Welcome people to my third FanFic! Yea! Now for the people who are wondering my other fanfic, Veridian Yellow, Pallet Red, Kanto Orange, is still being worked on, its just the computer that I have it on cannot be charged right know, so all data I had on it is going to mainly re-done, but don't worry it will be done. Now on to my new story Red's High School Debut!.

Summery – Yellow just wanted to have a normal school life, Talk about what happening, Study and try to stay out of the spotlight for as long as possible. That is until a certain somebody transfers to not only her school but to her class. Squeal to Verdian Red, Pallet Yellow, Kanto Orange.

Disclaimer- I do not own Pokemon, maybe the OC's(sorta) but all back stories I provide is for this plot only. Honorifics wont be used as often, the only chance that you will see on this time is from some girls honoring some one.

Class 1 – Veridian High

"Red Hunny time to get up for school. If your late today it will look bad for the Pokemon League Champion," Red's mom was right he was starting back up in school and if he was late the teachers would have a field day more than likely.

"Ugg, How did I end up in this situation," Said the half awake Red. It had been only last week that his mom mentioned that she had re-enrolled in school, something he hadn't been in since he left to become a Pokemon Champion. His only problem, it was all the way in Veridian City, though it could be at most a ten minute fly on Aero, it still a was ways to go. "Huh, I guess I could see about seeing with one of the other Pokedex Holders in Veridian for the week day. Maybe Green(Rival) will agree, or maybe Yellow," Just at saying her name made him red now a days. Yellow was a shy girl so she asked Red to keep quite about them dating, and he understood if word got out about them there would be a lot of trouble for the both of them.

"Red Hurry up your going to be late for the opening ceremony if you take much longer!"

"Hold on mom I gotta grab my pokemon and then I'm gonna be out of here," now here was the problem, who should he bring, obviously Aero and Pika, Aero because that's how hes getting there and Pika because he was going to be in Veridain so he might as well hang out with Yellow and Chuchu. "Hmm maybe Saur and Poli, they are after all my first two Pokemon, Yea I guess that's good. Sorry Vee I would bring you but I don't want to be think I'm using you to cheat. MOM I'M LEAVING THROUGH MY WINDOW SEE YOU LATER!" and with that he was on his way to school.

"Hey have you heard about the new kid transferring to our class?"

"Yeah, I heard He is from Pallet Town, You think they know the League Champion?"

"I hope, I wounder if he is cute?"

"Will you two stop talking over my desk, I need some quite time for a bit," The girl who said this has a yellow ponytail, she was about younger than everyone else in her grade, actually she got bumped up a grade because she was so smart. This girl is the famed Yellow de Verde Grove.

"Okay Class Press., we'll be quite but you have to tell us all about the new after you give them the tour of the school, K," The other girl was nodding also, and what could Yellow do? These where her best friends asking her.

"Fine, but Hikari, Kiri, you both need to be quite while I think till class starts k?"

"All right Yellow," the two said in a surprisingly well done unison.

The on thing Yellow was hoping was that the new kid was not Red. She had lead a normal high school life up till know, and if he joins her class, she may end up jumping in his arms and doing something she may regret. But then again, maybe seeing Red everyday will help her calm her nerves a bit, after all they are dating, in secret, but still dating. Though then again he really didn't seem the type for school, he mainly trained all day improving his skills even more.


"Yellow that was the bell soon we will get our new class mate," Said a very hyper Hikari.

"Class Press., Your going to have to be on your best with the knew Kid" Said the relativity calm Kiri.

This was what everyone was waiting for the classroom was filled with its students and soon the teacher. The Classes Teacher was Riley, a trainer from the Sinnoh Region. He was more commonly known as Aura-Sensei, who was strict but fun. And soon the new kid.

"Everyone this is Red Aka ( AN:Yep his name is Red Red) if you recognize him from somewhere that would be the Pokemon League Championships, he's the League Champion."

"Hello everyone, please try to treat me as a normal person." Said the ebony haired boy.

"Why don't you take a seat next to Our Class President, Yellow." He pointed out to an empty desk next to the blond haired girl. "And with this I am giving you guys and girls a day off, please make our new classmate comfortable, oh and don't try to go through my desk I will sense your Aura and suspend you," and with that he left the classroom and everyone swarmed Red's desk.

Red was used to being in huge swarms of fans, but this was something else. Class 3-B was mainly composed of girls, meaning that there where about fifteen girls annoying him and asking him frivolous questions like where does he get his close, where does he live, what does it take to be champion, and even if he was a virgin or not. "God know I know how Green feels, these fan girls are truly annoying. Also they don't even know they are asking me this stuff right in front of my girlfriend! Man Arceus save me!"

"Um, excuse me, I would like to talk with Red-san. Uhh, please let me through," Yellow was trying her hardest but she wasn't getting through to her fellow classmates. It was just about then she was going to do something she would regret until some one knocked her over.

With a flash Red was able to get out of the mob and grab her before she hit the ground. "You know I think the class president needs an apology, and please treat me like any other student. Yellow, you alright?" The hole class was surprised by this, he knew her personal. "Oh and didn't I say to stop calling me "Red-san" after all we are friends.

"Sorry Red, I forgot. Anyways as the class president I need to talk to you privately, how about I show you the campus while I'm at it," Yellow had that smile on her face that Red couldn't resist.

"Lead the way Class Pres." "Man that smile I can't resist. Well this is probably about transferring in without letting her know. What should I tell her? 'Sorry I didn't know till a few days ago?' Man this will probably be a bumpy walk." But little did Red know that Life was not as easy to read as a battle, it is always unpredictable.

Well here it is, Yes this is Multi-Chapter, no I do not think Many other PokeDex wielders will appear, but hey you will be seeing some OC from the other story. Also if your wondering, yes my file from my last COM soon. Also depending on how popular this series is I may even add even more OC's to help thicken the Plot. Also on a last note, I want people to get a bit more acquainted with my Tales of Seracia Series, so from next chapter on I will be adding in quotes from them that resemble the chapter the most. And with that I will End this Chapter with a summery for the next!

School isn't what it seems for Red Aka, He has to keep himself under control when he is next to his secret girlfriend, not want to challenge anyone who pisses him off, not blow his cool in front of his rival, and even deal with finding the right club and bullying.

All in Class 2 – Off to a Bad Start!

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