Crawling From the Wreckage Ch. 22

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Author's Note: In order to avoid confusion about which story is being updated, this story is the one where Sam was driving John's truck and wrecked it due to the Ala Demon. He is suffering from significant head trauma.

Previously:As he sliced into his steak with the knife, John could only hope the troublemakers hadn't dissuaded Sam from keeping up with his therapy and going out into public again.

Two Weeks Later

Standing outside the door as he listened to his children talking, John couldn't have been more proud of his boys if he tried. Both boys had been going gangbusters with Sammy's speech therapy since the incident in the restaurant and Sam's speech was improving by leaps and bounds. Sure, he still had communication issues when he became upset or tired, but his speech was nearly back to normal and that was what mattered most.

Enjoying the sound of laughter coming from the room, John wished things could always be that way for his sons. His boys deserved to enjoy themselves more than they did. They deserved a life where they could look forward to coming home to a real house, and not some motel. But alas, that was not in the cards for them. They were hunters and hunting required living a nomadic lifestyle, one that his youngest seemed to resent more and more lately.

Leaning back against the wall with a sigh, John knew that he would soon have to break the news that it was time for them to get back on the road again. There was a haunting in Wichita in dire need of their attention, but he also knew that it was going to upset Sammy. Sam had gotten used to staying in one place now that they had been at Bobby's for a little over a month now and he could see the teen digging in his heels when it came time to leave. He wished his son could be more like Dean, not a carbon copy mind you, but someone who didn't mind the hunt so much. He wouldn't admit it to anybody, but he was truly scared shitless that Sam would end up leaving them one day to find the normal life that his youngest craved so much.

Deciding to allow Sam one more night of happiness before he broke the news that they would be leaving, John quietly walked away in the hopes he wouldn't be in for too much of a battle the following day.


"You look like a man with something weighing heavy on his mind," Bobby stated as he watched John walk into the room and slump down on the sofa.

"Yea, you could say that," John returned as he tugged calloused fingers through his unkempt hair.

"Let me guess…you're planning on moving on soon and your worried about how the boys, or should I say Sammy, will take it," Bobby stated somewhat gruffly as he lay down the newspaper he had been scanning for unusual occurrences within the area. He had gotten used to having the Winchesters underfoot and dreaded the thought of his house becoming lonely once again.

"Is it that obvious?" John queried as he looked at Bobby with a pinched look.

"Ya know, you could leave them here with me for a little while. I wouldn't mind having some help around the salvage yard," Bobby informed John knowing the other hunter would most likely turn him down. It was worth giving it a try though. He loved those boys like his own and would make sure no hurt come to them.

John nearly started to bristle, but then he took the offer the way it was meant. "Thanks for the offer Bobby, but I'll be taking them with me when I leave. I can't stand the thought of either of them not being by my side where I can see that they're safe with my own eyes. Don't get me wrong, I know they would be protected here with you; that you would give your life for either of them. But they're all I have left of Mary and I have to keep them close. I'm not going to lose them."

'I sure hope you're right about that' Bobby thought to himself as he nodded his head in understanding. "So when do you plan on leaving?"

"I figured I'd break the news to the boys tomorrow morning and then leave by late afternoon or possibly the next day," John answered as he absently scratched at the stubble on his jaw.

"That soon huh?" Bobby inquired trying to keep a tone of despondency out of his voice.

Yeah, I figured we might as well get back into the hunt as soon as possible now that Sammy's pretty much healed from the complications of the accident.

"John, you do remember that the doctor said it could take upwards of six months for Sam to fully heal, right?" Bobby asked as he looked the other hunter squarely in the eye.

"Yeah, but Sammy's blown that doctor's expectations for him out of the water in just a couple of months. And besides, Jefferson gave him a clean bill of health when he was here just last week. I promise you Bobby, I wouldn't take Sam out on another hunt unless I was fully sure that he was up to rigors of handling it," John replied.

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure. You can be an idjit at times ya know," Bobby smirked.

"Yeah, well that makes two of us," John stated with a grin of his own.

"Well, best stop yer yapping and get your butt up and help me fix a good dinner. If you blockheads are leaving tomorrow, I wanna make sure those two boys at least have their bellies full," Bobby voiced as he pushed himself to his feet. He knew there was no way he could talk John into staying any longer.


Entering the kitchen early the next morning after having taken his shower, Sam couldn't help but wonder what in the world was going on with the three men sitting at the table nursing cups of coffee. Bobby looked like he was ready to spit nails, and Dean was staring down at his cup as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"Wh-what's going on?" Sam questioned worriedly as he felt the tension emanate off his father upon hearing the words.

Bobby so wanted to answer that question with a scathing answer about John being a stupid idjit and having shit for brains. But he knew better than to do so, because getting on John's bad side, also meant that he would be cutting the only ties he had to his boys, because that was what they were to him now, and that was just something Bobby wasn't willing to chance. He'd bite his tongue if it meant John bring the boys around to see him again.

"Sam, there's something I want to talk to you about, but we can have the conversation after breakfast," John stated as his knee bounced nervously under the table. He defnitely did not want to get in a screaming match with his youngest without having had his first full cup of coffee chugged down.

"You're planning on leaving soon, aren't you?" Sam questioned angrily as he glared at his father.

"You better change that tone of voice you're using with me right now young man if you know what's good for you," John warned, trying to keep his temper reined in.

"But Dad, school's starting in a few weeks and I thought…"

"I don't care what you thought Sammy. We're moving on later this morning and that's final," John voiced sternly, brokering no argument from Sam.

"Yes Sir," Sam seethed as he turned his back to the small group of hunters and stomped off angrily to go back up the stairs. His dad was such an ass. Why couldn't his father understand how he felt just this once? He had been to so many different schools over his lifetime, never having the chance to make friends like every other teen his age. Damn it, he'd be lucky to graduate on time at this point with all the schooling he would be missing.

"Damn it, why can't he just go with the flow for once and not pitch one of his damn temper tantrums," John swore as he watched his youngest stomp off in anger.

"I'll go talk to him Dad," Dean stated as he pushed his chair back and stood.

"Here, take this to him," Bobby voiced as he handed over a plate of scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage to the middle Winchester. "I don't want him to leave hungry."

Taking the offered plate from Bobby, Dean slowly made his way up the stairs in the hope that Sammy would have cooled down a little by the time he got to the room.

Knocking on the closed door, he waited for the grumbled "it's open" before pushing the door open and walking through to find Sammy lying on the bed with his face nearly planted into the pillow.

"Bobby sent up a plate of food for you to eat, Kiddo," Dean informed his younger sibling as he sat down beside him.

"M'not hungry," Sam stated as he turned hurt filled eyes to his big brother.

"Please Sammy, you need to eat. If not for yourself, then do it for me." Dean pleaded as he sat the plate down on the bedside table and rubbed soothing circles on his brother's back.

Turning over and pushing himself back against the headboard of the bed, Sam begrudgingly gave in and allowed Dean to place the food in his lap. Picking up the fork, he began to stir the eggs around on his plate.

"I just don't see what he won't stay for a little while longer, or maybe find a nearby place to rent. We could have a home base just long enough for me to finish school," Sam lamented as he forked a small bite of the egg and then stuck it into his mouth. "I hate being the new kid all the time."

"I hear you Dude, I do. But you know Dad, he won't rest until we find the demon who took Mom away from us," Dean replied, even though Sam had heard the spiel probably a hundred times or more. "If it makes you feel better, I wish you could have the life you want so badly. I would give my life to make it happen. But we have to play the cards life has dealt us, and for now, that's the life of hunting."

"That may be true, but it's not going to be my life forever," Sam informed his brother as he rolled the link of sausage between his fingers before biting off a small chunk of it.

"Yeah, I know and it scares the hell out of me," thought Dean as he chewed on his bottom lip to keep from saying the words aloud. He wouldn't be the reason Sammy felt like he had to stay in a life he hated when Sam decided to make that break from hunting even though he knew it would break his heart in two.

Wrapping an arm around his brother's shoulder, Dean tugged Sam to him and said the only words he could. "I know."

Sitting beside his brother, Dean could only hope and pray that that time was still many years away.

The End. I want to thank all of you so much for sticking with me through this story and I hope you enjoyed the ending, even though it might have seemed a bit rushed.