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Chapter 1

Wet encounters

The water pelted my shoulders and head, licking around my ears and stroking the crevice of my neck. This was perfection; my head tilted to the sky, my eyes gently closed and a small smile on my face.

I'd been looking forward to this all day – throughout the torturous hours of packing, the quick 'sayonara' to dear Renee and the uncomfortable, excruciatingly long period of the plane journey - where I was inconveniently placed next to a family consisting of four hyper children and an uncaring mother, drowning out the choruses of "are we there yet?" with heavy blasts of Whitney Houston on the last seasons IPod she owned and clutched onto for dear life.

I also survived the awkward two hour car journey to the middle of nowhere, with my father, who spoke only when he had to greet me. Charlie was a simple man; he kept to himself and didn't bother commenting much, however, I knew that when he did talk, he usually had something either particularly serious or surprisingly witty to say, when he was in a good mood that is – I must say, the man has a good sense of humour, even if it only does rear its head once in a blue moon. But we try to avoid each other as much as possible – we're too similar to be compatible.

I heard the comforting roar of thunder as it clapped around in the distance, feeling as if it were knocking ripples into the air and shoving against me.

I felt the easy calm flow through my cool blood as the rain battered the thin white t-shirt into my skin and plastered my long dark hair against my face and neck. I pushed my locks back, relishing in the sound of them slapping against my back.

I smiled wider now and tilted my head back further as the dark enveloped me and the water caressed me; this was heaven right here.

I didn't have to think about my cold hearted, gallivanting mother or her uncomfortably young, latest conquest, I didn't have to think about my first day of my first ever school in the morning, I didn't have to think about my lack of actual friends here or back in Phoenix, or in Durham, or in Paris, or in Glasgow, I didn't have to think about my very short and flammable temper and I didn't have to think about the fact that I had no clue what was going on in my life or if I was at all normal in any way. All I had to do was sit here, on my father's – and now, I guess, my own – roof, outside the window of my new bedroom, staring up at the weeping sky as it drenched and calmed me.

And then someone did something very stupid.

The light from the room right across from me switched on and stole away my dark comfort. My eyes flashed opened and I glared at the face staring not two metres away.

His tortured jade eyes stabbed back at my own - fiery chocolate against passionate mint. This boy was stunningly attractive; thick, dark, pouted lips, inky, heavy eyelashes, pale, smooth skin and frantic hair, a strange rusted red colour. His tight black T-shirt stretched around his muscled arms and made him look as lickable as James Dean.

The bottle-green eyes travelled down from my face to my sopping shirt and jogging shorts, which clung to my - otherwise very naked – figure. He flicked his gaze back up to my eyes again, his expression never changing.

He seemed to be asking a silent question; what are you doing out in the torrential storm you crazy mother fucker? He raised one eyebrow, cocked his head to the side and leant his palms on the window ledge.

I looked up to the sky quickly and felt the rain quickly thinning; I hated this boy, his attractive glare broke me from my meditative state. He'd thrown me off balance with a look and I hated it. I hated how he stole my darkness, I hated how he made my pulse race and most of all I hated that he was the most startlingly beautiful person I had ever encountered.

I bit my lip angrily and then stood lithely up, balancing on the slightly tilted roof tiles. I sent one last hateful look his way before stomping back up to my window and climbing through. I drew the blinds shut without looking back and peeled my clothes of, deciding a shower was in order so that I didn't freeze.

I had wanted to relax, so that I would be ready for the unfortunate social contact too early in the morning. But no, the angry redhead had slaughtered my calm, and left me a nervous, confused, angry mess.

Already, I knew that nothing would be different here; I'm just a piece that won't fit any puzzle and that's the way that it has to be. It was only a matter of time before I revealed to Forks just how unstable I was; then I'd be on the move again.