was athletic, more so than Davis, or so Kari had said. He snuck over to the fuse box and opened it. He looked at all the switches, there were so many. T.K sighed and flicked them all for downstairs then ran back out of the garage.

"T.K!" Davis called, panicked. T.K ran out into the hall and looked at Davis.
"Yeah?" he asked, nonchalantly.
"I didn't break it, I swear it just went dead before Kari answered" he muttered meekly. In the darkness Davis looked mysterious and yet still desirable. "Sorr-" Davis began.
"Shh, it's fine" T.K said, slightly seductively but not enough so it was obvious. "Come up to my room, I think my mobile is in there" T.K explained as he indicated to the stairs. Davis nodded and began to walk up. T.K was hot on his heels; he had wanted to see that bottom for a long time and now he could see it just fine. Davis spun as they walked up the long staircase; he looked at T.K's weird staring and then spoke suddenly.
"Is there something you want?" he asked as he reached the top of the stairs and looked at T.K. T.K continued to stare at the same level, he could now see the front; the bulge. "T.K!" Davis shouted, feeling slightly violated but he wasn't sure why.
"What?" T.K asked, looking up.
"What are you looking at?" Davis asked, covering himself.
"What are you going on about, it's just how I walk upstairs" T.K said, with false confusion.
"Never mind" Davis said with a sigh.
"I think there is something up with you, not me." T.K said with a tone of aggression but he quickly realised that would just start a fight so he changed tactics. "Maybe you're too warm" he suggested. Even he could tell the temperature wasn't very high.

"Maybe" Davis muttered as he entered T.K's room. T.K walked over and put his hand towards Davis' face. Davis flinched initially but T.K just sighed and placed the back of his hand onto Davis' head.
"Yeah you are really warm" T.K fibbed. Davis moved to feel his head but T.K pulled his hand away "lie down, I'll find my phone" T.K said as he pushed him onto his bed and walked over to the window, opening it. He felt a chill run over him; it made his member rise slightly in anticipation as he thought of Davis in his bed. Davis sighed and closed his eyes lightly as he lay comfortably on the bed.
"T.K?" Davis asked as he lay there on the bed T.K had thought of him so frequently on.
"Do you think Kari likes me?" Davis asked, concerned he looked up at the immediately silent T.K who was pretending to look for his phone.
"No" T.K lied, he had heard Kari say only the other day that she loved Davis but she didn't matter if T.K wanted Davis – nothing did.
"Ahh" Davis sighed with sadness in his voice.
"What?" Davis begged for more information.
"Well, I heard that someone else likes you" T.K began. He immediately regretted saying anything as he bent over slowly and purposefully, while pretending to look for his phone, with Davis staring at him and waiting for a response. He found himself become furious when he finally found the stupid piece of technology.
"Who?" Davis asked, excitedly.
"Erm... Oh I found my phone!" T.K exclaimed.

Davis grinned and sat up. "You stay there, I'll come over" T.K said, walking over he leapt onto the bed and passed the phone to Davis. Davis tapped the screen expectantly but it didn't turn on.
"It's broke?" Davis muttered with a heavy heart.
"What?" T.K exclaimed. He knew why though; the battery was in his pocket.
"Oh well, wanna play a video game?" T.K asked as he got up and threw a controller to Davis. Davis shrugged and watched as T.K bent over and turned on the system slowly. "Like what you see?" T.K asked as he grabbed a game.
"What!?" Davis said, wiping away the bead of drool at the corner of his mouth.
"I mean the game..." T.K said slowly, showing him the game box as it loaded onto the screen.
"Oh" Davis felt completely embarrassed.
"Yeah... so..." T.K felt uneasy so he sat down and began to play, Davis did the same and not a word was said.

Let me know what you think whether it's good or bad and how you think the story will play out?