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J: By the way, this takes place at the gondola ride (Golden Saucer). I made Cloud and Vincent ride together…and nothing happened. I was so sad… So Fay wrote this to cheer me up!


We sat in the gondola silently, and I stared at the back of his luscious raven hair, wishing it was his scarlet eyes staring back. He looked so mysterious as he continued to look out the window in front of him…If only I knew what he was thinking about….If only he was thinking about me.

I sighed. He would never, but…maybe I could get his attention.

"H-hey, Vincent."

Nothing…Maybe I was being to quiet.
"Vincent." I said it louder now.

Me he has hearing problems.
"VINCENT!" I yelled this time.

…Still no reply. Geez. Maybe he's completely deaf.

I reached out and tapped his shoulder.

No movement.

Maybe he has poor feeling in his shoulder.

I smacked his shoulder.

Once again, nothing.

Erg…This can't be. He has to like me at least as a person. He doesn't have to ignore me.

I reached out to playfully punch his shoulder, but the gondola suddenly jolted and I fell forward, pushing Vincent out of his seat.

He turned around and looked up at me from the ground with his blank expression, but there was something else in those eyes of his…

Possibly love~!

My cheeks grew red and I turned away…He...he…looked at me *heart**.


I fell forward out of my seat which woke me up from my nap. I was known to fall asleep easily… After all, I slept in a coffin for I don't know how long…

I bet it was that Blonde haired fool that woke me. I bet he pushed me for fun. Jerk. I whipped my head around and glared at him.

His face turned red and he turned away, full of guilt (?).

Such a shame someone so cute is…

+~The End~+


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