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Davis sat up after a while and stretched his arms. "This is a good movie, what's it called again?" he asked.
"I can't remember, I think it's Die Hard?" T.K lied.
"I thought I'd seen all of Die Hard" Davis mumbled as he thought in his head more capably due to the alcohol beginning to wear off. "When do the cowboys start shooting people with their guns?"
"I'm not sure, let's keep watching" T.K said as he placed his hand into the popcorn bowl absent-mindedly but he suddenly found that Davis's hand was in there too. The two looked at each other awkwardly now that Davis wasn't as drunk as previously and slowly took their hands out.
"Awkward hand touch" Davis laughed lightly.
"Yeah" T.K muttered, he wished he had held onto that hand longer. Davis laughed and lay back down in T.K's lap.
"Why don't we invite the others round?" he suggested.
"Maybe a bit later, they're probably still walking home" T.K knew they weren't because it was getting late but Davis had no concept of time currently.
"Oh yeah, maybe later" he took a drink of the vodka.

"Can I have a blanket?" Davis asked as he rolled over and looked T.K in the eyes.
"Sure!" T.K chimed as he stood up and grabbed a blanket which was folded neatly by the TV.
"Wasn't I supposed to do something?" Davis asked as he sat up slowly and rubbed his head.
"I'm not sure…" T.K fibbed as he walked back over with the blanket and unfolded it over Davis and then climbed under too.
"No, I'm sure I was supposed to do something," Davis's face contorted in thought "I think it was this" he turned and punched T.K in the face. "I win!" he cheered and tried to take a drink of his vodka but T.K pounced on him before he could and tried to hit him back, yet Davis didn't even seem to notice he was being pinned down because he was laughing so hard. Davis reached behind the pillow underneath him and withdrew a piece of pink plastic in the shape of male genitals. "What's this?" he asked slowly.
"It's..." T.K stammered and tried to think of an explanation. He had left that there the other day and completely forgot about it. "A strawberry lollypop?" T.K suggested with an aura of uncertainty.
"It looks too big to suck though" Davis frowned and opened his mouth a few times to see how wide it would go and then looked the strange object over again.
"Whose lollypop is it?" Davis asked as he looked for a label.
"My mums" T.K fibbed quickly but he regretted it as Davis stared at him.
"Why has she left it here, it'll get dirty?" Davis asked as he flicked a piece of fluff off it.
"I don't know!" T.K loudly blurted unable to think of an explanation.
"I was only asking" Davis cowered.

They sat in silence for a little while and then Davis slowly inched the object towards his face and opened his mouth. T.K watched, immeasurably stimulated by the sight, as Davis placed it into his mouth and sucked. He pulled it out quickly "It tastes like poo!" Davis spat all over the floor and threw it away. T.K tried to catch it but it landed in the fish bowl before he even got a fingertip on it. He looked between the terrified fish and a retching Davis and didn't know quite how to react especially because of what Davis had said it tasted like. "Why would she suck that?" Davis gagged.
"I couldn't tell you" T.K sighed and wondered if Davis would have the same reaction if it had been his own genitals but his thought process was broken as Davis walked past him and towards the kitchen. At first T.K didn't think anything of it and then he realised the phone was there. "Where are you going, Davis?" T.K called as he ran after him as quickly as he could.
"I want a drink" Davis yelled back but before he got more than a few feet into the kitchen T.K dived and grabbed hold of his shorts and pulled them in an attempt to tackle him onto the ground. T.K had grabbed onto Davis's borrowed boxers too and his face landed straight in between Davis's butt cheeks. T.K froze as his face was buried in the bottom and didn't know what to do. He had always wished for this but now it was here he wanted to run and hide and never speak to Davis again. "Why did you do that?" Davis yelled as he tried to pull his pants back up.
"I can make you a drink" T.K protested as Davis pulled away and dragged T.K, now grabbing onto his right ankle, across the floor.
"I can," Davis hiccupped "do it by myself!" he protested.

Davis looked around the kitchen and then spotted the phone. "Hey, T.K, I found the phone!" he called as he walked over with T.K trying to stop him.
"It's got my germs on it!" T.K yelled while trying to think of ways to stop him he had come up short.
"I don't care, we've shared a shower" Davis laughed as he picked up the phone and tried to look at the buttons with his weary eyes.
"It's broken!"
"No, it's not. It's working." He began to type in a phone number.
"I haven't paid the phone bill!"
"It's ringing!"
"Who are you calling?" T.K yelled as he tried to get to his feet.
"Kari, I needed to call her, remember?" Davis said matter-of-factly. T.K tried to pull away the phone but Davis held him away with one hand with ease. "Hello, Kari?"
"Hang up, there's a bomb!" T.K had completely run out of ideas and Davis wasn't even humouring him anymore.
"Yeah, I'm sorry it took so long, T.K was being weird about sharing his phone." Davis laughed a little as he heard the response.
"I dropped the phone in the toilet after I'd been!" T.K yelled.
"It smells fine to me," Davis hissed "be quiet, I'm trying to listen" he nodded in response to Kari "Yeah, he is weird sometimes" Davis chuckled.
"Please hang up!" T.K begged exhaustedly but Davis shook his head as T.K reached for the phone with Davis's hand in his face. "Is that the doorbell?"
"I didn't hear anything, just let me speak to Kari" Davis whispered while covering the speaking part of the phone. "Yeah, I'm still here, actually I have something to ask you" Davis pushed T.K away and turned around to face the window.

He knew exactly what Davis was going to ask her and he had to put a stop to it. He ran at Davis and tried to grab the phone but ended up knocking it into the air where the two fumbled about as they vied for control over the phone.
"Davis, Davis?" Kari's voice echoed as the speaker button was caught.
"T.K, pack it in!" Davis yelled.
"Just a minute, I need the phone!" T.K protested as he tried to grab it but suddenly the phone slipped from Davis's hand and T.K failed to grab it as it fell downwards and then fell into the sink with a splash.
"What did you do that for?" Davis screamed but T.K was barely able to manage a stammer.
"Davis, are you there?" Kari called.
"Kari!" he yelled, terrified of electrocution.
"Davis, if this is a prank I'm just going to go." The girl told them. T.K felt so happy but he didn't know what outward appearance to show to Davis.
"Kari!" he plunged his hand into the water and withdrew the phone but the line went dead and his face became steely as he turned to face T.K.
"I'm going to murder you." Davis stated aggressively.
"I'm sorry?" T.K muttered weakly.
"You just ruined my chances with Kari, sorry won't cut it! I know that you're sad you two broke up and jealous that I have a chance with her but you need to get over it, she doesn't love you, okay? Why can't you let her be happy with someone else?" he ranted with his bright red face almost touching T.K's as his nostrils flared.
"It's not about her happiness" T.K mumbled.
"What?" Davis stopped his tirade but T.K didn't know what to say next.
"You really are an awful friend and I wish I hadn't come today!" Davis yelled angrily.
"I'm sorry," T.K felt himself tearing up "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to-"
"I don't want to hear it! I'm leaving and you'll be lucky if I ever want to speak to you again!" Davis stormed out of the kitchen and T.K felt a tear roll down his cheek because the words really hurt him and he knew it was entirely his fault that they'd been said.
"Davis! Wait, I'm sorry, buddy!" he called but Davis gave him a rude hand gesture and pulled the front door open sharply making it slam against the adjacent wall. "Davis, you're too drunk to be on your own, just sleep it off and then you can leave if you really want to!" T.K yelled in a last ditch attempt at getting Davis to give him another chance.

Davis paused as he stood on the porch and realised T.K was right; he was barely able to stand and yet he was planning to try and find his way home on his own in the quickly darkening sunlight. T.K ran over to him and wiped his eyes "I'm sorry I was such a meanie, I just wanted to make you happy." T.K stopped and stood still as he reached the front door and Davis turned around to face him with an expression that could break hearts.
"If you wanted me to be happy then why did you screw things up for me with Kari?" he asked the question with the most sincerity he'd had since he had gotten mad. T.K realised he didn't have a real answer other than that he wanted to be with Davis and even if he did admit that it was a selfish reason and no one would ever respect that.
"I don't know," T.K stammered weakly "but maybe it can still be fixed?" he suggested feebly with as much of a reassuring smile as he could muster.
"You better fix it or I won't talk to you again" Davis growled.
"So we're okay for now?" T.K half smiled.
"Yeah, we're still friends" Davis laughed as his face softened and he wrapped his arm around T.K's neck and rubbed his fist into his good friend's hair playfully. T.K laughed and tried to fight Davis off but his grip was tight until he let go and allowed T.K's crazy new hairstyle was revealed. "You look like Tai" Davis joked.
"If only I had the pulling power of Tai" T.K kidded back.
"If only we all did!" Davis laughed loudly but then he stopped and looked at T.K as he realised he had forgotten what had just transpired. "I'm just going to go. But I don't know… maybe I'll come back, or I'll see you around, or something?" he didn't look T.K in the eye much and his expression was one of complete awkwardness.
"Yeah, that'd be cool, I guess." T.K said with a bright smile.
"Alright, I'll try get home safely," Davis nearly fell off the porch "or not" he laughed as he walked away and T.K got to watch him leave from behind. Maybe it wasn't all over; at least until his mum saw the state of the house.

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Oh no! What's going to happen next? This really wasn't where I had the story planned to go. I wanted it to stay all in T.K's house but I figure there's only so much crazy you can put up with in one sitting. I think even Davis reached his limit, haha. However I do still plan to continue the story and I'm not sure for how long, probably until I get bored or I get an inbox full of 'please stop' letters, haha.