Crawling From the Wreckage

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Warning: This story will contain the usual swearing. They are hunters after all.


Watching his boys as they sat across from him at their small table in the Common Grounds Café of Lake Pleasant, New York, John couldn't help but think about how quickly his boys had grown. Just yesterday, it seemed like Dean and Sammy were nothing more than toddlers, and now, now Dean was a strapping young hunter of twenty who was nearly as good as he was when it came to taking down supernatural creatures and Sam, at sixteen years of age, had earned his learner's license. Where had the time gone?

"Hey Dad, you still in there somewhere?" Dean queried with a smirk as he waved his hands in front of the hunter's face. He had been trying to get the man's attention for a minute or so and it was obvious his fathers' mind was on something else.

"Huh? Did you say something Dean?" John asked with a chagrinned look on his face at having been caught unawares by his own son.

"Yeah, but you were a thousand miles away apparently. Is everything okay?" Dean answered, a little concerned that something might be wrong.

"Yeah, everything's fine. I was just thinking that maybe it's time I let Sammy get behind the wheel of my truck and drive us out to the hunt. I mean the kid's had his learner's license for what, a couple of months now?" John replied, smiling when he saw Sam's mouth fall open in astonishment upon hearing the unexpected words.

"Yeah, three months actually and he's been doing pretty good with his driving lessons the past month or so. The kid is almost as good as me behind the wheel," Dean boasted with pride as he clapped Sam on the shoulder. He had been working with Sam every chance he got and the kid had become a pretty adept driver as far as he was concerned.

"Well then, I guess it's time to show me what he's learned. Sam can drive us out to the lake for the hunt tomorrow." John stated as though allowing his youngest to drive was an everyday occurrence.

"You really mean it, Dad? You actually want me to drive?" Sam asked in awe, still dumbfounded by the fact that his father was willing to let him get behind the wheel. His father rarely let Dean drive when they were all in either vehicle together unless he was bone tired from a hunt and just too damned exhausted to do so himself.

"You betcha, Tiger," John answered with a wink just as the waitress approached the table to get their orders. "That is, unless you don't want to."

"No Sir, I mean, Yes Sir, I want to do the driving." Sam stuttered, his cheeks blushing a slight pink color with embarrassment and his tongue stumbling over the words.

"Then it's settled," John replied with a wink aimed towards his youngest before turning his attention to the waitress as she pulled a pen and pad from her apron pocket.

"So gentleman, what will it be?" The shapely young waitress inquired as she focused her sole attention on Dean who was gracing her with the most charming of smiles.

"We'll have three of your burger specials with fries on the side, two black coffees and a cherry soda for my youngest," John answered curtly as he handed the menus back to the waitress who had totally ignored him and Sammy as if they weren't even sitting at the table.

"Of course, right away, Sir," The waitress replied with embarrassment, hurrying off to place the order. She knew better than to ignore customers, but just couldn't seem to stop staring at the man's oldest son. His eyes and charming smile was just too damn captivating to ignore.

"Two words Dean, jail bait!" John warned as he crossed his arms. "She's more Sammy's age, not yours."

"Yes Sir, hands off, I got it," Dean replied quickly, then nudged Sam with his shoulder. "Looks like this one is all yours, Sammyboy. Just let me know when you need the condom."

"DEAN!" John warned sharply as he glared at his eldest son. He so did not want to think about Sammy having sex at his age, the kid needed to wait at least another year or two. Sure, he knew Dean had already talked with his brother about the consequences of sex, but that didn't mean he wanted to even think about his baby doing the deed.

"Sorry Sir, so uh, you want to tell us about this hunt again?" Dean voiced quickly to change the subject before he got into more trouble than he could manage to get out of.

"As I've stated before, we're hunting an Ala. The Ala is thought to be a mythological demon of bad weather," John explained, heavily emphasizing the word 'thought' as he talked. "These creatures are said to be extremely voracious and their favorite meal of choice seems to be little children."

"Damn, that thing really sounds like one nasty son of a bitch," Dean stated with a slight shiver. "So what does this thing look like?"

"Well, that's where we encounter a problem on this hunt. The appearance of the ala is quite diverse according to the folklore I have researched on the subject. Supposedly, this creature can assume various human or animal shapes from a gigantic creature of indistinct form to a female dragon or snakelike monster," John answered as he swiped a calloused hand across his jaw. He didn't like the fact that they were hunting a creature that could shape shift at will.

"So basically, looking for this creature is going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack," Sam groaned with a sigh.

"Exactly," John replied, leaning back in his chair as the waitress returned with their meals and placed a plate in front of him. "Thank you."

Smiling his thanks, Dean waited for the waitress to leave before resuming the conversation. "Any ideas as to how we can actually kill this thing?" he asked, lifting his burger from the plate and pulling the top of the bun off to make sure it had enough onions on it to suit his taste.

"According to what I've read, it can be killed by a person reciting a Serbian ritual, or it supposedly can also so be killed by an arrow laced with the feathers and dipped in the blood of an eagle. I'm going to contact Bobby later this afternoon and see if he can add any new information to what I already have," John replied as he lifted his own burger and chomped down on it.

"Dad, I can do some research at the library this evening if you want," Sam offered, lifting a few french fries and dipping them into the ketchup before placing them into his mouth.

"Thanks for the offer Kiddo, but I think your time will be better spent practicing with the crossbow this evening. I don't want to take any chances just in case Dean or I would become incapacitated during the hunt. John knew Sam excelled in the area of research, more so than him or Dean, but he'd feel better knowing his youngest had the knowledge to protect himself if the hunt went awry.

"Dad, nothing's going to happen to you and …"

"You don't know that Sammy. Besides, I'm not willing to take any chances when it comes to you or your brother's safety. We're going to practice and that's all there is to it," John stated authoritatively as he reached over to ruffle Sam's hair affectionately to lessen the bite of his words.

"Yes Sir," Sam mumbled in agreement as he picked up the burger from his plate and took a small tentative bite before taking a much bigger one upon realizing that it actually tasted pretty good. No way was he going to argue over a little bow practice and lose his privilege to drive to the hunt the following day.

"Who are you and what have you done with my youngest son?" John smirked in astonishment, surprised that Sam had given into the idea of practice so willingly.

"Ha, ha, very funny Dad," Sam groaned, before picking up his soda and taking a nice long sip, relishing in the ice cold cherry taste as it slithered down his throat.

"I thought so, Tiger. Now how about finishing up with your meal so we can get on the road. I would like to get a few hours practice before it gets dark," John voiced with an honest to goodness, dimple-baring smile, something he didn't exhibit too often lately.

"Yes Sir," Sam replied, his broad smile showcasing the deep dimples on his face also, a trait that he had obviously inherited from his father.

Watching the interaction between his father and brother, Dean took enormous delight in the sight of them actually getting along for once. Much too often lately, he had been forced to get in between them as they battled it out with each other over the hunt, and he hated being forced to choose sides between the two of them when he loved them both.

Having slurped down the last of his coffee and his boys finished their food, John pulled more than enough money from his wallet to pay the bill and leave a tip for the waitress. Placing the money on the table, he slid out from the booth and stood.

"Time to go boys," John announced after glancing at his watch and noting the hour. He really did want to get back to their motel so they could slip out into the woods those desired few hours of practice before dark. Waiting for his boys to slide out from the booth themselves, John then flanked Sam on one side while Dean flanked him from the other, neither man consciously aware of the fact that they had done so since it came naturally to them to protect their youngest.

Making their way out to the Impala, the small hunting family had no idea of the danger that they would soon find themselves in, danger that would soon leave their youngest in a fight for his very life.

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