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T.K stopped what he was doing and wiped the glass and bottle opener off the bed and then tucked Davis in, it wasn't right. He had to stop thinking like this. He dropped the shards of glass into the bin and then checked the time: it was seven o'clock, Davis was expected at Kari's in three hours and he wasn't even awake. "I'll give him a few minutes…" T.K muttered as he walked into his mum's room and grabbed one of her many boxes of condoms "Strawberry flavour?" T.K mumbled aloud. "How can a condom taste of strawberry?" he asked aloud. He shrugged and opened the box and began to suck one of the latex contraptions while he walked back into his room to see Davis awake and looking around already. T.K felt his cheeks become a deep crimson as Davis stared at him.
"Are those condoms?" Davis asked with his eyebrow raised in confusion.
"Ye- Yes." T.K replied, completely mortified as he placed them onto his dresser.
"Why've you just went and got those?" Davis asked, pulling the quilt tighter around himself.
"No reason, just found them lying around and wanted to know if they really tasted of strawberry" T.K mumbled, walking over to the bed next to Davis.
"So do they?" Davis asked, curious as he grabbed a bottle of beer and started drinking again.
"Try it and see" T.K grinned, handing him the sucked condom. Davis testily took it and sucked it which T.K enjoyed immensely.
"Yuck!" Davis exclaimed throwing it to the floor "It tastes of your spit"
"I did just suck it" T.K passed Davis another bottle as he finished the one in his hand.
"Are you trying to get me drunk?" Davis asked with a giggle and a hiccup.
"No… Why would I do that?" T.K replied.
"Oh, okay, it must be me" Davis laughed as he drunk a little more.

Davis eventually ran out of bottles in the room except the vodka but by now he was so drunk it didn't matter "T.K" he whispered, loudly.
"What?" T.K asked, a little tiredly.
"You smell of sexy" Davis giggled, falling back onto the pillow and laughing louder and louder until he burped and then started laughing again.
"Sounds like a pick up line for Kari" T.K immediately regretted saying it but he turned to see Davis' eyes grow wide and tears form in them.
"I miss her!" Davis sobbed.
"I know" T.K sighed; wrapping his arms around Davis after Davis held out his arms and started clapping like a seal.
"What time is it?" Davis shouted, bursting up and looking around until he fell over "I have to go see Kari!" he yelled, trying to push himself up but failing to do so.
"Not yet, don't worry" T.K reassured him.
Davis looked at T.K and then beckoned with his arms "lie on the floor!" he angrily shouted which just caused T.K to stare at him blankly but eventually he sighed and got up from the bed. "You're a good friend." Davis beamed
"Mmmhmm, I know I am" T.K muttered as he lay down on the floor next to Davis who wrapped his arm around his head and began to play with his hair.
"Your hair is so soft" Davis whispered.
"I'm glad you noticed" T.K grumbled sarcastically.

"T.K do you love me?" Davis asked after they had lay there for a while.
"Sure, you're a great friend" T.K replied, confused.
"I mean do you love me?" Davis wondered aloud.
"Why would you ask something like that?" T.K retreated away from Davis in shock.
"I've just got a vibe, and it's not like I've never considered it. I have an open mind" Davis replied, turning to look at him with bed hair but T.K somehow still found him sexy.
"Well tell your vibe it's wrong" T.K laughed.
"Oh, so you'd never want to… kiss me?" Davis laughed.
"Dammit, you had me going" T.K laughed.
"I so got you!" Davis began rolling round on the floor as he laughed until he realised that he should check the time.
"You've still got time; wanna play a quick game of basketball?" T.K asked, getting up he offered a hand to Davis.
"Sure," Davis climbed up "I'll whoop your ass again"

They both headed out the back of T.K's house to the basketball hoop and T.K passed the ball to Davis "You can go first" T.K told him with a smile.
"Okay" Davis replied with a laugh. He bounced the ball with his right hand and then tried to run forwards but found himself tripping over his own feet and subsequently knocking the ball into T.K's face. Davis fell onto the floor with a thud as T.K held his hand on his nose as pain erupted from it.
"Why did you do that?" T.K yelled angrily.
"I'm sorry, I'm just" Davis sat up and his head lolled about "everything is spinning!" his voice seemed distant and childish. T.K sighed; he couldn't stay mad at that childish grin of delight.
"It's fine, we'll start again, stand up" T.K called over and bounced the ball towards Davis. Davis caught it.
"Oooh, what's this?" he laughed and spun it around in his hands and then got to his feet. He began to bounce it again and this time managed to actually move with it, albeit slowly. T.K walked over to Davis and knocked the ball out of his hands and pivoted around him before he threw it into the basket. "Hey, that's cheating!" Davis insisted fervently while stamping his foot. T.K giggled.
"It's still my point"
"Says who?"
"Says me."
"Well I have a bone to pick with me" Davis staggered towards T.K in a drunken stupor.
"Oh really?" T.K laughed "Well then, bring it"
"I am" Davis swung his fist at T.K but T.K had next to no trouble avoiding the blow and landing one of his own which made Davis stagger backwards.

Davis hiccupped and then ran at T.K with his fist raised up but tripped and fell straight into T.K's arms. "You're so good to me" Davis grinned and grabbed hold of T.K's face. T.K bent down as Davis kept pulling him until the two were on the floor at which point Davis kissed T.K on the forehead and then wiped his lips. "You taste salty" he stuck out his tongue and made sounds of disgust. Clearly the alcohol had enforced a second wind on Davis and T.K realised he was actually quite sweaty again. "Let's go watch a movie!" Davis pushed T.K off him and charged back into the house but fell over and clambered about before he got anywhere near the living room.
"Why did I have to get him drunk?" T.K chided himself. "I just want a kiss why is it this hard" he grumbled and then sighed "I better go stop him from choking on his own tongue" he walked back inside and into the living room and saw Davis sat on the sofa hugging his vodka bottle.
"I want popcorn" he whined as soon as he saw T.K.
"I'll go make some, what do you want to watch?" he asked but then he realised he had the opportunity to make Davis watch whatever he wanted. "How about Brokeback Mountain?" he suggested.
"Yeah, that one!" Davis chimed as he took another swig of the vodka.

T.K grabbed the DVD from the side and slipped it into the TV and turned it on for Davis to watch while he went to the kitchen. He opened a cupboard and withdrew a bag of popcorn and then opened it to look at the contents before he took it over to the microwave. He placed it inside and turned up the timer before going back to watch Davis. He was grinning happily and pounding his fist in the air for some reason or another so T.K left him and went back to the kitchen. Suddenly he saw the microwave fizzing and realised the phone was still in there. "Crap!" he yelled as he ran over and stopped the microwave. He withdrew the phone and looked it over. "Still working" he breathed a sigh of relief and placed it on the side and withdrew the popcorn. He ate a piece and shrugged before grabbing a white bowl and pouring all the popcorn into the bowl.

He walked back into the room with the popcorn and saw Davis laughing at something or other. He noticed it was a raunchy scene of the movie so he sat down close to Davis. He could feel Davis's heart beat as he leant against him. Suddenly he found his heart beating faster and panicked that Davis could feel his heartbeat. He tried to slow it down but it wasn't working. "This is so gooey and yummy" Davis moaned as he placed a handful of popcorn into his mouth but spilled most of them down himself. T.K laughed and brushed them off but then he spotted Davis trying to lick a piece of popcorn which was caught on his cheek. T.K pulled it off.
"Open wide" he teased as he held it in front of Davis's face. Davis laughed and opened his mouth wide. As T.K placed it in Davis clamped his mouth shut on his fingers forcing T.K to have them sucked and nibbled as he withdrew them.
"Your fingers taste yummy" Davis grinned toothily. T.K laughed weakly.
"I love popcorn!" Davis cheered. "What're those two guys doing?" he asked.
"I'm not sure" T.K looked and saw the two men touching each other.
"Well, it sure looks fun, they look so happy" Davis hiccupped and then had another drink of his vodka. T.K longed for Davis and himself to be emulating what was happening especially now Davis seemed to think it was fun but he was so scared to even touch Davis with clothes on never mind with clothes off. "I'm sleepy" Davis rested his head into T.K's lap and took a drink of his vodka. T.K didn't know what to do. Davis's head was so close to his – quickly growing – member and he couldn't contain his excitement, happiness or arousal. He tried to think of things to subside the swelling: a table; his grandma; that really ugly politician. Finally he found himself able to keep Davis's head there but then he didn't know what to do with his hands because at the moment he was just holding them in the air due to his fear of touching Davis. Davis yawned and grabbed T.K's arm and pulled it around his body. T.K felt the muscly chest in his hand and longed to venture south but for now he had to stay true so he placed his other hand onto Davis's head and ruffled his hair. Davis smiled and had another drink of the vodka.

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