Amoretta POV

We returned home after delivering Cymbeline to her father in the castle of Murk. He was very apologetic of his daughter's actions and revealed that they had received our wedding invitation; however the King of Murk had hidden it from Cymbeline because he knew how much she cared for Edelmar.

I felt sorry for her at this point. Edelmar requested that she be placed in the dungeons for a limited amount of time, for her actions are considered an attack on Forsythia.

"No, Edelmar," I said. Cymbeline looked up at me in surprise. "Please just have her detained in her quarters and allow her time to reflect on her actions."

The King of Murk had looked up at me in gratitude. "Thank you."
I nodded. "Perhaps she should travel elsewhere in the futureā€”I feel as though she must remove herself from the constant bleakness of Murk, no offense."

"No, no, you're right," the King sighed. "I apologize once again."

We had promptly returned after that. Edelmar was glad to be home while I was just glad to have Aurelia back in my arms.

Celebrations commenced on our return, which included my parents and Rasmus as well as my sisters' mothers and Edelmar's father. I had not been expecting my half-mothers, but I soon realized the necessity of their presence.

A few weeks after our return, three royal weddings took place in Forsythia. My sisters had finally hinted (or threatened, in Celesta's case) at marriage and the Lords finally caught on. However, Edelmar tells me that they'd been considering marriage when the lords first met my sisters.

After the weddings, my sisters went to live with their husbands in their respective kingdoms. Though my father was a little disheartened to have lost the rest of his daughters in one blow, he admitted he was happy they were no longer lonely. In fact, he and my mother have been looking for prospective wives for my brother. Rasmus absolutely opposed their searches, panicking at the thought of marrying before he was 20.

Aurelia grows every day, becoming more beautiful. She has learned to walk and speak, although in a language that few can understand. Her golden powers have grown stronger, as well. Edelmar has fears of what this might mean but he trusts Athanasia and me.

Our relationship has gotten stronger and nearly invincible. Nothing has been able to penetrate the fortress that we have built around our loved ones and ourselves. There is actually more reason to celebrate, for I am pregnant again. Edelmar fell out of his chair when I informed him but he was beaming in less than a second.

The healers tell me that it may be boy though my instincts feel it is another girl. Who knows, perhaps I will be blessed with both a boy and a girl.

Things are finally peaceful in Forsythia. And why shouldn't it be? With all this love flowing through the kingdom, there is no other option but peace and blessings.

ALL DONE! Well, kind of. I AM planning another sequel, which will be the final installment of the Amoretta trilogy. Please look forward to it!