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Chapter Seven: The Big News!


It wasn't long before Jewel and I arrived at Tulio's office. I landed on the windowsill first, sparing a loving glance back at Jewel. Jewel flapped hard and landed beside me. She glanced at me, and we couldn't help but kiss each other. We were mates, after all. To be this beautiful macaw's mate… It was what I had wanted when I had first seen her. Tulio chose this moment to come in, bearing a big smile and a bag of birdseed.

"Blu, Jewel how are you two?" he asked, dropping the birdseed next to a nearby table. I searched around, and Tulio deftly pulled a piece of paper and a pencil out of his pockets. He seemed to know what I wanted just by watching me. I quickly wrote down the following sentence:

Jewel-possibly pregnant, could you check for us?

Tulio picked up the paper, read it, and nodded with a smile. Jewel shrank back from his hand, but I put a comforting wing on her. I knew how much she liked humans, and I was going to be there for her. Jewel cautiously stepped onto Tulio's hand, and the two went off together. I sat near the windowsill, eagerly awaiting the news.


After a long fifteen minutes, during which Tulio made me feel very uncomfortable, I was taken back out to Blu. I had a large smile on my face, and Blu instantly picked up on it with a smile of his own. Once I was set down, I wrapped my wings around Blu. My stomach, which had a slightly noticeable bulge to it, bumped against his.

"Blu… I'm pregnant!" I announced, watching a growing smile light up his face. We shared another kiss, but then Tulio spoke up.

"You two need to take it easy for a while." He said, and I nodded at him. I returned my attention to Blu.

"Let's go home, my love. It's getting late." I said, and we took off together. Blu stayed beside me the entire flight, making sure I was okay. We both landed in the nest together. With our wings wrapped around each other, and my stomach resting against his, we fell asleep with a whispered "I love you." from both of us.

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