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Eternal Flames

Authors: Hawklan and Razial
Beta: None this time so each error is our own.

Based on a Banner and Idea by cloudleonsgurl

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Josh Whedon and Harry Potter to JKR. I don't make any money with it, it's just for fun so don't sue me, please.

Summary: Halloween is over and Xander's mind and body is now filled with the magic and knowledge of quite a powerful wizard.

Chapter 1

Xander woke up with a silent scream on his lips. It was dark all around him and without thinking he whispered a quite. "Lumos." Shocked he saw a small light glow over his right hand. He looked at it for a few moments and then mumbled, "Damn…it's true."

He looked around in the small light of the spell and noticed that he was lying in his own room on his own bed still dressed in the colorful robes he got for his costume last night. Slowly he pulled himself up a bit and then he held his head which was housing a dwarven heavy metal band at the moment and was pounding in the tact to their 'music'.

"Ouchy, ouch," he mumbled. He quickly used a small kind of meditation he remembered from somewhere and then the pain was gone and suddenly all was clear in his mind. He remembered in minute detail what had happened yesterday at Halloween, what had happened in his life and what had happened in the 150 plus years of one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and it would be quite the understatement to say he was shocked of what he saw from the wizards life, especially the last couple of years.

Finally he stood up and spent a bit of energy trough nearly walking a hole in the floor while pacing up and down the room. After he had ordered the chaos in his head a bit more he smiled a smile an observer would call evil. "ETHAN MORDRED WILFRIED RYANE I curse you and when ever I'll get my hands on you I will find the deepest hell pit for you to spend eternity in Eternal Flames."


(Several miles away near LA)

Ethan was smiling to himself while he was driving his car to the outskirts of LA. He got away easily from Ripper and the evening went even better than he had thought. It was absolute chaos and it seemed like Janus had blessed his little prank. Now to give himself a small gift for his wonderful work he planned to visit Madam Cordette to spend a little fun time with the high class consort. While he was whistling in the expectations of the pleasures he soon would enjoy he suddenly paled and all color left his face as he heard a voice call "ETHAN MORDRED WILFRIED RYANE I curse you and when ever I'll get my hands on you I will find the deepest hell pit for you to spend eternity in Eternal Flames."

Shocked from hearing the voice he didn't notice that his car drifted into the other lane until he was blinded by the bright lights of a trucks front headlights.


(Sunnydale, Xander's room)

After he let out that small curse Xander felt a small pull inside himself, but he didn't really paid too much attention to it. He quickly checked the fake wand he had used last night and found out to his misgivings that it had turned back to a simple wooden stick, which was even to thin to use as a stake.

So he had several things to do now he concluded and put them on a mental list.

Go to LA

Get access to Dumbledore's secret account at Gringotts

Buy Lemon drops

Buy a Wand

Train his body up to use his new magic and to integrate Dumbledore's knowledge.

Talk to Rupert Uther 'Ripper' Giles, Slytherin of 75

Think about what to do about the situation in good old England.

With those things on his mind he quickly dropped the colorful robe, took a quick shower and then dressed in a black jeans and the most colorful Hawaiian shirt he had in his possession. Looking at himself in the mirror he really enjoyed the view and then he quickly pulled a Twinkie out of his secret stash and enjoyed the mind-blowing taste of it.

After this highly important act was done he concentrated a moment and with a loud 'plop' he disappeared out of his room and arrived only a moment later at the Apparition Point of the LA Magical District. He stumbled a bit and took quite a moment to gather himself and he saw that the theory of Apparition was easier than actually doing it, but then he quickly went through the hall of the run down motel and then stepped into the District. Seeing it for the first time in real and not only from memories he enjoyed the view for a few moments until he let his steps take him to the local branch of Gringotts.

He studied the Goblins which stood guard at the door for a while and then with a smile stepped into the bank. Inside he looked around until he saw a goblin that was currently not occupied with a wizard. He took a small breath and then stepped up to the goblin, which looked up as the young man stepped in front of him.

The goblin looked at the young man for a moment and had to wince for a second at seeing the shirt the young man was dressed in. 'What was it with wizards and colorblindness? He would never understand them,' he thought and in the hopes to get rid of the human quickly he said. "Yes, how can I help you Sir?"

The young man smiled at him and replied, "Hello Mr. Goblin. I am Alexander Lavelle Harris and I would like to have access to Vault 42."

The Goblin was shocked for a second. 'All Vaults under 100 were high security vaults and old. How could a young man like that have access to one of them?' he thought for moment but then went business like again. "Key please, Sir."

The young man smiled at him and then shook his head. "As you know there are no keys for those vaults and only someone who knows how can enter one. If you would provide me a ride to the vault I'll do the rest and I also need a normal account which I plan for everyday uses and I also need an option to pay in the muggle world with it."

The Goblin nodded, still surprised the young man passed the Key test and replied, "No problem one of my fellow Goblins will bring you to the vault and at the time you'll return the details for the new account will be done."

Xander smiled again and then followed the Goblin who was there to escort him to the vault. A high speed rollercoaster like drive later Xander enjoyed quite a lot they reached the vault. Xander stepped out of the cart and said to the Goblin, "If you would wait here until I've disabled the security of the vault that would be nice. Afterwards I need you to transfer a bit to my new vault."

The Goblin only nodded in reply and stayed at the cart while Xander went to the door. He quickly disabled several security features and traps that protected the vault and then he stood in the direct center of the door and smiled as he read the inscription over the vault. Silently he mumbled, "Dumbledore you were such a geek." He smiled to himself and then said loudly, "Mellon".

With a loud grumble the door to the vault opened and Xander went quickly inside. He looked around in astonishment at all the things Dumbledore had stored here. After he pulled himself back together he took a bag from one of the tables and filled it with quite a few things he thought he would need in the near future and so things like books, jewelry, weapons, and a water like basin vanished into the bag which didn't seem to fill up.

After he was finished he stepped out of the vault again and called the Goblin to him. "Thank you for waiting. If you would follow me I'll show you what I want transferred to my new account."

They quickly went into the vault and a short amount of time later a huge amount of gold was transferred to his new account by the Goblin and finally a satisfied Xander left the bank again with a bag on his shoulders, a debit card that will work in the muggle and most of the magical world and a money punch for use in the magical world in his pockets.

He wandered through the alley for several hours and bought a lot of things he might need for his training and other things, but the most important thing he found after a while was a self refilling bag of lemon drops. Each time it was emptied it would refill itself for a small fee to the inventor of it.

Smiling happily he finally entered 'McLeod's Wand shop since 1709'. A quite young and beautiful witch with long raven black hair smiled at him. "Good day to you. How can I help you sir?" she asked him.

Xander smiled at the young woman and then replied, "Uhmm I would need a new wand. I kinda lost my old one."

The young witch looked at him in surprise and said, "You lost your wand? How did you manage to do that?"

Xander blushed a bit and then replied. "You know I was experimenting on a new potion and while I tried a new component I had to sneeze and dropped my wand into the cauldron. There wasn't much left of it or the cauldron afterwards."

The witch shook her head in astonishment and smiled. "Interesting, so let's try to find a wand for you."

Quite a while later they finally had found a wand that suited Xander. After he had paid for it he quickly returned to Sunnydale with it and everything else he had bought.


(Sunnydale, a month later)

Xander had used every moment he could in the last month without raising any suspicions from his friends to train his body to the use of magic. Finally he was satisfied with what he had reached so far and so he went to the next point on his 'to do' list and so he entered the library. His timing was perfect because only Giles was in it at the moment.

With a smile he pulled his wand out and spoke silently a few spells to secure the library against eavesdroppers and such things.

Giles feeling the magic used not far from him jumped around and looked confused as he saw only Xander standing near the table they used for research. "Xander?" he asked.

"Ahh Mr. Giles, we need to talk," the young man said in a tone and voice that suddenly reminded him of his old Headmaster.

"Xander, what is going on and why the fake British accent?" Giles inquired with a frown. "Is this some kind of new attempt to annoy me?" he asked with a slight growl to show he was not amused.

"Nothing like that Giles, believe me," Xander responded with a shake of his head. "I wish it was something so simple as that, but in a point of fact we have a major issue to discuss and it concerns your past and what Ethan did to us during Halloween," he told him.

Giles eyed the young man in front of him and for the first time took note that Xander looked far more serious than he had ever seen him before, maybe this was more than a prank at his expense. Indicating Xander should sit down he took a seat at the table and waited until Xander was seated and faced him.

"Now please, tell me what is going on?" Giles stated.

"Ethan as you know turned everyone into their costumes for the night, right? What you don't know is that he turned me into someone you knew back in the old days," Xander explained.

"Who?" Giles demanded suddenly filled with dread as he had known a lot of very underhanded people back in his youth and each of them was dangerous to the extreme and in some cases worse.

"Albus Dumbledore," Xander answered. "And the hard part is I have access to his entire life, his memories and his magic," he informed him. "It hasn't faded as it did for everyone else," he stated, running a hand through his hair while frowning.

Giles face paled dramatically as he heard Xander's reply and memories he had thought long buried surfaced again. He removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes in an attempt to distract himself from this horrible truth. 'Why in Merlin's name had Ethan used clothes from that man's attire? What did he hope to accomplish or was this just some sick attempt at payback? Was he the reason that the young man in front of him would be cursed with having the memories and life experience of such a dark soul stuck inside him?' he wondered.

"Please tell me you are joking Xander," he almost pleaded in an effort to keep this truth from being real just a little longer.

Xander let out a sigh as he leaned back in his chair. "I wish I was Giles, I really do but this is as real as it gets," he told him understanding Giles reluctance to take what he had said at face value. "I can prove it by telling you that you once attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was an absolvent of Slytherin House of 75," he told him with a grim smile on his face as he noted Giles paled even more. "At first things went well for you until you began to notice strange things going on and the rather alarming behavior of Headmaster Dumbledore especially towards yourself," he continued knowing this had to be painful for Giles to hear, but he knew it was the only way to convince him of the truth of what he had told him. "Hadn't your father intervened and pulled you out of the school right after your Newts I don't doubt your path would have been a dark and horrible one. All because of Dumbledore's plans for you," he finished.

Giles sunk into his seat and wished this was nothing more than a nightmare. His past was once again coming back to bite not only him, but his young charges as well. Still he took note of what Xander had said of the old man's plans for him. 'What exactly did he mean?' he wondered, but then decided that could wait for another time.

"I believe you Xander," Giles finally spoke up after forcing down his emotions on this matter and suppressing his memories of those events as best as he could under the circumstances. "This is disturbing, the old man was far more dangerous than anyone knew and the idea that you have in effect his essence inside you is disquieting to say the least," he told him. "Are you certain these memories and abilities will not fade?" he inquired.

"It already has been a month and a half Giles," Xander pointed out. "This is not going to fade and while I could do without the old man's memories I think having his abilities might be an advantage for us, but I need help to gain complete control over them," he went on after pausing for a few moments while thinking how to fraise what he wanted to say. "I mean it could be a big help to us on patrol and make life easier for Buffy," he pointed out. "I just have to ensure I'm in control of the power now within me and not it of me," he stated.

"Xander while I admit what you say is true I don't believe you have taken into account just how much that power can change a person," Giles cut in before Xander could continue. He hoped to ensure Xander thought long and hard about this. "I've seen it turn people into despicable and truly evil beings. I've seen what power can do to people and I've fought that same battle myself and I was lucky to save myself from that damnation," he warned.

"I know the danger Giles. I've seen just how dark those who lust for power can become," Xander responded finally after five minutes of deep thought. "But I don't want power. I just want to help Buffy and keep people safe," he stated with deep conviction.

"Very well Xander if you are completely sure about this I will help you gain complete control of your new abilities, even if it has been sometime since I've used them myself," Giles finally agreed after noting Xander meant everything he had just said. "It won't be a fast road either. I will take no chances of you rushing things," he told the young man in front of him. "We'll discuss what you meant by Dumbledore's plans for me at another time, first I believe we should alert Buffy to your new status," he continued.

"What new status Giles?" Buffy's voice shocked both men and caused them both to spin around to find the blond haired Slayer behind them. "What is going on?" she asked, noting the surprise and in Xander's case wariness her questions caused.

"Ah Buffy," Giles responded unsure what to say.

"He means Buffy that I still have a side effect from what that moron Ethan did during Halloween," Xander spoke up when he noted Giles seemed to be at a loss for words. "For some odd reason I seem to have kept the abilities and memories of the person I was dressed as," he told her, surprising Buffy who quickly moved and joined them at the table.

"What kind of abilities Xander?" Buffy asked, partly worried what kind of effect this may have on her friend and partly pleased to know he may finally have something to help during patrol.

She had long been worried about Xander's eagerness to help her on patrol without any real skills to help, then again Willow, Cordelia and Oz also had little to offer except their wiliness to help her. They had no real combat skills which in hindsight was something she could have corrected, as could have Giles had they really thought about it. She decided she would attempt to correct it later on. Angel, Jenny and Giles each had skills that could help on patrol, but she still worried they could get hurt helping her fulfill her duty.

"Magic Buffy, I can do magic now," Xander's answer broke through her wandering thoughts and made her turn her attention back to him.

Buffy glanced at Giles and noted him nod his head in agreement. This was something she had not expected to learn today. Her friend's life had just suddenly changed, although clearly he had known this for sometime. She couldn't help but wonder why he had waited to come forward and tell them this and so she leaned forward and looked him dead in the eyes.

"Why have you waited till now to tell us this?" she inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"To be honest I didn't know what to do at first," Xander let out a sigh before he answered, understanding Buffy was a little miffed with him. "I was certain it would fade like it had for everyone else affected by Ethan's spell," he told them both. "When it didn't fade after a week or so I began to worry and then I realized this could be a benefit for us all, especially on patrol," he explained. "I finally have something to offer on patrol, I can help keep people safe and watch your back with far more success than before," he said, locking his gaze on Buffy who did her best not to blush at the concern she saw in his eyes for her.

Xander's feelings for her were well known in the group and even though she had already turned him down once before during the spring fling dance she couldn't help but wonder if she had been wrong to do so. Had she allowed her passing fancy with Angel blind her to the possibility of a real passionate romance? Then there was the fact that he had gone to save her life when the Master killed her, even going against a prophecy which had said she would die. Time and again she wondered what could have been had she said yes. He clearly cared for her more than she had first thought, considering the risks he had taken to help her.

He had also been the only one to refuse to accept the prophecy of her death, which showed his true character far more than anything else. He had been willing to die to attempt to save her and she had repaid him by speaking Angel's name and basically ignoring Xander's presence. Worse she had used him to make Angel jealous when she had come back from visiting her father. She had lapped danced him and then asked a really spiteful question before walking off. It wasn't her proudest moment and to be honest she felt shame at how she had used him, he had not deserved it.

Glancing at Xander after looking away to gather her thoughts she wondered why he continued to help her. After acts of cruelty like that why did he continue to risk his life for hers? Was it possible he still loved her? Or was it him just being a good friend and the more important question was did she want him to be still be in love with her?

"Buffy?" Xander asked a bit unnerved by her continued silence. "Are you okay with this?" he asked.

Buffy remained silent as she looked at her friend and tried to figure out what to say to him. Suddenly things that had been so certain were now looking more and more uncertain and subject to change. Her feelings for Angel while strong are probably not true love. He was her fantasy and maybe one that was not all that good for her. She knew Giles was revolted by her interest in the souled vampire and she knew Jenny Calendar was concerned by her closeness to him, and she knew without a doubt her mother, if she knew the truth, would be horrified. The only support she had for the relationship was from Willow and now she was uncertain if that was from true support or an attempt by the redhead to keep her away from Xander who she knew Willow was deeply infatuated with. She almost let out a frustrated growl from these new thoughts and so she pushed them away and refocused on the question on hand.

"I'm okay," Buffy finally said with a smile. "And if you think this new magic ability will really help and as long as Giles thinks it is a good thing then I have no objections to you using it on patrol," she told him, which caused a relieved smile to appear on Xander's face.

"Xander has agreed to let me train him fully to control his new gifts Buffy," Giles explained, pleased to see Buffy actually had thought things through before reacting. "I will ensure he does not get in over his head. I also suggest we begin training him to handle himself without his magic," he suggested. "It seems a huge oversight now, but as we have quite a few of your friends helping now and none of them can really handle themselves it makes sense to train them," he continued.

"I was thinking something similar just a few minute ago," Buffy responded, thankful Giles had brought it up and saving her from bringing it up herself. "I agree, we have been lucky none of them have been killed due to not being fully able to handle themselves," she admitted. "I suggest we let the others know tonight when we meet before patrol, then we can see how well Xander's magic works and what he can do and what he needs to learn," she stated.

"Agreed Buffy," Giles said while Xander just nodded, pleased this meeting had gone so well as he had expected far more of a uphill struggle to keep his new abilities.

"Now if you will excuse me I really need to go have a good long think," Buffy said almost absently. "I'll see you later," she added, briefly meeting Xander's eyes before she turned and exited the library.

Xander watched her go, wondering why Buffy suddenly looked so confused and unsure, well hopefully if it was anything important she would tell him in time. Hopefully it had nothing to do with Angel, listening to things about the souled vampire were not high on his list of things to do. Giles leaned back in his chair and began to discuss the nature of the training he would put Xander through. Xander listened carefully hoping once he had fully mastered his new abilities he would be a great asset to Buffy during patrol and then there were still things in England he need to have a talk with Giles about.

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