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Homework: First Kiss Starts a Couples History!

Yellow had her head faced down in her pillow, depressed about what had happen earlier. It got to the point that she had missed the time she was supposed to meet Hikari at the entrance of Veridian Forest. Jumping out of bed she had rushed out with ChuChu and Ratty, as she generally did when she ever went to Veridian Forest.

When she got their Hikari was looking through some trees at something. "Hey Hikari," said the blond as she ran to her friend.

"Shhhhhhh," said the blue haired girl, "He may spot us."

Yellow had no clue to who she was talking about till she got there. He was there. Red was continuing his never ending quest to get better. But this time was different, he was straining himself physically by sparing with his Pokemon.

Yellow chuckled, this was so like Red she thought, of Course Hikari asked her to voice her reasons for laughter, and she responded just as she had thought it.

With curiosity Hikari asked Yellow a simple question "How do you feel about Red-San?"

Yellow was shocked by this but answered trufuly, "Remember that boy that saved me from that Dragonair, and gave me my first Pokemon I told you about?" Hikari nodded "He, he is Red" a complete blush appeared on both of their faces.

But Hikari broke the silence with a yell of "WAIT A MINUTE, you mean the guy you respected, have a crush on, is the current champion, two years older than you, and JUST transferred TO OUR CLASS!" Yellow tried to calm her friend but it didn't work. She kept on ranting on how she should confess, or request Red to transfer classes.

Red had heard the shouting and ranting and went to see what was happening. And what did he know Yellow was having an argument with her friend Hikari.

"Yo," said Red, not knowing what the fight was about. Both Hikari and Yellow jumped back, surprised.

"R-red-san!" both of them said.

"W-what are you doing here," said the panicking Hikari.

"I heard you two arguing, I just wanted to know what was going on." Red had a smile that couldn't be beaten.

Then at that second a smile crept upon Hikari's face. "Well, Yellow and I were talking about you, and well, wanted to know how you felt about her," Yellow's face became like Red's name, red. Yellow swore in her mind that her and Blue where similar in many ways.

Red seamed puzzled by the question until Yellow dragged him off to the side and started a quit argument, one Hikari couldn't hear, then they came back and looked nervous. Yellow then spoke and said something that startled Hikari to her core "Hikari, gomenasai for keeping it for so long from you but," she inhailed "Red and I have been going out for a few months now." Yellow bowed in a apologetic manor.

It took a while until Hikari took out her kendo stick she is never far from and swung it at Red shouting "PERVERTED CHAMPION!" and of course Red guarded it with his arms crossed in an X-shaped manor, causing the wooden sword hit him directly on the wrists, which caused him to shout out in pain.

"H-hikari, it wasn't Red's idea to keep it a secret, it was mine, we haven't done anything yet. And please don't hit him again," this had calmed Hikari, who was about to swing again.

Then a smile crept upon Hikari's face. "Yellow, I will forgive you if Red first explains why he loves you so much, because I know your side of the love, and if you two kiss. You know what they say, 'First Kiss Starts A Couples History'. So how about it," Yellow knew Hikari, she wouldn't leave until Red did.

After five minutes Red broke and told Hikari. "Okay okay, I love the way she talks, the way she treats others, no matter who they are, her love of Pokemon, the pictures that she draws, no matter how random they seem. I love who she is, what she is, and who she will become. I love the fact that she always speaks her mind, and how she will hopefully one day become my wife." Red finally breathed, he revealed so much.

Hikari smiled again and hugged Yellow and whispered "keep him close, your never going to find anyone who likes you as much as him," and in an almost teary sounding voice "you should have told me right away, we are like sisters aren't we?" be fore Yellow could respond Hikari started up again, but this time talking to Red, "Hurt Yellow in anyway, and your going to find my kendo stick somewhere between your legs!" and with that she walked away, leaving the two alone, hoping that they would do something like kiss.

Now alone Yellow asked Red "Have you ever had your first kiss? I mean ah ah," Yellows face was red, and so was Red's.

"Well, yes. It was with Scarlet back when we where kids. She used to do it every time we meet after she and her mom came back from a trip," Red sighed, but still red. "what about you?"

Now Yellow was flushed a color of crimson. She replied with a raspy voice "m-m-m-m-my f-f-f-first k-k-kiss? W-w-well, B-b-b-blue made a bet with me and..." Yellow went silent and Red along with her, "and I lost the bet and, and, and, she k-k-k-k-k-k-kissed me, on the lips, taking my first kiss away from you."

All was silent then Red spoke up "Th-then how about I fix your first kiss. I may not have any experience, but I have seen Blue and Silver kiss enough to think I know how to."

As Yellow began to protest, Red did everything. He cupped her cheeks, then went in for a kiss, at first Yellow struggled against, but then she realized what was happening and let it take its course. And as if she was imagining it, cherry blossom started to fall around them. Yellow closed her eyes, she knew that she would draw this when she got home, it was like a dream come true.

And in the background was Blue was pouring baskets of Cherry Blossoms slowly. She smiled and said "this is all I could do to pay back my two best friends."

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