Golden Heart

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I paced around the room, gently rocking Aurelia in my arms. I hummed, watching as her eyes drooped now and then, covering her shining gold eyes. My eyes.

My baby girl was born just nine months ago, but whenever I reminisce the event, it feels as though more time has passed since then. Aurelia Cordelle of Forsythia had wavy, light chestnut brown hair that curled at the ends, ending just below her ears. Her light ochre skin contrasted nicely with her golden eyes, as did the slight rosy blush on her cheeks. Edelmar's delicate ears and straight nose were evident features my daughter acquired, as well as my arched eyebrows, high cheekbones, and prominent jaw line. However, she had acquired her own lips; while mine were curvier and Edelmar's were thinner, she had obtained small and slightly round lips, like a budding rose. She was not undernourished, but petite. She was perfect.

I smiled as her small lips stretched into a yawn. Her eyelids shuttered once more before closing. I sighed as I turned in the direction of her room.

Shortly after Aurelia was born, another room had been added to our suite. One day, it just appeared. I suspect that Athanasia had something to do with it. Nonetheless, the room was beautiful: it was a square room with a domed ceiling made of stained glass. Because of the dome shape, the sun was constantly shining through the stained glass, painting the room in an array of colors. In the center of the small room was a leipold crib. It was larger than most cribs and had a deeper concave with down pillows. It was a soft cream color accented by a teal pillow with silver lining, a fuchsia pillow with gold lining, and a lime green pillow with bronze lining. All had come with the room with an abundance of toys scattered around the fur-carpeted room. As well as these, there came a small, silver, oval-shaped basin that was perfect for bathing a baby. The outside was embedded with different sized mystic topazes; an armoire decorated with carved flowers which was empty for me to fill with dresses; a bookcase of bedtime stories; and a tiny white kitten with golden eyes. Edelmar was skeptical about the cat but after it stared up at him for a few seconds, he immediately fell in love with it.

I carefully crept into the room, not wanting to jostle my sleeping baby. I reached the crib in the center of the room and tucked my daughter into the blankets, barely paying attention to the kitten except for petting her gently. I propped up the pillows around Aurelia, making it feel as though I was still holding her. I stood for a while, staring at my daughter lovingly. I was so wrapped up in my daughter that I didn't hear someone come into the room.

Edelmar wrapped his arms around me from behind, kissing my cheek.

"I haven't seen you all morning. I even had to skip breakfast in order to attend that meeting," Edelmar murmured into my ear.

I hummed. "Well, I'm here now," I said. I turned around to look into his gray-blue eyes. I kissed his lips sweetly before smiling at him.
I took his hand in mine before leading him out of our daughter's room. We both simultaneously turned around to look at the crib one more time before closing the door behind us.

"By the way," Edelmar spoke up. "A letter from a few of my childhood friends has arrived. They never got to attend our wedding but they'll be coming to visit."

"I'll be happy to meet them," I smiled. "So, are they other princes or are they lords?"

"Well, three of them are lords…but the last one is a lady."

"Oh, good! I'm sure meeting them will be a lot easier if one of them is a woman. It would ease the tension quite a bit," I said, slightly relieved that meeting my husband's friends wouldn't be too bad.

"You're not upset?" He asked.

"Of course not. Why would I be upset?"

"Let's just say I'm glad you're not the jealous type," he laughed.

I laughed. "I suppose you're lucky there. But I hope they don't take up too much of your time," I whispered, as I pulled him into a kiss.

He pulled away. "They definitely won't be," Edelmar said as he picked me up, carrying me to our bedroom.

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